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Sleeping Baby W ‘ripped from his bed’ by masked police – Counterspin

Baby W news

Baby W’s operation is today at 8am, having been uplifted without notice by police in the middle of the night.

Updated reports below from the Counterspin Media Telegram channel:

Four police officers entered the room where baby W and his twin brother slept soundly.

Without notice, they seized him.

In the words of W’s father:

‘Baby W has tonight been ripped from his bed and his mum, in a display of ultimate cowardice by masked people dressed as police at 11 o’clock at night, to be made to undergo invasive procedures, before being forced against our will to have a rushed and unprepared for surgery.’

This happened despite last-minute efforts by the family’s legal team and experts from across the world, who were studying his case and making recommendations that were then passed to the judge on the case.

Now, his life is in the hands of the hospital staff.

Let’s hope, for W’s sake, they see sense and provide him with an uncontaminated blood supply.

Those that are wanting to protest this gross state overreach, at 10am tomorrow [ie today] outside the hospital, are asked to do so in a peaceful manner.

Our prayers are with W and the family this morning.

A further report from just after 6.30am this morning:

Baby W has surgery at 8am this morning.

Just before midnight last night, Baby W was uplifted by the police while he slept.

S, his mother, and his twin brother were allowed to join him. However, C, his father, had to leave the hospital.

S is exhausted and very scared given there are two police officers in her room.

An imposed condition states that she must stay awake if she stays with him, even though it’s from midnight to 8am and both babies are sleeping.

The police are trailing her even to the toilet. They told her this was due to orders from above

The policewoman let slip they intend to arrest S this morning. S doesn’t know why.

We must protect W and his twin brother J.

The family appreciate your support from 8am this morning outside the Auckland Hospital, entrance steps at 2 Park.


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  1. “Those that are wanting to protest this gross state overreach, at 10am tomorrow [ie today] outside the hospital, are asked to do so in a peaceful manner.”

    This sentence right here is exactly why this bullshit is happening AND WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN.

    The government will use violence but we will not.

    Being “peaceful” gets us nowhere, just look back at the last three years and how far we’ve slid into tyranny if you don’t believe me. THEY ARE STARTING TO TAKE OUR CHILDREN AWAY. You cannot be peaceful with people who do not see you as human, you can only be a victim. You cannot negotiate peace from a position of weakness, only from a position of strength. The other side have to fear you in order to comply, that’s been truth on this planet throughout all of recorded human history and it will never change. They DO NOT fear us anymore, because they know the worst we’ll do is hold up some placards and shout about freedom at empty buildings in the city CBD on the weekend. I’m sorry but it clearly isn’t working, it’s time for skulls to start cracking. What these people are doing to this family is inhumane and evil, textbook evil, BIBLICAL EVIL.

    For gods sake, if ever there was a tipping point, THIS IS IT. They will use this case and the legal precedent they’ve set to start coming after YOUR children next.

    • You are totally spot on.
      Evil doesn’t do sympathy, lack of humanity makes them incapable to reason, but its draws enormous pleasure in recognise human suffering. Satan has got a hold of them now and there is no turning back for them.

      Its no longer just crook politicians taking bribes and doing the big Pharmas bidding BUT we are now seeing their true demonic nature.

      This absolutely sickening.

  2. Uplifting innocent babies in the middle of the night, while corrupt criminals are sound asleep, many with police protection. What has this country become?

  3. So so angry.. what kind of world are we living in???? I too like to just move away from here. I feel the pain and anxiety of the parents. They have done no wrong. Why is it illegal to want the best for your child? I am praying for this family and all those who stood with them. In these wicked, nasty and upside down world there are still few good people. I just can’t believe what the world has become.

  4. This is just another example of the Globalist controlled Govt. reminding us that we are nothing but cattle to them.
    They are pushing in many and different ways to try and start a civil war between the people and the govt. so that they can enact their fondest wet dream violence and a totalitarian takeover.

  5. I am by nature a peaceful man. I abhor violence, personal violence in all its forms. We are told by one who knows that it is better to love our neighbour than to despise them. Even to love our enemies. It is only now I have come to realise how much He asks of us…

    • I despise my neighbours. They are Freemasons and think their 💩 doesn’t stink and they can do whatever they want with no consequences.

      Worst neighbours I have ever had. Noisy, nosy, inconsiderate, dirty, untidy and gossip mongers. I am a Christian but I don’t love my neighbour. What should I do?

  6. This labour cult has now reached a new low. It is time for them to go. Any police officer who follows that sort of order is not needed in this country. Suggest that they migrate to China or North Korea. Then again this country is now becoming as bad with this filthy communist regime. Time to look at a general strike throughout the country.

  7. Political Parasites rely on the sheep to vote,its where they get their consent to govern.A DONT VOTE MOVEMENT if it gains momentum will worry them more than some silly protesters begging their masters to change things.They only want you to do two things vote and pay taxes,they dont give a flying f##k about you or me.You have been indoctrinated to believe in voting,but you know deep down when you put your vote in the box,nothing will ever change and all the promises are lies.If you truly wanted to be free why would you vote someone to be your master,You have to wake yourself up to your own reality to even begin to hope for freedom

  8. URGENT REQUEST !!! Anyone who can identify those police are, to by any means possible, name those police. If the police want to behave like thugs, they should be treated like thugs too. There is no place in New Zealand police for thugs.


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