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Andrew Bridgen – Courage under fire: The UK politician brave enough to tell the truth

Andrew Bridgen opinion

Andrew Bridgen: “Controlled by nobody. Representing everybody.”

The UK is in turmoil. Elections are to be held on 4 July 2024, an unprecedented number of MPs have tendered their resignations pre-election and it is predicted that the Prime Minister (who was recently reported to be looking for property in California) will lose his seat, and the Tories seem be heading towards a massive defeat. A Labour government (perish the thought) is set to win by a landslide, with most unaware that, far from the change in direction they want, it will mean little more than a stampede towards the same goals as the Tories. Their banner-waving and carefully-phrased empty promises may — at a stretch — seem like a fresh perspective and new direction but in reality have little more substance than candy-floss and will sadly prove to contain just as much poison, for once they have their bottoms firmly ensconced on those tired green seats in Parliament, most Brits will realise the Left and the Right political parties are just two wings of the same bird, don’t serve the people they purport to represent, but serve the same unelected international cabals. Those unelected cabals include the WHO, the UN, and the WEF. Those cabals also have their masters hidden behind the scenes, but ultimately this evil gaggle seek totalitarian control through a one-world government and the complete destruction of democracy by plunging the west into slavery. We have witnessed this in most countries of the western world in recent years.

Andrew Bridgen reports that other Parties in the election race, including Nigel Farage’s Reform UK Party, are not speaking of the escalating injuries and deaths from the experimental gene-based therapy, mislabelled as a vaccine. Andrew said he spoke at length to Nigel Farage about the jab injuries and the response he received was he and his Party would not go there. This would not be discussed. Apparently Labour’s proposed Security Pact with the European Union would not be touched upon either. (That can be viewed here at 21.05 minutes where Liz Gunn of Free NZ Media interviewed Andrew this week, with three other courageous truth-tellers.) Nor do the other parties seem to be speaking about the injection harms or the Security Pact that Labour intend to sign with the European Union post-election that Andrew reports will strip England’s sovereignty and give the European Union control of the UK’s Army, Navy Airforce, MI5, MI6, Five Eyes, GCHQ, the nuclear weapons of the UK and the local police force. (At 21.21 on this interview.) One can clearly see how that would make the UK little more than a pawn of the European Union.

But Andrew Bridgen, standing as an Independent Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire in the upcoming elections — where he had previously been the sitting MP for the Conservative Party since 2010 before he lost the party whip and was later expelled from the Party in April 2023 — is speaking about them, loud and clear. He is also speaking out against: unlimited illegal immigration, the insanity of Net Zero and the implications of people being locked up within a 15-minute radius of their homes. He wants to protect children from militant transgenderism and the topics being discussed in schools under the title of “sex education”, but which seem more closely aligned to child-grooming. He also wants to fight the WHO power grab, and expose and halt the harm of the covid “vaccines”. He feels the current parliamentary system is too open to corruption as MPs have to put the wishes of their Party before the wishes of the people that they seek to represent. That is not democracy. He wants to change that and ensure that it is people with the power, not politicians. His key polices are difficult to argue with, make good sense, and can be seen here.

Back in 2010, he was a very successful businessman with a desire to help the area in which he lived. He invested ten million pounds to create industries that needed people to fill job vacancies. This eventuated, with the astounding result that North West Leicestershire became known for having the highest economic growth in the country. He was also the driving force behind designing and building aesthetic homes in the area that are built for life. They managed to build 800 of these new homes each year. The government couldn’t. Why? Because Andrew worked with the people. He talked to them and asked what it was that was most important to them and found that they wanted local jobs, a local partner who was also able to work in the area, and to be able to live in a good home. Governments have never been able to do that, but Andrew did as he had the interests of the people at heart and he served them. After making positive changes in a number of these areas he decided to represent his area in Parliament.

Andrew Bridgen opinion
Andrew Bridgen campaign.

Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth. — Mahatma Gandhi

David Cameron visited the area with Andrew before he stood in his first election and told Andrew that the place was a dump, he wouldn’t win and he wouldn’t be getting any money from the Conservative Party. Andrew didn’t agree. He didn’t see it as a dump and he championed the people. He told David Cameron to never come back to his area, and later quipped that was the one promise Cameron kept.

