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Liz Gunn: ‘When the media are only giving you one side of the story, you know it’s not the truth’

Former TVNZ broadcaster Liz Gunn has a message for New Zealanders: when the media are only giving you one side of the story, you know it’s not the truth.

In a video on alternative video platform Bitchute, which has attracted a lot of attention in the legacy mainstream media, Liz Gunn’s delivered a heartfelt message to New Zealanders to stand up to what she considers the evil of Jacinda Ardern and her government, with particular reference to the vaccine roll-out programme, mandates and passports.

In a story today in the NZ Herald, under the headline: ‘Ex-TV host’s bizarre anti-vax rant – says quake was nature’s response to PM’s plan’, the legacy mainstream media outlet proceeded to attack Gunn’s message by focussing on comments she made regarding an earthquake which happened at the time Ardern was making her public statement on COVID restrictions on 22 October.

Bizzarely, the NZ Herald story did not include a link to Gunn’s FULL video, but instead included derogatory Twitter embeds from random people about it.

At the end of the 13 minute video, Gunn spent a few moments pointing out the earthquake coincidence, and stated that it was her belief our ‘Mother Earth’ was sending a message to us.

Gunn’s video contained many important statements, which we have summarised below. You can watch the full video at the end of the statement:

They print them, they deride me and they put me down, I don’t care anymore, because this country matters more to me, and the future for my children and my grandchildren matters more to me, and it needs to matter more to all of you, whether you’re jabbed or unjabbed.

It is utter errant nonsense what she said today in the press conference. If you are vaccinated, you’ve done it to be protected, that is what they sold you, that’s fine. If you’re not vaccinated, you therefore cannot threaten those who are vaccinated, because they did it to be safe, didn’t you?

I can’t be jabbed, because I had the most severe case of perocardytis and I was 24 hours from my heart, my right ventricle, from completely shutting down. So if she comes to my door and does her smarmy talk, or vicious talk, or her persuasive talk, or her threatening talk to me, I will say ‘You jab me, Ardern, you jab me, my public servant, and I will die.’ And that blood, like so much other kiwi blood, will be added to what is on your hands.

Why do you never tell us stories, of the victims of this jab, those who die, those who are injured, the tragedy of the enormous suicide numbers? I could go on. You know it, if you’re awake and you’re doing research, we all know it now. This country is being ‘jab raped.’ And I went through that as well; a man once tried to rape me.

I say the same to you Ardern: You will never succeed, if I am the last kiwi woman standing, if you persecute me, the media, where I used to work, and I’m so ashamed of your betrayal. Simon Dallow, I used to sit next to you on the news, and you never do anything but spout government propaganda now. Tell the other side of the story!

We will build a new New Zealand from this and we will do it together. I want to start a political party and I want to call it ‘Free New Zealand’, cos it’s a cry to the world, ‘free us, help us.’

We’re being absolutely traumatised here, and bullied and manipulated and ruined – our spirit has been broken. Mandela once said ‘They could take everything from me in that prison on Robben Island, even my eyesight. except one thing: they couldn’t take my soul. I wouldn’t give that to them.’ And that’s where I’m speaking from to you, and that’s where you need to stand up with me if you want to. I’m not connected with the World Economic Forum or UN, or any of these people CLark and Ardern are linked to. I have no agenda except to serve, I don’t even particularly want to do this, but like my father, I will stand up.

There’s not going to be a country after this next election, led by National, because they’re doing the same thing Ardern’s doing, or ACT, they’ve crumpled, and the Greens have been utterly weak and submissive, and Labour, is lost. They just look evil and so many people are saying that. We need a new party, and I say we build it together.

My dream from my broadcasting background is to build an absolutely inviolate, free, totally protected broadcasting channel, perhaps take TV One back, make it ad free. And everyday on that channel we have discussions about government policy, we have politicians answerable to the people, and we have views from all of you, wise, educated, uneducated, whatever you are, people who care about this country, and creating again a free New Zealand. And we will build that place when we get into power. And that is the key – a free media is a crucial arm to have a free democracy. Our media at the moment is simply government propaganda, we might as well be living in Communist China. It doesn’t work, they’re not telling the other side.

When in media you’re only getting one side of the story, you can know it’s not the truth. It’s not the truth you are being told.

I mentioned two events that happened today, the first was Ardern’s evil, it’s the only way I can put it, but the second was our Mother Earth creating an earthquake around Taumaranui, just after she made her announcement. Our mother, this jewel, this beautiful country, said ‘enough, enough, I need other mothers to stand, and with them the men who love their strength and their power’. Because it is the mothers who know what is going on, the poisoning of our children, the poisoning of our air, the poisoning of our waters, the poisoning of New Zealand with these terrible ideas, these completely misguided lies that Ardern is telling us, the poisoning with arrogant, tyranical leaders. All of this stops with this earthquake, that’s what our Mother was saying to us. We must listen to her, even those of you who think Ardern is amazing, stop and think what will this country be like in a generation or two generations is allowed to jab-rape, because it is rape to force something into someone’s body, because they know they won’t be able to survive, they won’t be able to get money, if someone is so poor that they’re in government housing or need government funding, and they can’t get it unless they give in to something they don’t want in their body, that is rape. That’s like a man saying ‘unless you do this, you won’t get the job, and you can’t survive.’ That is rape Ardern, and you don’t get away with rape, not on my watch, and not on the watch of all those who will contact me.

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  1. Start a political party, please. The opposition is as much to blame for whats coming as anyone – we need a party of the people and for us.

  2. We need to have a general strike, starting with the volunteer paramedics and ambulance drivers who have been left in the lurch by so many of their compatriots being told to go because they weren’t vaccinated. Followed by other health workers, midwives &c.
    What are the unions doing? Sitting round wringing their hands while our rights and freedoms evaporate ? Let’s get organised and show solidarity, the vaxxed and employed for their absent colleagues. While they shoulder the increased workload. Let’s go for maximum disruption, fast, before the government can bring in emergency legislation to stop it. We need to force a general election and show this government we wont be bullied. We have had enough. Withdraw our services. Just refuse. It stops here.

  3. Kia ora beloved sister Liz Gunn. I totally feel the winds of change! To clear and pave the way to co-create a new Kawanatanga from the
    foundations of Truth and Prosperity! Kia kaha tatou God Bless


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