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Watch: Non-COVID UK excess deaths skyrocket, ‘significant increase’ in cardio morbitities

The rise corelates to the mRNA COVID jab roll out, experts say.

Yesterday the British Heart Foundation announced there were 30,000 excess cardiac deaths in England over the past year. Consultant cardiologist and TV medical expert Dr. Aseem Malhotra says that while there is a ‘multifactorial’ explanation for the increase, nevertheless there is now ‘mechanistic, RCT and associational data linking the mRNA product to cardiovascular events. It’s likely a primary driver,’ he said, tweeting a video featuring people who had died suddenly.

Broadcaster Neil Oliver speaking on GB News. First Dan Wooton went over the official figures relased by the ONS (the UK Office for National Statistics).

‘There were 18,394 deaths due to COVID recorded this year in England and Wales. But since May there has already been 23,195 excess deaths where the primary cause was not COVID.’

A further study was referenced by Professor Amitava Banerjee, of the University College of London, where Banerjee stated in a recent interview:

‘We focussed on the effects of excess deaths from COVID but from the beginning it’s likely the indirect effects will lead to more deaths, and more morbidity, and more economic impacts than the COVID deaths itself.’

Oliver believed that if the government had just stepped aside and allowed COVID to do its thing, the result would have been the same or better, ‘Because of the way in which we intervened across the board, everything, every measure you can think of from lockdowns to vaccines, I think the end result is going to be infinitely worse than it would have been if we had done nothing.’

In another video world medical expert Dr. John Campbell told his 2.5 million YouTube subscribers that excess deaths in the UK were still going up, but also ‘in quite a few other countries as well.’

Dr. Campbell refernced epidemiologist Veena Raleigh of research cenre The King’s Fund who said, ‘Deaths from cardiovascular disease and diabetes, in particular, show a significant excess.

The 18,000 comments that followed Dr. Campbell’s video are also illuminating, as many people recount the sudden, unexpected loss of friends and loved ones.


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  1. ????Kiwis need NOT worry????. Saint Jacinda will bless us all and provide some more holy water ????????????.

    ????????You wont even feel any pain and go to heaven in a safe and effective manner????????.
    ????????Slava Piser????????????????

  2. Nothing to see here. It obviously can’t be the jabs because they’re safe and effective, therefore it must be climate change.
    All we need to do is pay more in carbon taxes and death rates will soon return to normal.

  3. Oil companies response to Bidens finger pointing: We have to pay our shareholders. And the shareholders ARRRE (drum roll) Vanguard & Blackrock!
    V & B are major pension funders and must be paid or there’s NO PENSIONS! Fortunately COVID and the jabs came along and many won’t be collecting a pension.
    Some of their key holdings are MSM and big PHARMA (Pfizer). The mandated “Safe and effective” vax most likely came straight from the top (V & B)!

    • If you follow the money and research who owns V & B, and in fact who owns the world, you will come to the conclusion, that it is a cabal of very few families, entrenched in global banking. In fact, global banking, with fractional reserve lending and compound interest, is their tool for the last 250 years, when Amschel Rothschild sent his 5 sons out to 5 centers of trade and military might.
      Corrupt social politics with financial dependency for which future generations are placed into serfdom, and you have the current state of world affairs.
      We are cattle on a farm, and the farmhand has big teeth.

    • The rise in deaths also correlate with so many things; suicides, grocery price hikes and inflation in general, funding to MSM etc. The primary causal factor is important. The so called overstretched health system, paramedic shortages can increase death to some degree but not the 200-300 percent increases. ????????????????


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