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National MP to sponsor COVID-19 public inquiry petition

COVID-19 petition news

Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith has agreed to sponsor the petition of Greg Rzesniowiecki.

The petition calls on Parliament to ‘Undertake a public inquiry into the national COVID-19 response.’

The petition gained 3054 signatures between 11th October and 5th November 2022 when it closed.

The petition handover event will be 12:30pm Tuesday 15 November on the steps of the NZ Parliament. From there it will be handled by parliament’s Petitions Committee.

Parliament Petitions Committee

The functions and powers of the Petitions Committee are set out on the parliament website. Briefly, these may include:

  • gathering more information or evidence about the issues raised by the petition. The committee may ask the petitioner for a written submission, and may also invite them to speak to the committee in person or by phone or video-conference. The committee can also ask for evidence and responses from other relevant people or organisations and invite them to speak to it too.
  • referring the petition to another select committee to consider, especially if the other committee has specialist subject knowledge and expertise relevant to the petition.
  • referring the petition directly to a Minister to respond to. The Minister must publish and present a response to the petition within 60 working days.

After consideration of the petition has finished, the committee will summarise its findings in a report to the House. The committee’s report will be publicly available online.

The committee’s report usually contains a summary of its investigation of the issues raised by the petition. In some cases the report will include recommendations to the Government about actions or steps the committee wants taken in response to the petition. In other cases, a committee may present a report with no recommendations.

When a committee has presented a report that contains recommendations to the Government, the Government has 60 working days to respond. The Government’s response is published in a paper to the House.

A press release by Rzesniowiecki today fleshed out the details of the peitition:

Petition request

That the House of Representatives undertake an inquiry into the COVID-19 pandemic and official response; terms of reference to allow a full investigation, including public disclosure of the New Zealand Government’s actions, and encourage public input including testimony, evidence and research.

Petition reason

NZ is participating in negotiations for a global pandemic treaty before publicly reviewing the COVID-19 response. NZ society has been divided by lockdowns and mandates that in my view have caused considerable harm. I ask that a COVID-19 Inquiry terms of reference not limit a power of discovery and consider NZ-Pfizer contracts and negotiations for supply of Comirnaty and other vaccines and medicines, as well as reviewing decisions about generic antiviral medicines banned in NZ but used overseas.

The Petitioner asserts it is imperative that a full accounting of the COVID-19 Pandemic and official response is necessary prior to New Zealand signing up to a global pandemic treaty or any other binding instrument that might constrain New Zealanders’ rights and freedoms in the event of another pandemic pathogen whether of zoonotic or laboratory origins.

The Petitioner’s aim for a parliamentary inquiry is to establish the facts surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic paying particular attention to the New Zealand Government Response to the global COVID-19 Pandemic and its effects on New Zealanders’ lives, their health, wellbeing and economic prospects.

Terms of reference must provide for the disclosure of the all actions, communications and potential conflicts of interest of those who led the COVID-19 Response at the global and domestic level and the acts of institutions whose role it is to ensure the public good.

The inquiry must investigate the suppression of generic antiviral medicines throughout the pandemic. Early treatment of symptomatic people may have ended the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020.

Inquiry terms of reference must also ascertain the impact on the New Zealand people resulting from the official COVID-19 Response including lockdowns and the officially prescribed clinical cure of COVID-19 Vaccination with novel mRNA gene therapy injectable products which have caused much harm amongst the vaccinated. Mandating a product that causes harm is egregious.

Many public statements throughout the covid pandemic from authorities and institutions have later been shown to be inaccurate. The censorship and condemnation of academics with opposing views, which were later proven correct, must be fully investigated.

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  1. It must have happened over an year ago and noy just one MP and all of the opposition should have stood for it. Luxon, the substitute WEF agent, supported the main agent Jacinda and this will not be forgotten.

  2. Unfortunately I have to concur with the above.
    Our legal system ( as opposed to justice system) is now so corrupt that I don’t hold much hope of this gaining traction.
    God is going to be very busy on judgment day.

    • Even then it will be labelled as misinformation by our stupid media. It won’t be long before one of them collapses live on TV (unless they managed to rig the saline shots like the politicians did).

