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Nurses For Freedom NZ – ‘Vaccinations still required for public health workers’

Nurses For Freedom NZ news

Nurses for Freedom NZ and the NZ Nurses Collective are concerned that once again the public have been misled with regards to the cessation of mandates in health.

“Despite the removal of all vaccine mandates from the 26th September 2022, public healthcare workers are still subject to Covid-19 vaccination requirements and may not be allowed to work in public healthcare settings despite systemic understaffing, gaps in access to timely services and the continued risk to the public that this brings” says Deborah Cunliffe, Spokesperson for Nurses for Freedom NZ and the NZ Nurses Collective.

Te Whatu Ora Capital Coast, Hutt Valley and Wairarapa amongst others, have been quick to confirm that all new contracts will require two primary doses of the Covid vaccine and at least one booster, citing health and safety legislation. Health NZ is currently working on a draft national policy expected to be completed by the 26th September to coincide with the end of the mandates.

Nurses for Freedom NZ has consistently campaigned for an end to the mandates and made it clear that unvaccinated nurses and other healthcare workers should be able to return to work in all settings and without prejudice.

“The government has announced that the pandemic is over however, fifteen hundred unvaccinated doctors, nurses, midwives and other public healthcare workers are still potentially subject to discrimination; hundreds more from the private health sector are also waiting to find out if they will be allowed back to work.

“As such, and to determine for themselves whether the discrimination is appropriate or not, the public should be provided with independent international evidence from ‘high quality, gold-standard’ research irrefutably proving unvaccinated healthcare workers are infact a greater risk to vulnerable populations when compared with their vaccinated counterparts” says Cunliffe. This is especially relevant considering the real and known risk that exists from reduced health service provision, an overstretched workforce and waning vaccine efficacy.`

“It is clear our patients and the public want us back. Preventing us from doing so adds to the general perception that dropping the mandates is purely about votes and has never been about science, health or transparency.”

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  1. JabSinDa’s “rispict for individual decisions” is in action as deemed by the health system pigs. Tyranny at a localised level, supported by the black leg corrupt union leaders who are fed by the system pigs with any left overs.

  2. More unscientific insanity from unintelligent deluded government officials, who keep being cruel.
    Do they not read the abundance of peer-reviewed articles and view health data evidencing that almost all now dying are the healthy VACCINATED because of the vaccine!
    If health officials truly believed the government-Pfizer narrative – that the vaccine protects people against COVID – then surely health workers who are not vaccinated pose no threat whatsoever to the vaccinated.
    The vaccinated and unvaccinated are EQUALLY CAPABLE of transmitting any COVID virus. There is therefore NO SCIENTIFIC LOGIC whatsoever in the government’s decision to continue mandating health workers. It is clear now that these mandates are intended to be punitive, and therefore cruel in the extreme.
    There will be many films and documentaries made in the future about this time in New Zealand. I feel for those families, children and grandchildren, when family members are portrayed as those who cruelly caused needless suffering to many decent, caring, highly qualified and hard-working kiwis.

  3. the public should be provided with independent international evidence from ‘high quality, gold-standard’ research irrefutably proving unvaccinated healthcare workers are infact a greater risk to vulnerable populations when compared with their vaccinated counterparts

    Should’ve been required before implementing the mandates, but of course they would not be able to. Aboyt time for people to be made accountable for stuffing the health system

  4. The fact these mandates remain tells me several things. 1/the govt doesn’t give a Sh1t about peoples health because if they did they would let the unvaccinated health care workers back.
    2/nurses and doctors are their own biggest problem, they should have banded together and walked out like the NHS people did in the UK.

    So if our healthcare people get 4 shots they will soon start dying in the same numbers that the Canadian doctors are. Sad.

  5. They are NOT a vaccination!!!
    Don’t overlook this point!!
    They are “An experimental gene therapy injection” as per MOH document sent to all medical practitioners

  6. It’s beyond belief that the ‘health’ authorities are still doggedly pushing these dangerous ineffective C-19 MRNA gene therapies. They obviously have zero understanding of science and medical ethics.

    Informed consent is the primary sacrosanct principle of all medical treatment. How is it even possible the ‘health’ bureaucrats cannot grasp this very simple concept? I can only think it’s a deadly combination of corruption, incompetence, indoctrination and groupthink.

  7. There is no place for coercion in medical practice. The MoH and District Health Boards should hang their heads in shame for their unethical behaviour. Their disgraceful actions are reminiscent of the infamous Adolf Eichmann of the 3rd Reich, who also claimed he was ‘only following orders’.

  8. The MoH and DHBs are 100% on the wrong side of history. How do they sleep at night knowing the devastating harm and misery that these unlawful unethical jab mandates have caused?

  9. Where does the Nuremberg Codes fit into this perspective and distorted reality?
    Forcing people to have knowingly harmful substances injected into themselves
    In order to keep food on the table
    And provide for their families
    Blackmail and extortion if not being held hostage or kidnapped
    I think congratulations are in order
    For the NZ govt in its complicit entirety
    Delivering the population into the clutches of maleficent evil
    Hey thanks!


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