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Kids heartbreak: continuous bad news on myocarditis – NZDSOS

Myocarditis news

Whilst the nation awaits the inevitable findings of the vaccine-induced death in the case of young Dunedin man Rory Nairn, New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) is more than curious about what recommendations the coroner will make to the government.

This is especially so, in light of very narrow terms of reference set at the inquest, as the Coroner seemed only interested in what the Government may have known up to the time of Rory’s death in November 2021.

Of course, it may be a significant amount of time before New Zealand receives the findings., in the meantime, more important and damning research has come to light and we can only hope the Coroner gets a move on to stop this from happening again.

A spokesperson for New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science says, Myocarditis “has happened before and has kept happening since Rory died, it will keep happening until people start telling the truth and stop censoring the messengers.

“Already there has been very serious research linking the jabs to cardiac inflammation which emerged early in the worldwide campaign. We have written extensively on this to all concerned – but recent trials add to the weight of evidence,” said the spokesperson.

Cardiologist, Dr Anish Koka has written on this evidence pointing to the trial in which of seven out of 301 boys from Thailand developed myocarditis or pericarditis following their second jab, with only three being symptomatic.

This equates to 23,100 cases per million of teen boys who had received the second Pfizer dose. This is more than the 78 per million ( 0.0078%) quoted by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and parroted by the Immunisation Advisory Committee (IMAC) and Medsafe.

What’s worrying, but not mentioned, is this would imply a serious issue for girls too, who are known to have about 10% the risk of vaccine-related heart damage than boys and young men.

Dr Koka references other important studies from Hong Kong, France and Denmark, and bravely admits he vaccinated patients early on when the (drug companies) data appeared to support it. He has since changed his mind and suffered the usual ‘red badge of courage’ censorship from the likes of Twitter and mainstream media.

“Whether myocarditis is symptomatic or not, it is a serious insult to the developing heart muscle,” said the NZDSOS spokesperson. “It is not a trivial matter, the death rate at five years after myocarditis is quoted from 20-to-50%, nor is it true that myocarditis/pericarditis after the actual covid infection is worse or more common than after vaccination, certainly not based on the figures above. Natural infection involves a much lower spike protein load.”

Dr Koka does not discuss the high rate (8%) of cardiac symptoms experienced by the boys, including tachycardia (fast pulse), high blood pressure, breathlessness and chest pain. This aspect of the Thai study, and others, is covered by children’s cardiologist Dr Kirk Milhoan, in a recent lecture. “It’s not ethical to give a vaccine to a child and give them myocarditis if they may not have gotten myocarditis from a natural infection or if they have already been infected,” Milhoan told the audience on August 26, referring to the Hippocratic Oath: ‘First, do no harm’.

“The question is, why would we be putting children at risk if their risk from COVID is very low?”

Dr Byram Bridle, viral immunologist and vaccine developer, who gave expert evidence in the NZDSOS High Court challenge against mandates, recorded an updated talk on exactly this question.

“NZDSOS have been asking this over and over too. We hope the Coroners will join us, and the government will answer,” said the spokesperson.

Given the increasing evidence of harm to children, NZDSOS calls on Medsafe to immediately halt all vaccines for those under the age of 18 as Denmark has done and as the UK for those under the age of 12.

Image credit: Jasmine Carter Photgraphy

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  1. Dr John Campbell recently covered a Thai study which showed very high rates of heart issues in young people after c-19 vaccination:

    Even the the deranged ‘jab happy’ UK government has recently stopped recommending the jab for children under 11.

    Why the NZ government is still pushing this dangerous ineffective gene therapy for children is beyond comprehension. Incompetence, corruption or malicious intent are the only possible explanations.

    • Thanks for link. Interesting and highly concerning.

      Denmark is no longer recommending the use of COVID-19 vaccines for people under 50 saying the benefits are too low. What it conspicuously fails to mention (though surely knows it) is that the risks are also too high.

      It’s bizarre that NZ health authorities are so slow to look at overseas data and public health policy changes, but just keep doubling down on the now thoroughly debunked and discredited ‘safe and effective’ narrative.

  2. It is long past time to procecute the ‘covid’ criminals. The whole ‘covid’ charade was invented to make big pharma and some multinational corporations a motza. Invent a disease then invent a cure supply and demand salesmanship scenario US style. The jabs have served as a tool to further UN WEF WHO depopulation agendas as they saw the opportunity to jump on board. They then distanced themselves by using dumb inept brainwashed Govts. who rallied to their cause, paying key Govt. figures handsomely as their administering tool. The Govts. then put themselves at arms length by gagging the medical fraternity getting employers and corporations on board to push the the jabs as well. They would have been told this would be in their best interest because of the ‘plandemic’ of course. Some of these Govt. figures knew damn well these jabs could cause injury and death but still aggressively pushed them to young children as well. They are just as bad as the worst Nazi war criminals of WWll that perpertrated experimental medical procedures on prisioners. We were prisioners too locked down in our homes being propaganda forced, coerced, job threatened and criminalised. I am afraid the taxpayers will be the ones to pay for this genocide of injury and death and a broke ACC bumbling along trying to reassure everyone all will be ok. But of all those injured and maimed for life nobody is going to get compensated properly. The conspirators will probably walk off free with their ill gotten gains unless we stop them and hold them to account.


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