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Nurses for Freedom NZ: Government mandate adds pressure to the health system further risking the lives of the NZ public

Nurses for Freedom NZ news

Nurses For Freedom NZ (NFFNZ) is a grassroots organisation started by nurses for nurses, who have been affected by the Covid-19 Vaccination order.

The main objectives of NFFNZ include:

  • To support nurses and Health Care Assistants (HCA’s) who have been terminated from healthcare roles for exercising their right to bodily autonomy and freedom of choice;
  • To support nurses and HCAs who have been terminated and/or are facing termination due to vaccine injuries;
  • Campaign to remove healthcare mandates, allowing Nurses/HCAs and other healthcare professionals to return to work;
  • Support action-based solutions to the current healthcare crisis facing New Zealand.

Speaking to Radio NZ on the 20th June, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said “The flu is a greater risk of respiratory hospitalization than Covid-19.” And in a speech to the Labour caucus, Ardern is quoted as saying: “Taking pressure off our health system during winter is a key priority of this government”.

Reports in the media and anecdotally, illustrate hospitals are at breaking-point; patients suffer long wait-times because of staff illness and ongoing shortages. In the Canterbury region alone, about 800 healthcare staff are off sick or on “other leave”.

On June 16th, 2022, a patient died of a brain haemorrhage at Middlemore Hospital after leaving the emergency department, because of long wait times due to staff shortages. Similar unnecessary tragedies are no doubt unfolding across the nations hospitals.

Whilst it is unclear exactly how many nurses have left their jobs because of the mandate, Deborah Cunliffe, spokesperson for NFFNZ says of her members: “We are here, our health service is in crisis, and we can help. We just want to go back to work.”

“The public are behind us” says Cunliffe “We are ready to step in and assist; the question is, do you want an experienced unvaccinated nurse caring for you or no nurse at all?”

In recognition of the impact it would have on their already stretched health service, the U.K government did not impose mandates on its National Health Service. Most other countries that did impose a health workforce mandate have since repealed them in light of the changing epidemiological and scientific evidence.

Given the overwhelming evidence that the Pfizer injection has not lived up to its purported efficacy, isn’t it time the government re-evaluated its policy?

If Ms Ardern genuinely wants to ease the pressure on the health system an injection of some 1000+ health care staff would be a good start.

Visit the Nurses for Freedom NZ website for more information.

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  1. What’s wrong with these MOH muppets?
    Can’t they read? So much data showing more jabs = more health problems. Permanent problems.
    arden is pushing it hard. Sickening.

    • And one would think MOH will be the first one to put a halt to this criminality.

      It’s akin to the Police Department not only stopping crime but ACTUALLY encouraging it!!

      Like the Fire Department instead of putting out the Fire, throwing fuel on it!!

      Just TOTAL SANITY!

  2. How can an amateur gulliblement make executive decisions without the nouse?
    When are the so called “Public Servants” going to return as their once capable reality? There only effective function now seem to be to gum up Wellington.

  3. I feel bad for New Zealand’s medicos. First they were lauded by the bureaucrats & health authority administrations around the world for their tireless efforts then lickety split they get pilloried by the same numpties. Imagine working under those administrators. Useless shiny arse seat polishers collectively. It’s surprising the vaccinated ones don’t down tools in support of their colleagues. Jacinda Ardern will never say sorry and she most certainly will never admit maybe the administration got it wrong. Too much of a narcissist imo.

  4. Ardern doesn’t care about the health system. She cares about pleasing her masters like Schwab and Gates and co. But she’s feeling the heat. People are starting to connect the dots.

  5. Jabcinda believes in the power of media and not the health workers or the public for that matter. The arrogance of using the media and the puppet machinery to climb the Satanistic order knows no bounds. She is just a curse.

  6. Ardern’s government is far more interested in implementing their ‘kind’ communist ideology than NZ citizens health and wellbeing.

    They simply used covid as a smokescreen to fast-track the WEF and UN 2030 global governance agenda.

    All hidden in plain site.

  7. As if Ardern would care. She is playing it by the Josef Goebbels playbook and doing it very well. You have to hand it to her for duping a nation. What was it Goebbels said? “Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs.” Job done.

  8. Its quite a farce wanting to import nurses when there are plenty right here willing to work. It is more likely we will lose more nurses to Australia – who have since lifted all COVID restrictions. there is no further reason to keep these mandates other than punishing those who dare not say yes to govt numpties. The health system is in shambles. NZ pays their healthcare professionals crappy pay, poor working conditions, yet they think that they’re going to get applications from overseas. I can tell you that many industrialized countries have sign-on bonuses and retention bonuses for nurses (USA and Singapore for instance) AND the pay is 3x more than in NZ – so why would anyone want to come to this dumpster to live? Not when we are 3/4 of the way to totalitarianism….thanks but no. NZ is not a place of interest for anyone Im afraid due to the dictator we have, and 120 MPs that don’t listen to their people anymore.


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