In the last parliamentary term Andrew had the honour of being expelled from the Conservative Party for the “crime” of telling the truth. Now there’s a sign: Sacked from the ruling Party where, strangely, both sides of parliament appeared to be moving in lockstep to destroy democracy and plunge the country into ruin in similar ways to other previously democratic western nations. Andrew Bridgen stood above all his former colleagues and brought up the buried subjects, and fought for freedom, transparency and the truth. He got in the way of the lies. And the corruption. He still does.

After a brief stint with the Reclaim Party, he is standing as an Independent for his electorate. By running as an Independent he will be unrestrained in his ability to bring truth to the people. It is his view that politicians are the servants of the people; they are only valid if they represent the wishes of the UK people and he sees it as his job to do that for his constituents. Through the inactions, silence and acquiescence of other members of parliament, it appears that as an MP, he stands alone in this view.

Initially, Andrew had also taken the two experimental gene-based therapy “vaccines”, accepting the promotion in good faith that they were “safe and effective” and would prevent transmission, while ignoring an inner knowingness that urged him to avoid them. Later, he came across the detailed reports of internationally-renowned physicians and scientists desperately trying to make people all over the world realise these jabs were not safe or effective, they did not prevent transmission and many would become chronically ill, and could suddenly die as a result. He watched these international experts being shut down, ridiculed, attacked, and stripped of their credentials for daring to tell the truth. It was a horror show. He knew this was not the way science worked. Nor was there any truth to the ludicrous allegation that “the science is settled.” It was a mockery of science. Andrew was the most suited MP in parliament to be able to assess this gene-based experimental injection because — aside from having that rare attribute known as common-sense — he was the only sitting MP with a degree in Biological Sciences with Biochemistry, specializing in Genetic Virology and Behaviour.

Andrew voted against the mandates and the masks. He also saw the harm the lockdowns caused in his electorate. There were more suicides and good businesses were destroyed.

He tried to make other MPs aware, he gave speeches about it and tried to get his fellow MPs to see what was happening. He attempted to get the rollout of this poison immediately halted, as to keep administering it despite the proof of harm amounted to national democide and genocide on a global scale. It would have been a surreal situation to be in as an honest MP, for one would have expected the natural reaction to the news that this experimental injection was lethal and came with nine pages of severe adverse events that Pfizer tried to keep hidden for 75 years, would have been met with shock, horror, and an immediate effort to halt to any further administration of this lethal poison. But no, the circus bizarrely carried on, along with the hackneyed global phrase of “safe and effective”. It was like a cloned Goebbels on steroids.

It was when Andrew publicly announced that the COVID vaccines were the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust that he was expelled from the Conservative Party and his membership was later revoked.

It wasn’t too long afterwards that he heard rumours “he was going to commit suicide in January 2023”. There were “whispers” about it — so much so that Andrew made a public announcement stating he had never contemplated killing himself and had no intention of doing so. He also received a call from parliamentary welfare who had a chat with him and eventually he asked the reason for their call. The lady mentioned she had received reports that he was planning to commit suicide. Andrew said it was completely untrue and asked for the source of these rumours. Oh no, the names of those people were “confidential”. This story is told in this interview, at 42.59 minutes.

Andrew Bridge opninion
Photo – © Mary Hobbs.

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. — Mahatma Gandhi

Immediately before he was expelled, he had a long meeting (1.5 hours) with the Party explaining his genuine concerns about the injection in detail — and also the suspected euthanasia of the elderly through the drug Midazolam, combined with the use of ventilators, to apparently create the first “wave” of “casualties” — he was told that they had no political appetite for his views on the jab — that maybe they would in 20 years when he would probably be proven right, but if he continued taking on the most powerful vested interest in the world Andrew would have to accept the personal risk for him that this would entail. He said he was later informed that there was no need for them to worry about him speaking out, as he had received two jabs, so would be dead of cancer in two years. Andrew tells these stories in the interview at 45.13 minutes.

And still this fine man, who stands head and shoulders above the rest, continues to tell the truth.

The truth about the millions of deaths and harm caused by this experimental gene-based therapy injection falsely touted as a “vaccine” is now gathering global momentum around the world, yet the government machine still rolls on, allowing the COVID jabs to be given without censure, while turning a blind eye to the catastrophic injuries and deaths from these shots. Andrew notes that no MPs allege it is “safe and effective” any longer and even the collaborating hand-maidens of the government (mainstream-media) are beginning to tentatively dip their toes into the sea of truth with headlines like this. Medical staff and scientists and those in the National Health Service have privately told Andrew they know what is happening, but if they speak out they will lose their jobs, so most remain silent, little realizing the dystopian future ahead of them if they don’t stand up together now and say no.

