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Watch: Michael Baker – Consistently Misleading Kiwis About Face Masks Since Mid-2020

The government announced earlier this week that the requirement to wear face masks would be lifted except in limited circumstances.

The most fierce advocate for mask-wearing over the course of the COVID crisis was ‘expert’ Dr. Michael Baker.

A video by CoronavirusPlushie uploaded to Rumble on 11 September demonstrates clearly how Baker’s public advice is misinformation of the worst kind, as expert after expert, study after study, showed that masks did not prevent transmission of the virus, or any virus for that matter.

And yet Baker consistently advocated for people to get ‘masked-up’ against all the scientific evidence, even going so far as to recommend two year old children should wear them.

However, at the beginning of the pandemic he said they were useless. In February 2020 he said in an interview, ‘They’re not really effective. After all, the virus can also infect you via your eyes. It basically likes to land on a mucus membrane, and then from your eyes go down to your nose anyway.’

When asked later by radio presenter Simon Barnett ‘Did you ever say masks don’t work?’ Baker replied ‘No’.

This is the latest video in a series produced by CoronavirusPlushie highlighting Baker’s mask misinformation, featured on DTNZ.

Video Sources

A list of sources cited and used by CoronavirusPlushie in the latest video:

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    • Yes he should continue to wear one so we don’t have to look at his irritating face ever again. If only he would also keep his mouth permanently ferme then that would be flipping great also. He sounds like he has cotton balls shoved permanently in his cheeks.

  1. FOR myself, I hold NZ’s response to Covid was manifestly excessive & over the top. Yet when Covid first emerged all Western Governments knew the had to ~something~ to contain it. IN NZ that ~something~ proved execssive.

    I disagree with the various conspiracy theories that the vaccine was dangerous in itself; I hold Government health professionals to NOT be that stupid or irresponsible. Yet I agree NZ’s response was excessive.

    It largely closed down access to regular health services at considerable cost to public health. Also Government just printed over $50 bn; as a consequence internal inflation will continue untill that $50+ billion is wiped from our economy so causing great harm to savers. Thus our over the top response to Covid has harmed our health system; & done great harm to our economy.

    • They are ‘stupid and irresponsible’ because THEY are NOT properly qualified for the positions and portfolios that they hold…
      And the facts about the mRNA Bio-Weapon Civid-19 untested ‘vaccine’ has come out now and has been out for the last 21 months! It’s just that the WEF / NWO government supporters of the same have ignored the findings while committing quiet genocide via mRNA-heavy metal clotting causing heart attacks!
      Review Baker’s qualifications as exposed in this publication…
      Review Jackson’s motivations for supporting ‘excessive’.
      Maybe they’ll all ‘mask-up’ with the same type of mask that Hannibal Lector was fitted with in Silence of the Vax…er I-I mean…LAMBS!

  2. F(B)aker is just a low life. He seems to do a cursory reading of fake CDC reports and journals or watch CNN and start giving his “expert” advice. NZ academia is full of low quality “experts” and our education standards are falling rapidly. We produce more and more woke degrees and the graduates have no idea of reality por much useful skills. Ministry of Social Development, Health and MBIE employ them who have little science backgound. Many psycologists produced are just system pigs and implement Amewrican woke agenda on gender ideology etc. Soonewr we reduce the number of Universities to just 2 or 3 the better.

  3. Michael Baker’s qualifications for dictating to the people of New Zealand that he knows best what is good for us:
    MBChB – Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery/Chirurgery. The MBChB degree is the initial qualification obtained on graduating from medical school. In countries where MBChB is the initial qualification, an MD is a level higher. MD is Doctor of Medicine, a medical degree.
    FNZCPHM – Fellow of the New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine
    FAFPHM – an international postgraduate medical qualification in public health medicine, where your combination of qualifications, training and experience is assessed against the standard of the FNZCPHM or FAFPHM. A type pf cross crediting perhaps?
    FRACMA – Fellow Royal Australian College of Medical Administrators.
    DObst – The medical post-nominal suffix DObst RCOG is awarded to obstetricians and gynaecologists who have gained the Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. The Diploma is aimed at doctors and especially general practicioners who wish to certificate their knowledge and interest in Women’s Health. N.B. There is no RCOG listed after Prof. Baker’s D0bst. I do not know why.
    DcomH – Could not find. It may be something to do with a Diploma in Commerce?
    It seems to me this man is not a fully qualified doctor, has a diploma in midwifery, and is a Fellow, or member of three Colleges who award themselves acronyms after their names as qualifications of a sort. I could not find out what exactly Professor Baker is a Professor of.
    He is an et. al. on many research publications or chapters to books, the usual academic publish or perish thing, and I could find his name alone on only one thing: – Baker, M. (2022, August-September). Important lessons from Aotearoa New Zealand’s response to COVID-19. Plenary presentation at the New Zealand Institute of Medical Laboratory Science (NZIMLS) Annual Scientific Meeting, Wellington.
    All in all, I’m afraid Professor Michael Baker as the arbiter of public health does not inspire great confidence in me. Perhaps greater minds than mine could furnish more in depth information and reassure me that when the Prof. makes solemn pronouncements about – well, about anything – he actually knows what he is talking about.

