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Macron asks ministers to restore order in France – Reports

France riots news

French President Emmanuel Macron, during a meeting with ministers on Sunday night, called on them to do everything possible to restore order in France amid ongoing unrest, local TV reported.

Macron met with French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne and several other ministers at the Elysee Palace on Sunday evening to discuss the situation in the country.

A local TV channel cited participants in the meeting who said that Macron had asked the prime minister, the interior minister and the justice minister to continue doing everything possible to restore order in France.

Macron also said that the French government must continue supporting law enforcement officers and members of special services who have been mobilized over the past five days.

A source told the channel that Macron was planning to receive more than 220 mayors of the communes affected by the riots at the Elysee Palace on Tuesday.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on Friday that more than 45,000 law enforcement officers, including special units, were involved in the fight against riots in France, while over 300 police officers and gendarmes were wounded in the first three days of unrest in the country.

France Info reported citing a government source on Saturday that French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne had urged all cabinet ministers to return to Paris and stay there amid ongoing unrest in the country.

On Friday, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights urged the French government to “seriously address the deep problems of racism and discrimination in law enforcement” after a 17-year-old was killed by police in France.

Nahel M. was shot dead in the Paris suburb of Nanterre on Tuesday morning after he refused to comply with police orders during a traffic stop. The officer who pulled the trigger on the teenager has been charged with voluntary manslaughter and is in custody.

The fatal police shooting sparked riots across the country. Violent protesters have clashed with police and set fire to public buildings and vehicles. Hundreds of protesters have been detained.

Also on Friday night, seven police officers sustained shooting wounds in the French city of Lyon. The city mayor, Gregory Doucet, asked for police reinforcements on Saturday. Right-wing activists have marched through the streets of the French city of Lyon engulfed in riots, media report.

Livre Noir reported on Sunday that a total of about 50 radicals marched through Lyon with their faces covered, shouting nationalist slogans.

Videos circulating on social media show law enforcement officers dispersing the radicals gathered near the mayoral office using tear gas.

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  1. Globalist dimwit douchebag.

    The time to “restore order” was a decade ago when you threw open the floodgates to the third world.

    Your own people, your ACTUAL countrymen have been begging you to “restore order” for decade as their jobs disappeared, their rents skyrocketed, their neighbourhoods became no-go zones, their daughters were raped and their sons beaten and stabbed. You never cared. Bloodied priests and burning churches weren’t your concern. All that mattered was giving pompous, woke speeches and selling out your own people for your seat at the Davos table.

    Only NOW that it hurts you politically, are you finally attempting to do something about the chickens coming home to roost.

    You’re an effete dork with a stupid haircut, married to a grumpy old lady. At least Jacinda had the good sense to finally bugger off – you and Castro Jr should both do the same. Utter turds.


  2. “UN High Commissioner for Human Rights urged the French government to
    “seriously address the deep problems of racism and discrimination in law enforcement”

    Without the UN this crap would not happen. It’s too little too late to stop now. It is a war.

    “Livre Noir reported on Sunday that a total of about 50 radicals marched through Lyon with their faces covered, shouting nationalist slogans.”

    Black lives are the radicals, they need to shut up right now.

    Comments like this ain’t gonna help no one, only fuel the deep anger that the citizens of France have towards this invasion. UN, Macron responsible for the whole damned thing blowing up in its face.

  3. the High Commissionner for the human rights should better shut up as he does not know the background of the shooting. That is what is expected of responsible grown ups anyway. The more from an international organisation as they have no proof if the shooting was racially motivated or not.
    Street video previous to the shooting are in possession of the police/justice dpt and luckily not availaible for third jugmental parties.

    France is not the USA where hatred of colored people and segregation were traditional for centuries.
    So there is no point of defending crime and police offence , through the making of ” racisme”.

    Drawing immediately wrong conclusions will only fire animosity between two opposed communities.
    Animosity caused by behaviour and not race or skin colour

  4. Everything is the problem excepting Macron
    Marine Le Pen does not have any answers
    Just like Trump
    Except being the lesser of two evils
    Then there is the lunatic Green fringe party that has to dream up some ludicrous just to be different

  5. France is a horrible police state, that’s the real problem. People are sick of the repression. Even criticising a pollie can get you arrested by the goon squad.

    Suffice to say, another screwed up, WEF, WHO, WTO, globalist worshipping country. New Zealand will be just as bad in a few years.

    • the ” goon squad” also rescued the victims of Batacklan and many who were endangered
      I don t like getting a ticket and some police officers can be nasty when their authority is contested.
      The police becomes violent when their LEGAL authority is contested. Everybody with a little sense knows this.

  6. Now Emmanuel if you step down and stop persuing the sick ideologies of the WEF that you worship, peace security and confidence will be restored to France in a much more shorter timeframe. You see Mr Macon you and all your kind are the problem. Even you now are starting to realise that after all the unrest is over and quelled by whatever means, France may never be the same as it was again. In WWII the French Govt gave in to Hitlers invading forces and threw open Paris to prevent damage to the city. By the time the rioters have finished it may look as though Hitler did bomb the city.

  7. If somebody is being electrocuted
    First of all You must remove that person from the source of the threat
    Looks like Macron is trying to divert attention away from the real source of the problem
    Being the cuck that he is


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