This wasn’t his only battle. He was the MP in the UK who helped fight against the shocking tactics of the Post Office in regard to serious anomalies in their new system known as “Horizon” and where sub-post-masters were falsely sent to jail, fined, and made bankrupt, all in an effort to underwrite a system that was making gross errors the Post Office wanted to blame on everyday, trusted, sub-postmasters, who were innocent. The recent movie, Mr Bates and the Post Office, tells of this shocking story of corruption that is still ongoing. Andrew was the key person who exposed the corruption but was left out of the movie without a mention. Andrew had been alerted to this in 2010, through constituents who had been ruined by it, and particularly by Mr Rudkin, who represented the sub-postmasters, and had been invited to Fujitsu who ran the Horizon system that was causing so much grief. While there, he was given a tour and had inadvertently seen alterations being made to figures behind the scenes on the Horizon system. He was told this was being done remotely, without the knowledge of the sub-postmasters, but the sub-postmasters were of the clear understanding no one had access to the figures but themselves, so it they didn’t balance it was their fault.  Andrew brought it up in Parliament. He asked other MPs if they had constituents that had such troubles and found some did. Yet he was the only MP that raised it. He tells some of this story in this interview here from 22.17 and makes it clear that he had a pivotal role in exposing what had happened. Whether or not you have seen the movie, it is important to hear Andrew’s information on this. He names culprits involved, one of whom was an MP who apparently took consultancy payments from the firm prosecuting these innocent sub-post-office masters. Andrew explains that in this interview at around 38.27 minutes.

Andrew Bridgen opinion
Photo – © Mary Hobbs.

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall… think of it, always. — Mahatma Gandhi

Every rug lifted by Andrew showed further corruption within parliament. These stories can be found here with Resistance GB journalist Will Coleshill, and, devastatingly — here at 1.13 minutes. It is a fascinating interview. Andrew does not hold back. It is raw, honest, brave and absolutely shocking in its content. It is a rapid assessment on the state of UK politics with Andrew Bridgen, the Lion, courageously disclosing truths for Brits, and the world, to see.

Andrew has taken on other key issues that alarm his electorate and millions of others throughout the U.K. Illegal immigration is one. Over recent years, many thousands of males from the ages of around 20 — 30 have arrived illegally from France. Andrew reports they are even met half-way and escorted into the country. These men are put up in hotels or allowed to take over the homes of British people who have been broken by the increasing tax burdens and high mortgage rates and evicted from their homes. It’s an appalling travesty that continues unabated and is worrying to his electorate and many others throughout the UK. The section addressing this is at 56 minutes.

Andrew also discussed crucial information on fiat currency (where money for banks and governments is created out of thin air by punching in how much money is wanted and that money popping up as ‘legal tender’, while everyday people earn their money through making goods or producing services, which gives money real value. He talks of the pending collapse of the fiat currency at 57.06 on this interview.

He also discusses the corruption of the Ukraine war and how incomprehensible it is for the UK to be involved and to even contemplate war between countries with nuclear weapons. He was attacked for meeting with the Russian Ambassador in London, but as he explained, it is vital to try to resolve issues with dialogue and to see where the other side is coming from. Surely, this is how to best resolve conflict. And as he also points out: the UK is unable to protect its own borders, so how could they contemplate protecting the borders of Ukraine?

Andrew said he knows that the media are collaborating with the government and gives personal examples of the scandals for which they should be holding the government to account. He showed media the factual evidence of the Post Office scandal, but none would cover it. Nor would they cover the harm of the covid “vaccines”. He says they have been doing it for years and cites the drug thalidomide as another example, mentioning the slogan for that at the time was “safe and effective”, too. That was covered up for 11 years. This is discussed in this interview at 1.07.

