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NZDSOS: Deaths Following C-19 Jabs – Why the Pitiful Silence?

Covid 19 jab deaths news

NZDSOS and The Health Forum NZ have been working together to document post-COVID vaccination death and adverse reaction cases.

  • They have repeatedly alterted authorities about this information, but are yet to receive a reply. The findings can be found here.
  • The findings include a list of deaths following Pfizer’s jab that have been reported to the ‘Citizen’s Database’, maintained by Health Forum NZ.

In a Press Release, NZDSOS said:

‘We are very sad to announce our new post, which lists many of the deaths following Pfizer’s jab that have been reported to the ‘Citizen’s Database’, maintained by Health Forum NZ.

‘We have removed the peoples’ identities to respect the bereaved, but the un-unredacted list has been given to the Police. Prior versions of the complete database of deaths just after vaccination have been shown to Medsafe already. They dismissed it.

‘As practicing doctors with many years at the heart of our communities, we can state categorically that the deaths we list, of predominantly younger people immediately or shortly after their shots, are – DUE TO THE JABS UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE.

‘The Ministry of Health, and particularly its drug regulator Medsafe, continue to ignore that, in normal times, every single one of these warm, living, breathing souls who then died in the course of this particular drug trial, would be quickly and thoroughly investigated in case society needed new information to inform its consent. So, they refuse to prove otherwise.

‘Our list contains about a third of the 470 names currently on the Citizen’s database, which only exists because our usual pharmacovigilance mechanisms have been DELIBERATELY DERAILED to hide damage from the shots. It is not compulsory to report side effects from Comirnaty like it is in some other countries. Even go-to ‘vaccinologist’ Dr. Pertousis-Harris urged the world before the roll-out: “…it is vital that robust pharmacovigilance and active surveillance systems are in place.”

‘Perhaps, then, she might explain why we have no coroner’s reports yet available for the three deaths (including a 13-year-old boy) that are listed by Medsafe (as probably all caused by vaccine-induced myocarditis) and so many reported deaths are dismissed as ‘not enough information available’.

‘There are tens of thousands of serious side-effects too, with many sufferers claiming they are being kept invisible, or denigrated, or diminished, and refused exemptions or ACC cover.

‘The urgency to get the entire nation jabbed, locked up, muffled and gagged is blamed on the ‘pandemic’. As famed US neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock explains, it is NOT a pandemic by definition, because 99.98% of infected people survive, and there are effective pre-existing early treatment regimes available that were proven dramatically successful at slashing deaths and hospitalisations. The pre-approval vaccine trial was misrepresented, contained fraud, and never showed it could hope to stop the pandemic.

‘We have endured fake trials used to discredit cheap, safe and long-proven medical treatments; deliberate or incompetent deception by some of NZ’s medical and political leaders; nauseating spin from the bought-off mainstream media; the deliberate destruction of society’s fabric through cruel unjustified mandates and psychological manipulation; and punishment of health professionals and others trying to sound the alarm.

‘The Medical Council states it does not have to provide evidence to support its position or counter our references, nor must it take into account doctors’ human rights to free speech. We have long called it, the coup against conscientious medicine, and now we lay this list at its members’ feet.

‘Some judges seem uninterested in science, deferring to a small number of government experts who increasingly turn up to court with little evidence to justify their actions. The Police and Army are ignoring the courts that do assert human rights, plowing on with mandates, ditching many collective years of seasoned experience, and filling the rest with a potentially disastrous jab over and over, that threatens our national defence and the very security of our supposed safe society.

‘The right to protest and to be heard on these matters by our elected representatives has been literally trampled by the Police, who have consistently refused our evidence of fraud, contamination and negligence.

‘If even only a handful of the deaths we have listed were caused by the jab, the shots must be stopped– and we challenge any caring person to make it through the accounts of temporally-related deaths without being affected, whatever the actual reasons these people suddenly and dramatically died. There were many humanising and moving details that we removed after legal advice – the athletes, the lover of foreign food, the adored young grandmother, the animal-loving environmentalist, the admired doctor, the retired policeman and councillor, the several very resilient disabled, and finally, of course, the childrens’ schools, hobbies and achievements.

There are patterns that emerge from the entire database that could allege cover-ups, denial and deception. We note some compelling claims made by the families, friends or co-workers who reported the deaths, but with the inevitable disclaimers. We are claiming the need for unbiased and timely investigations. Our young people especially deserve our best attention.

‘At some point, we as a country have to stop talking of coincidence and start asking questions about collusion and conspiracy to hide the truth. We say that time is now.

‘These dead people and their remaining champions deserve nothing less.’

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  1. Bravo, brave warriors! You are indeed truth seekers, freedom fighters and our nation’s unsung heroes. Take a bow.


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