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‘Safe and effective’? Newly released documents show Pfizer jab has 1,291 potential side-effects

In early December a seminal article by regular DTNZ columnist Dr. Guy Hatchard revealed a stunning increase in the number of adverse events to the Pfizer mRNA medication not previously known to the public.

That article caused significant global interest then, and continues to be DTNZ’s most viewed of all time.

Now it’s official, but way worse than anyone could ever have imagined. Having been forced by a judge to release clinical trial data in January this year, a trove of 55,000 documents has just been released showing a whopping total of 1,291 side-effects which could potentially be caused by the Pfizer product. The US Federal Drug Administration had previously tried to keep this information secret until the year 2096.

As reported by journalist Emerald Robinson:

‘The COVID vaccines should never have been approved. This was obvious from the very beginning when animal trials were skipped in the Trump Administration’s ill-fated “Operation Warp Speed.” And now it’s undeniably true. We have the clinical data, and it’s horrific.’

She continues:

‘The U.S. government’s own database, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), has over 1 million reports of “adverse events” to the new vaccines — with 24,000 events listed as “death.” Pfizer was aware of more than 158,000 “adverse events” when they asked for approval from the FDA. People had serious issues after taking the Pfizer vaccine and Pfizer knew it before it sought approval for its vaccine.’

Pfizer data news

The question now is how much of this information did the Ardern government know when it approved the Pfizer product for emergency use? Despite claiming to be ‘New Zealand’s most transparent government ever’, the details of all Pfizer negotiations and even the contract of supply itself have been kept from the public. As far as DTNZ is aware, all OIA requests for the Pfizer contract have been declined.

Furthermore, Emerald’s reporting and the recently released clinical data only show the known side-effects from trials and the vast number of potential side-effects. The long-term effects are unknown, and, according to eminent Australian immunologist Professor Nikolai Petrovsky, because the use of mRNA technology in vaccines is in its infancy, no one knows what the long-term effects will be.

Can the New Zealand government continue to say these vaccines are ‘safe and effective’? A picture is emerging, based on scientific data, that suggests otherwise. The sheer number of adverse events for the Pfizer jab, both in the trials and in use, dwarfs those of traditional vaccines. As to effectiveness, Dr. Hatchard has recently argued there is strong evidence showing Omicron is affecting the vaccinated proportionately more than the unvaccinated.

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  1. I reckon if Medsafe don’t stop the rollout asap, legal action needs to start against the people making or not making these decisions.

    Civil action as they owe New Zealanders’ a duty of care when allowing a medicine to be used – especially a provisionally approved one. Or maybe negligence.

    • Denial is a b***h, aye Bolter. Not to worry, there are 100,000s more documents to be released to help you get past it.
      I’m sure there is no reason to worry they wanted to hide them for 75years.

      Stop letting that witch abuse you. When someone tells you they are the only source of truth in the future, see it as a red flag and research their claims for yourself.

      • @ Bolter “Just conditions being monitored for in the trials.”

        When do those trials end? Thats right, not until November, with reporting due March 2023. And all the placebo group were offered the medicine anyway, with the majority taking it up, so how can they study the effects properly? (siouxie science)

        Were all these effects to watch for in the trial listed to watch for here in NZ?

      • Thing is the source of your truth is telling easily provable and palpable fibs, yet you accept these at face value. Does that make you a sheep?

  2. This is a lie. They are not adverse effects, but conditions being monitored for in the trials. Happy to relieve you from any stress that falsehood is creating, but you won’t listen as it doesn’t fit your narrative.

    • They are adverse effects for which there is an evidential basis for concern. Especially now we know contractors to Pfizer falsified clinical data.

        • Most people on this forum think YOU are a lie!

          Also can you relieve us of the stress with any scientific data to prove what Gazza said is a lie? Stick to science please and we will be happy to listen to you.

          • I’ve already explained why the article contains falsehoods. It’s quite simple and hasn’t been refuted. You people are extremely credulous when it comes to your narrative and never question anything that claims to support it, even when it’s quite obviously lies. It’s remarkable.

    • Hi Bolger,

      Can you please disclose your qualifications which allow you to come to the conclusion that these are conditions being monitored for as opposed to AE of the vaccine.


        • Please give me a link to the long term safety data please. I have been struggling to find it. Thanks in advance.

          • Why do you think there could be long term safety concerns? Because of how the vaccines work they’re not possible. I suspect your request for evidence is just you clutching at straws to find an excuse to not do what’s obviously in your best interests. You can overcome your fear of needles though. Take that step!

    • Quite obviously you are asleep and the lights are out!!
      Trot off and have another booster!! Then ya lights will go out for real!

  3. The biggest scandal was to suppress Ivermectin because money cannot be made according to Dr John Cambell who just released a youtube video titled “Ivermectin in Florida and Brazil”

    Peer reviewed papers are in the above youtube link.

    Why is Medsafe and MSM is quiet about this new research????

  4. Mate! Bolter you’ve been thoroughly brainwashed. Data is data, of which there is so much of now, especially the incriminating kind. You can argue against opinion, but facts are facts. Must be weird having invested so much into one side of a narrative only to find it crumbling. I feel bad for you and so many others who are grappling with your own cognitive dissonance. Good luck making peace with it all.

  5. Bolter. You have a large arsenal of words to defend your position. Must be one of jaxxindas more intelligent trolls

  6. Follow the science. They are dangerous. Why is Fauci running for cover. Section 9 of the Pfizer contract states we hand our sovereign rights to them. That is why 3 waters is important to them so they can use it as collateral. Just as in Brazil. Pfizer now own substantial infrastructure – that’s why Brazil is moving to Ivermectin. One other thing – check the real ownership of Media Works. Most people think it is Discovery, but who owns Discovery, why Pfizer of course

    • Brought to us by Pfizer! Sponsored by Pfizer! Made with the help of – you guessed it – Pfizer!

      Nothing to see here….

    • Sonic: Yep you absolutely right!! Perhaps if others pulled there heads out of the sand they might realise whats happening…..but then I suppose yo gotta be awake!!!

  7. Always had my suspicions and so glad my family & me never got that poisonous injection & even better i still got my job
    Wake up kiwis

  8. Don’t need to. You guys don’t have evidence for anything you’re claiming. It’s easy and fun to point that out. It makes you all very agitated.

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  10. Disclaimer of Liability™

    Whilst we endeavor to make our products toxic, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied about their efficacy and safety.

    We cannot guarantee that your gene 144 won’t be deleted, your X / Y Chromosome won’t be inverted, your gene 69-70 won’t be deleted or mutated, that you may experience loss-of-function due to protein folding, that your gene E1, E3, E4 won’t be deleted, that you won’t receive shots full of magnetic graphene oxides and nano-biosensors (motherboards, transistors, routers, antennas).

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    Trans-humans do not enjoy any human or other rights of a state and this applies worldwide. Our patents are under US jurisdiction and law, where they were registered.

    Any reliance you place on our products is therefore strictly at your own risk.
    Fact Check: we make sh$t!


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