As in most countries of the world, the English suffered immeasurable harm over the COVID years and is still being systematically destroyed from within. It appears clear that the level of betrayal is high. If you don’t think so, then perhaps asking a few basic questions could make it more clear: Have you been told the truth about any harms or deaths from the experimental injections?  Are good, eminently qualified people who are trying to tell the truth being ridiculed and struck off as doctors or not given equal air-time on legacy media to express their views? Is the level of debt in the UK lowering or soaring? Has the cost of living been reduced? Are wages increasing, or do you receive more or less for your money? Are taxes reducing or escalating? Have rates been reduced? Are there increased compliance requirements? Do you live in a country where costs aren’t going through the roof? Do you enjoy all of the basic Human Rights, including freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom to accept or decline proposed medical treatment, freedom to spend your money how you wish, and freedom to own your own property without unlimited hikes in interest and rates, freedom to privacy, in a country where you and your family are free? Are you able to voice your heartfelt opinions without fear of censure? Is immigration kept under control or are you fast becoming a stranger in your own country? Did politicians lie to you about the COVID debacle and lie to you about the experimental injection they wanted you and your loved ones to take and allege that it was “safe and effective” while not even knowing all of the contents? Or did they tell you the truth and make sure you were fully informed that it was a gene-based experimental jab that hadn’t been through proper testing and not all of the contents were known? Did they tell you the Pfizer jab has at least nine pages of adverse events — including death?  Are the MPs stating they will act as your servants or do they seek to dictate? So, who would you trust as an MP? Would you prefer one whose record proves he stood for the truth when no one else did?

Andrew Bridgen stands out as one of the UK’s greatest heroes. The accolades he receives come from people all over the world who write to him every day and from his many, many, loyal constituents who he seeks to serve, rather than dictate. He is fully aware that the power needs to be returned to the people and that it is members of parliament who are their servants, not the convoluted opposite. It is everyday people who keep him going. These are the ones he meets on doorsteps, sees in his electorate office, and who stop him on the street. These are the people who count to him. He mentioned that after 14 years in Office, for this election the BBC offered him 15 seconds on radio to tell them why people should vote for him. Just 15 seconds. Roughly one second for each year of service. It is the week of the election and the BBC has yet to air this 15 seconds. Probably Andrew doesn’t need it anyway, as he has met so many thousands of people in his electorate to whom he has proven his loyalty. He is well-loved.

This theme song was compiled by his supporters and puts his key policies to music in an uplifting watch. We must all be the Lion’s Roar. As the courageous Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav says,  “Unless all of us resist, never again is now.” Peacefully resisting sends a strong global message. If you are in his electorate, please vote for Andrew on 4 July 2024. Wherever you are, all donations for Andrew’s campaign are very welcome. Please donate at this link on his website. Your support sends a clear message for a desire for the truth.

At parliament, Andrew eats his lunch alone, but as he says, there are 4,000 staff in parliament who are not in power and he has it on good authority that around 80% of them support him. It is the support of the people he treasures most — and when, in the early evening as he walks from the buildings of power, a cleaning woman, or security guard may stop him with a hand on his arm and softly say, “Good luck Andrew. We’re praying for you.” Everyday people like this is what keeps him going.

Andrew Bridgen, we salute you and thank you for all you’re doing to hold the light of truth high, and to shine it on the darkness. You are a great hero of our times.

We are praying for you, too.

May God bless you.

Andrew Bridgen opinion
Photo – © Mary Hobbs.

When asked if humanity will win, Andrew simply replies, “The Human Spirit is irrepressible — God wins.”

Written by Mary Hobbs.

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  1. It is a shame Aust. and NZ does not have more Politicians and or leaders like Andrew Bridgen who stand for the truth. No our so called leaders are happy to illegally lock us down for months, bash us down at peaceful protests and lock us up on a whim. Those that enforced the tyrannical ‘Covid’ mandates were just self serving free loaders bribed and corrupted to push the narrative. They dont want to talk about it anymore, but we do, they are hoping people will just forget and it will all just blow away with the wind. But the fallout from the biggest Genocde in the world, more than all the World Wars in history is going to be a talking point for a very very long time come to the point there will eventually be no place for these Political Tyrants to hide. They have not yet woken up to the fact that this Genocide is bigger than they are or that they can even begin to imagine. As the numbers of casualties grow by the day so comes the day closer to where the world is coming for them, the Tyrants, Corporations and all those who profited from this Genocide. These sorry fools have not twigged to the fact yet that when the Devil has finished with their services they are going to be the first to go to Hell. They are in the wrong lane, they are on the wrong side of God.

    • Yes, we need lion-heart politicians here too! Even one would be a good start! And now on the world stage, more embarrassment as the current PM makes clear who his masters are. They are indeed on the wrong side of God. Thank you for your feedback BS Aware.

