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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

NZ government mandates boosters by stealth—how to avoid them

From May 24 updated vaccine passes are available for download, the current ones expire on June 1st and will be valid for 6 months.

The legislation governing their use is curiously deceptive, although the government claims vaccine passes are no longer required, they have allowed businesses to require them for entry if they wish.

Moreover employers can legally require that their staff be fully vaccinated and many do. The government also requires a number of its employees to be fully vaccinated including medical professionals, health, disability, and care workers, prison staff, and border workers. Most NZ universities still require staff and students to be fully vaccinated.

Currently over 700,000 NZ workers and students (about 20% of the over 12 population) are still covered by some form of vaccination mandate. Many more are put under various kinds of pressure to comply. To maintain their status as vaccinated, by June 1st presumably they will all have to have completed boosters.

The vaccination requirements for students are especially egregious. The incidence of vaccine induced myocarditis among the young is concerning and the risk increases with each inoculation.

As the government’s own Covid infection, hospitalisation, and death rates show that vaccination is not conferring any statistically significant protective effect, why are any vaccination mandates still in effect?

Booster mandates news

During the pandemic a network of legislation, regulations, and financial support has evolved to encourage vaccination. As the risk from Covid has subsided and new studies have demonstrated that mRNA vaccination is ineffective and even harmful, the regulations have not been dismantled.

The net effect is that there is now a regulatory framework which protects government, businesses, and medical professionals from liability if they harm the people they are supposed to be protecting. No one wishes to be responsible for any damage done. Moreover, so many people are involved, it is not all clear who you can complain to if you are affected or wish to opt out.

The government happily claims it is no longer requiring vaccine passes, merely issuing them. Yet is still funding the media to promote mRNA vaccination and paying for saturation advertising affirming that it is safe. The government is also working hand in glove with social media companies to ensure that information about risks is removed.

Medical professionals claim that vaccination is safe and effective by definition and they are only doing the job they were trained to do. Faced with this all court press, businesses requiring mandates argue that they are just being sensible. Vaccine manufacturers are not liable because they are protected contractually from blame.

Such convoluted buck passing is not rare in business. A few years ago, our photocopier had frequent breakdowns. My predecessor had been faced with the same situation and he had signed a piggy-back contract to acquire a replacement photocopier. The contract rolled up the financial obligations of the earlier contract with the costs associated with the new copier, but the replacement had quickly acquired similar deficiencies. I found that our charity was liable to fulfil financial obligations amounting to a whooping $120,000 over the five year term of the contract yet the cost of a new copier was just $16,000. The problem was that the useful life of a busy photocopier was less than the five year term of the contract, so inevitably you ended up with a worn out copier you haven’t yet paid for.

There was the manufacturer who sold you the copier, the leaseholder (usually a bank) to whom you were legally required to make payments for five years, and the repairer who came if you called in a fault. All of whom passed the buck. I sorted it out by reading the small print which required that repairs be made, taking legal advice, and stopping the payments.

If you think about it, we are in much the same situation, the first course of vaccination didn’t work and caused problems, now we are being told to take a second course. Our payment is actually the very real increased risk we are being asked to shoulder.

If you are being mandated or coerced to be boosted against your will, I suggest you hold out and take legal advice. Only 70% of those eligible in NZ are boosted, and currently the rate of Covid hospitalisation of boosted individuals in NZ is higher than the unvaccinated.

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  1. Thanks for the warning. There are many idiots on top of the food chain whose title includes “Chief” and/or “Executive” who act as the Executioners (of life). They often are power hungry like Jabcinda and use phrases like “risk managent”, “protect customers” etc

  2. Im tired of this woke government and their lies, misinformation and lack of transparency. I think they are in bed with Phyzer why else would they continue to push vaccinations, boosters and the fourth shot. Also why are they pushing Three Waters? Because Phyzer need some collateral in case we default

    • The contract goes well over the current level of jabbing. They didnt succeed much in booster jabbing. NZ government has to pay for the contracted volume of jabs. So they are doing the dirty job of pushing through employers. Doctors and pharmacies make a killing when they jab too. It is better for money to go into the drains now than more people becoming sick and unhealthy due to loss of natural immunity due to jabbing and costing more money to the government for several decades to come.

    • It goes beyond ‘Three Waters’, which BTW, the UN demands free access to clean water without binding regulations except for water testing and quality.
      Three Waters intends to remove YOUR access to water under the coming ‘Social Credit Score’ which in several respects is already here, just as it is in China and parts of Europe. It will install ‘Smart Water Meters’ at your home’s water trunk line, and will charge exorbant pricing per 100 litres used!
      Now, this goes hand in hand with the WEF’s outlook on ‘You will own nothing and be happy’ bullshit! Why?
      When it come time for NZ and other ‘Developed Nations’ to pay-up their loans as a result of borrowing due to the orchestrated Plandemic known as ‘Covid-19’, you will then see Force Majeurs enacted to remove home ownership from the homeowners themselves, and the homeowner(s) then becomes the renter of their own homes that they previously owned.
      Why? Because Force Majeur means that the Government alongside the money-owed Banks will seize your home and use the same under ‘current market values’ as collateral to pay the Covid-19 debt! THIS is why a $250K home is now overinflated in it’s worth to $1.2 million, allowing for an over-exaggerated price to cover the cost of the overall debt.
      Nobody talks about this, or can even conceive the modus operandi of such, and since there is no gold reserve or standard to back the currencies, then real estate is the next best thing for net worth.
      This is why it’s called ‘Land Banking’.

  3. See Alex Jone’s ‘Endgame ll’, and the thirty year old video by Tony Hilder titled ‘Millennium 2000’.
    The ONLY way out of this is to insure proper voting, and to vote for the Outdoors and Freedom Party, as they have been the only political party to demand accountability on the part of the government, with filings, complaints, and proper scientific proof that the vaccines and shedding are killing people and leaving others with crippling disabilities.
    Please also support ‘Voices For Freedom’, as they too are putting the truth out about this bio-chemical genocidal holocaust!
    We remain ready to defend ourselves by any means available (legal, physical, etc.) in the event we are threatened with bodily harm via forced injections / vaccinations that are ‘mandated’, or in the event we fear for our lives by being threatened by armed black-suited door knockers / crashers representing Jabcinda and her cloaked communist party also known as Labour…!

    “How we burned in the camps! ”
    “Had the GRU / SMERSH / KGB agents who raided our homes in the middle of the night (who later became camp inmates themselves under Stalin’s Red Terror purges…) known that they might not be returning home in the event the population was armed, not knowing what was on the other side of the door, then none of what Stalin did would have never happened!” (et al?)
    Aleksander Solzhenytsyn

    Nahhh…that would never happen in New Zealand,…would it?

  4. Why on earth are we allowing Bloomfield to desert the sinking ship? He should be made to go down with the rest of them!


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