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NZ votes against UN resolution condemning Nazi ideology

New Zealand has put politics above morality by voting against the Russian sponsored resolution.

It was not alone however, as a total of 52 countries made the same choice, while 15 abstained. 105 countries supported it.

Pacific neighbours Fiji voted in support of the resolution, while Tonga and Samoa abstained.

The text condemning the glorification of Nazism was only previously opposed by the US and Ukraine.

A UN resolution opposing the celebration of Nazism and related ideologies has met with significant resistance from the US and its allies, with 52 countries voting against it on Friday.

The draft resolution “Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fueling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance,” introduced by Russia’s representative to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, was adopted with 105 votes in support. In addition to the 52 votes against, 15 countries abstained.

The resolution expresses concern about glorifying Nazism, neo-Nazism and former Waffen SS members, and condemns the construction of monuments and the holding of public ceremonies honoring the Third Reich. Introducing the resolution, the Russian delegate referenced an increase in xenophobia, anti-migrant sentiment, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, among other forms of discrimination.

The US and several of its allies explained their vote against the measure by claiming Russia was exploiting Nazi atrocities to justify its military operation in Ukraine, and insisted that joining Moscow in condemning the lionization of Nazis would amount to helping the Kremlin weaponize the Holocaust.

The UK accused Moscow of “furthering lies and distorting history,” while acknowledging it was using “legitimate human rights concerns raised by neo-Nazism mobilization” to justify its activities in Ukraine. The US went further, arguing that Russia’s “pretextual use of fighting neo-Nazism undermines genuine attempts to combat neo-Nazism.” And Ukraine claimed Moscow’s anti-Nazism message had “nothing in common with the genuine fight against Nazism and neo-Nazism,” which Kiev stressed it condemned in all forms.

Australia, Japan, Liberia and North Macedonia proposed an amendment to clarify that while they were very much anti-Nazi, they were also profoundly anti-Russian. Their addition “notes with alarm that the Russian Federation has sought to justify its territorial aggression against Ukraine on the purported basis of eliminating neo-Nazism,” reminding everyone that the “pretextual use of neo-Nazism to justify territorial aggression seriously undermines genuine attempts to combat neo-Nazism.”

Russia opposed the amendment, accusing the writers of “trying to drive a wedge between states” by dropping it on the committee at the last minute. It was adopted with 63 votes approving, 23 against, and 65 abstaining.

Moscow introduced a similar resolution last year, before the military operation in Ukraine had begun but after the US-backed coup had installed a government that allowed neo-Nazi groups such as the Azov Battalion, and lionized Stepan Bandera, the Ukrainian Nazi collaborator whose Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists was responsible for the massacre of tens of thousands of Poles and Jews during World War II. The 2021 resolution was opposed by just two states: the US and Ukraine.

Additional reporting: RT

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  1. Given Jacinda’s enthusiasm for introducing a tyrannical biomedical surveillance state this comes as absolutely no surprise at all. The similarities between our ‘single source of truth’ and the 3rd Reich have become quite obvious.

    • Almost every day Ardern takes a page from the Josef Goebbels playbook. I used one of Josef’s quotes on Facebook the other day and depicted Ardern as a modern day plagiarist and I copped a 60-day ban. Seriously; all I did was to quote a historical figure and draw parallels with JG and JA and anyone with any modicum of intelligence can see the similarities. (The quote was that of; “Tell a lie big enough and often enough” etc…) Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.

  2. It takes decades to build a reputation, and may take just a day to loose it. The reputation of NZ at the International stage is gone. This UN resolution is a litmus test that showed the true colour of the WEF agent, and perpetual liar Jacinda. All maori ministers in the cabinet must be ashamed of themselves. I guess Mahuta will be now planning to get a neo-nazi tattoo on her forhead.

    27 million Russians died in WWII as well as 20 million Chinese died. https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/world-war-two-casualties-by-country But for the sacrifices of Russians and Chinese, WWII may not have been won. NZ, by opposing this resolution, has disrespected the huge sacrifice made which also includes thousands of UK/AU/NZ dead vetrens.

  3. NZ supports a Nazi state in Ukraine so we had no choice but to vote against the resolution. Our honesty, dignity, integrity have now all been laid to waste by this tyranical Government that in itself borders on Nazism

  4. Nazi is National Socialism,just another form of Socialism,the left wing-right wing bullshit spouted by politicians and their media puppets is only to fool the masses.Our Fuhrer is a controlling psycopath just like Hitler and his cronies

  5. What a shame my grand uncles and uncles laid down their lives to fight against the invasive evil of nazi elites.

    What a shame this nation has become to lift that very elitism above the blood of our common Maori and European ancestors. It is not politics it is prostitution and depravity by any other name.

    Jacinda Adern I am ashamed of you and your deviant government. I am ashamed of the people who support you. You have made void the sacrifice of generations. And I say to my own so called iwi leaders. (yeah right) You need a kick right up the arse if you do not come out and condemn this disgusting behaviour.

    For if you do not condemn it you agree with it.

    • It depends on the orders Jacinda, the NZ agent for the deep state, receives from her masters.

      We do not need any other proof for the Agency Jacinda represents.

      NZ is full of subagents of CIA, NGOs pushing a NWO narrative as well as controlling the critical nodes of the society (economy, banking, defence, academia and international relationships, health and supply chains etc). NZ is just a vassal state and so nothoing suprises me.

      As part of 5eyes network, we are all being monitored and so we have to carefull given that Jacinda has implemented citizen spying tool on behalf her masters.

  6. So here we yet another layer of murk drawn over Ardern and Labour like a mantle. No it’s more than that, it’s a cloak of filth. A cloak, which not only covers the political wing, but severely taints the Labour Party itself. They have done the unthinkable. There are no more lines remaining, they have now crossed them all. And stomped on the graves of the dead.

  7. The US military commander who oversees nuclear forces said, “This Ukraine crisis that we’re in right now, this is just the warmup”.
    “The big one is coming,” he added https://t.co/6c1iLEDOEk
    — Ben Norton (@BenjaminNorton) November 7, 2022


    Neo-nazis are now very open & NOT hiding their intentions. Jacinda is part of the neo-nazi elites who wants to control the world. Remember “rules based order” shytte uttered by Jacinda without telling what the rules are and who formulated them. These are simnply neonazi rules for world domination.

  8. Actually, maybe, just maybe this is a fortunate turn of events?
    How often have normal people, around the world and here in NZ, been labelled Nazi’s in the last 2 years? Purely because they disagreed with a particular group or worse, Ardern and her government.
    Imagine for a moment this was in place and Ardern could utilise it against whomever she tagged as a Nazi or ‘similar’ ideology? Do you think she wouldn’t?

  9. Western collective fascism & nazism & racism


    The previous right-wing Slovenian government glorified traitorous collaborators of the Nazi-fascist occupiers during World War II. This is also why we voted against it in Slovenia.

    The current left-center government is, as expected, even worse and voted in support of the living tyranny-Nazi-fascist regime in Ukraine. Our government also sends arms to the regime.

    All this is an evident common denominator of Western corporate globalism with a satanic background. This is not a religious definition of the background, but an exopolitical one.

    Perhaps the fear of US sanctions for the disobedient is also influencing the vote. The Americans controlled how anyone voted (in text). The destruction of the gas pipeline is also an example of their ‘sanctions’.

    More information about the Ukrainian conflict is provided by the updated info thread – link below


    The general alter info collection is here




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