  2. The UK has one brave politician in Andrew, what a true and principled man. Where are any in New Zealand that are currently in parliament??
    What happened to the Kiwi can do attitude, world beaters despite the odds because of self belief and determination, clearly not in any of our sitting politicians

    • They certainly do. It was a sad day to see AB lose his seat. And only 40% apparently turned out to vote.
      I wish there was at least one of these lion-hearts in NZ as well Dan. Thank you for your comments.

  3. Senator Malcom Roberts in Australia is pretty good too.
    He airs all the dirty laundry of the corrupt scum running Australia

  4. A man whose character many could do well to emulate. Thank you Daily Telegraph and Mary Hobbs for keeping the blinding truths coming.

    • Many thanks Anna.
      So sad to see Andrew lose his seat, but he belongs on the world stage now, so this may well be the door opening for him now.
      The corruption is so clear before us, people will surely begin to see.

    • Yes…Agree. A Luciferian Globalists who apologised profusely for ‘failing (deliberately) the People of Great Britain’…!
      So, he’s off to the People’s Republik pf Kalifornia, where he’ll hob-nob with Harry & Meghan, Hellywood ‘Stars’, and he’ll be governed by his new Queen, the incoming Kalifornia Kommissar…I..I mean Governor, Kamala Harris!
      The Left Coast and the North-East and South-East of the U.S. should be avoided at all cost IF you have to transition theu the U.S. on the way home to Aotearoa!

  5. Our government and so called democracy are a scam. Our voted in member of Parliament does not listen to there constituents prime example being my MP bridget phillipson when 75 percent of her constituents voted for Brexit she voted against it this is not Democracy. Our Parliament need to be held to account over the covid lie and acces deaths from the jabs and also the massive amounts of fraud and theft by the Tory party.

    • Thank you for your feedback Mark.
      We are finding the same issues here, too, in regard to the fact they are serving other masters and denying clear truths, and betraying those they purport to represent.

  6. The truth scares people. They learn to live with what they are being fed by the ruling elite. After all, didn’t they exercise their democratic right to vote for a change in ruling personnel? So the successful voters slap each other on their backs as they welcome in the new government not realising that most of the new policy change is simply window dressing. Nothing really changes. Heaven forbid if the new government should challenge the real burden we are expected to carry directed by the UN, WEF, WHO the Club of Rome. The voters unwittingly become the guardians and protectors of these global influences by ridiculing those that challenge. Climate Alarmism and Safe and Affective are just two prime examples where public examination is forbidden. The truth embarrasses those that have gullibly bought into the lies and propaganda and will always remain compliant.

    • The truth does frighten people, that’s true Rob. Many would rather not know as they don’t know what to do about it, not realising that there are many local individuals and groups that could help. For jab injuries, The Health Forum and http://www.nzdsos.com
      For information on how councils are trying to take homes and land, there are groups on FB that address these issues and offer helpful information. This online paper also leads to contacts that are of help.
      Agree , the parties are two wings of the same bird.
      Many thanks for your feedback.

  7. Great article, Mary, lovely photos also. Kudos to you..The suppressed research and writings of Dr Hulda Clarke and Fred Hoyle could do with an outing round about now because those who are ridiculed, ignored or discredited by the professionals are often bang on the money.

  8. Another ‘Mary Article’ that is deep, detailed and accurate. Thank you Mary!..
    Nigel Farage has probably kept quiet about the Covid bio-weapon vaccine holocaust as the media and dirt-diggers would no doubt start on him in a similar fashion as to what the PTB / MSM has done to Donald Trump.
    Once Farage gets sworn-in, let’s see what transpires with him, Andrew Bridgen and George Galloway.

    • Thank you NTVNZLP!
      Thank you for your feedback. Interesting comments, but without AB there it doesn’t seem there is much hope for the UK at this stage, although many Brits are aware and will peacefully say no, of that I am sure.

  9. Unfortunately for England, Andrew is not returning to parliament for North West Leicestershire. And George Galloway won’t be there either.

    Yay, status quo. Ignorance is bliss I guess

  10. Perhaps Andrew is best out of parliament as it is hell bent on destroying the British nation. Revelation 18:4 comes to mind.
    Andrew, I am an expat living in NZ but have followed your actions since first becoming aware of your campaign. Thank you for your God given courage to stand up for truth in the face of what must have been personally crushing opposition and indifference by those who should have listened to you.


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