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VFF condemns sentencing of Billy Te Kahika and Vinny Eastwood

In a statement on Twitter today the pro-Freedom organisation called the sentences ‘extreme and out of proportion.’

Billy Te Kahika and Vinny Eastwood were sentenced on Thursday to four and three months imprisonment respectively for breaching a COVID lockdown in 2021 when they organised and attended a protest in Auckland.

Voices For Freedom wrote:

‘Time has shown the risk from Covid-19 to be far less serious than originally thought by New Zealand’s authorities. Research has found lockdowns to be ineffective and costly in terms of negative human consequences such as devastating impacts to Kiwi businesses and our economy, the education and health systems, mental health, domestic violence, societal harmony, and more.

‘Sentencing these two men based on outdated thinking is nonsensical and a shameful attack on New Zealanders’ human rights.’


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    • I agree. I read the earlier article on DT about Vietnam. Maybe we need to copy their version of democracy. I found it amazing that you don’t pay taxes, there is no Govt interference in day to day life. No wonder so many ex-pats move there.

  1. These draconian ‘let’s make an example of them’ prison sentences are vindictive, spiteful, unfair and unjust in the extreme.

    The ‘judge’ Peter Winter was clearly heavily influenced by his own depraved political views, or acting under orders from his totalitarian government employers.

    Either way he should be thoroughly ashamed of himself and resign.

    • I agree, this goes far beyond incompetence, it’s downright malicious. This so called judge is unfit for purpose and should resign or be fired immediately.

    • The entirety of modern western law has long since metastasised into a twisted and convoluted clown world circus of absurdity, corruption and political overreach.

      Murderers go free on asinine technicalities, violent thugs are paroled early because “racism”, while the state hunts down those UNHINGED CONVERSION THERAPISTS for the crime of reading the bible to gay people (probably because it likely works) or bakers who refuse to be bullied into making dildo cakes. Jesus.

      The same system that will throw the book at you for collecting free god-given rainwater from the heavens above will read the Bill of Rights and tell you with a straight face, “yeah, we know it says right here that we can’t do this and that, but we’re gonna do them anyway because this is a super duper emergency 😏👍”

      Zero respect for us, because they no longer fear us.

      And why would they? Who’s going to stop them?

      The juries are handpicked simpletons, the judges are paid off and/or threatened. This isn’t difficult to follow when you just passively evaluate the mountain of evidence before your very eyes. Every single critical ruling is always in the state’s favour. Always, no matter how observably unconstitutional or illegal the action may be. Free and independent my arse.

      Ayn Rand nailed it close to a century ago:

      “When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you – you know your nation is doomed.”

      • Look at what has happened to the folks over at Counterspin Media…or to the Aussie Cossack for naming a known pedophile currently serving in public office!
        Why do ‘They’ no longer fear us?
        The murders and hard core gang members go free as the Judiciary and Law Enforcement fear them, and what they might do to both them and their families. Look at the two Hutts, for example.
        Besides, the Gov’t needs the gangs operating to bring in seized revenue, and to also do the dirty work of the government without the government getting their hands dirty.
        Chicongo, NYC, LA, etc. are prime examples of this as is the rule for ANTIFA / BLM members being arrested, minimally charged and released to go and murder, burn businesses, etc.
        IT’S A GLOBAL TREND!!! Just look at the protests in Europe, and Talmudic-Zionist-Communist Netanyahu’s antics in Is-Ra-El…

    • Probably the ‘Judge’ is part of an Old Boy School intermixed with Freemasonry, as noted by Aussie Lt. Col. Ricardo Bosi…! The mirrored parallels are amazing!

    • 100% correct. This judge is obviously a very bad apple and urgently needs to be removed from office.

      We simply should not tolerate morally bankrupt people in positions of authority.

  2. Wow! Imprisoned for demonstrating against government policy.

    New Zealand is beginning to resemble communist East Germany, and we all know how that worked out.

    • The head of the East German STASI was later hired by the Bush Family (aka Sherff) to form the ‘Department of Homeland Security’…part of their New World Order that Poppy Bush spoke about 38 times during Gulf War One.

  3. Once again New Zealand’s judiciary get totally lost following their inverted moral compass.

    Where is the justice in this unbelievably appalling decision?

  4. Section 5 of the Bill of the Rights Act 1990 needs to be repealed.

    It simply opens a gaping loophole for any totalitarian government to do whatever they want.

    As we’ve now seen, all the government needs to do is concoct a bogus ‘justified limitation’, and then simply find a malleable judge to enforce it.

  5. I see a comment on the VFF Twitter post from some bell end titled NZ Politics.
    Does anyone know if this is a kindergarten group pampering to their leftist teachers views?
    Truly a pathetic limp lettuce.

  6. No separation of powers. Total corruption and impunity for those at the top. The new era of totalitarianism right in our back yard. A true river of filth spewing out of the beehive. Dangerous times ahead and this madness is just getting started


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