      Any day now. All those EMFs around all the equipment can’t be good. Makes me wonder if that’s why some radio hosts have died or had heart attacks? ????

    • hello kiwi
      we are in the same situation as you are.
      that is why i am here.
      the msm and governments are treating as ” fake news” every probe into ” vaccination”.
      Only some MP of the european parliament got an audition from pfizer.
      but it might take years before the truth is revealed about pfizer and its criminals

    • Bill Gates admitted that omicron was better than a vaccine, google it. Natural immunity is broad spectrum as opposed to a vaccine which is not and weakens the bodies defense against sub-variants (ADE google it). so without natural immunity you need a new vaccine for ever new major sub-variant, while with natural immunity you do not, google it. This is established theory from real international virology experts (ie: not the paid “experts” who work for the Jacinda government), google it.

    • I take it from your comment that this investigation makes you nervous. Don’t vent at us because we didn’t buy into the fear and the lies and you did. Man they got you good… gullible much?

    • “Vaccines saves lives your all selfish retards” mRNA is lethal and you are the idiot.Don’t pretend that you got the shot for unselfish reasons, that you did it for humanity and your fellow man, you did it for yourself. You were s*it scared and motivated by fear, it had nothing to do with us. You know by now your jab didn’t protect you or us!!!! Zero efficacy!!! So what are you putting into your body? What you took doesn’t protect anyone!! Your” vaccine “ is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. So enough already with the pious moral high ground , we’ve heard it all before. I’m grateful every day that I never gave people like you the power to convince me that your jab is safe and effective , I did my research, I waited for more information, I wasn’t enticed by bribes and threats from the government and today hand on heart I so grateful that I didn’t.

  3. No one will collapse because most of these are in groups of the “exempt” classes… all our politicians are exempt. Also most of the councils and NGOs and CEOs are exempt. Some have been given saline as well when they were dumb enough to duped or told to go on stage and act out the part (Mrs Teeth did that one). New Zealand is NOT a world leader in anything other than being the puppet testing grounds for WEF, WHO etc…. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has been appointed head of the committee in the US to investigate Fauci and this Covid rubbish. Even MPs in England are calling for the outing of all the corruption behind all the deaths and injuries to be investigated. The truth will not come out in NZ. It will come out in some other world leading country first. Never here in this country of Sheeple. You only have to see the latest headlines that Northland is on alert because a cruise ship has docked with so called Covid cases on board. Really? Our local shop has one employee vigoursly soaking her hands in some cancer causing chemicals after each person they wait on at the counter…There is no hope for NZ.

    • The TV Media may be exempt or all got their saline shots at their place of work and I believe the politicians must have got their shots at parliament so they could all be administered saline, but the radio hosts not so much. Several in NZ have had heart attacks, heart arythmias and at least one has died.

      Watch this space.

  4. I got a ‘flu vaccine in 2019, for travel reasons, at the same time the nurse gave me another shot and she said it was a bit early, or something like that. Two weeks later I was as sick as a dog, violently coughing up junk and hardly able to get to the bathroom. I got up to the hospital and this violent triage crew took over, masked and hazmat suited, and a Dr Bashir came to look at me. He took notes and left, telling me that I wouldn’t be intubated or dissected. I was given paracetemol and prodded and poked in the normal fashion and obviously, did survive.
    I do feel this covid is a bio-weapon as it attacks certain organs but leaves the more commonly transplanted ones alone. Humans are not meant to be treated like cars in a chop shop but listening to R.B. on blood plasma sales, one has to wonder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5yaNptUpN0
    Anyway, God bless Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith and Greg Rzesniowiecki

  5. I can only say shame on the sheeple of this country. Is it just ignorance, or is it wilful blindness? Or maybe it is a mindset where most of the populace believe everything that they are told by “authorities” and media. No, it is the product of the creeping soialism that has prevailed here, where nobody should be out of step and all of us should be mediocre. It will be interesting to see how far this inquiry goes.

  6. Inquiry if they must, the whole judicial system in NZ has been hijacked. Nuremberg!! and get them all this time, no room for operation paper clip


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