    • He is just a low life faker.
      I gave a search at Google scholar, and he does not even have a profile.
      Your search – Michael Baker otago – didn’t match any user profiles.

      There is one other “Michael Baker” from Directeur de Recherche au CNRS; Research Professor but not this gnome.

      His pronun is porbably “It”.

  4. Thank you for this report. This guy has been right up there as one of the main culprits of spreading lies and misinformation in NZ over that 2 and a half years. Like the rich man in the story Jesus told, Michael Baker has fared sumptuously and lived lavishly in the kiwi media sunshine, but his hour is finished. May no-one trust a word he says for the rest of his days.

  5. Michael Baker exemplifies the term, dickhead. He is beyond compare when it comes to stupidity, he is a master of the craft. Every time I see or hear this person, I feel like cutting my head off. The sooner he departs this world, the better for us all. Now I need to have a shower…

  6. Michael ‘Self-Deluded by the WEF’ Baker, Rod ‘Vaxxed to the Maxx’ Jackson, and Michael ‘now that I’ve done the damage I’m running away’ Bloomfield are essentially the Three Stooges of the fake if not orchestrated ‘Pandemic Pandering’!!!
    But wait; there’s a fourth member of the ‘Stooge Covid Vaccine Saviours..’
    These three, with the fourth being the current ‘Health Sinister’ who has no medical experience whatsoever, are shamelessly using a combined methodology of psychopathic manipulations on the public with sociopathic modus to deliver their ‘agendas’, all the while being suspected of enriching themselves via investments in vaccine manufacturers stocks, bonuses, etc..
    IGNORE THEM ALL! They were proven to have no credibility in their thoughts and actions by ignoring the actual data of PERMANENT mRNA HARM harm being caused by the vaccines that were NEVER tested nor trialed as per the requirements of International Laws and Treaties that govern Health Care and Standards, one of which is the Nuremburg Code.
    They also ignored the Citizens Right of Redress when Lawyer Sue Gray of the Outdoors and Freedom Party presented the Covid data to a Parliamentary Select Committee non-elected representative that was rude, dismissing of the data presentation presented in a legal document(s), and avoided Points of Order when the evidence was presented by Lawyer Sue Gray.
    We will no longer listen to these so-called ‘Health Experts’ who have misled the public from the very beginning with the intent to permanently damage New Zealand’s economy, employment, health services, and medical discrimination. Their ations reek of the NWO / WEF ‘Great Reset’ and Klaus Schwab’s Neo-Nazi enforcement of the WEF’s Zio-Communist plans for humanity as shown on the Deagel Forecast for 2025!

        • To Anonymous I & most of my family have had four doses of the vaccine without any adverse effects. You cannot convince me that your conspiracy claims based on unsubstantiated surveys prove anything. If these people have a case let them stand up in public, AS I DO, & prove if. Without such proof these claims are not worth ANYTHING.

          As for your personal attacks on public officials; the only thing they prove, IS JUST HOW SMALL MINDED, PETTY & MALICIOUS YOU & YOUR LOT ARE!

          I stand up in public & publish personal experiences under my REAL NAME, so I can be identified & sued if anyone wants to.

          You publish unsubstantiated tripe from unreliable sources & are always hiding under the pseudonym ANONYMOUS

          Personally I believe the last thing NZ needs is a collection of worst ever fukw*ts like your lot, Yet for as long as the media is prepared to publish your ANONYMOUS GARBAGE, I guess we are stuck with you.


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