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Watch: River of Lies, The New Zealand Scamdemic – trailer

Production of Billy Te Kahika’s highly anticipated documentary is well underway.

‘Week 4 of this vital project and the first week where a large group of people have been ‘interviewed’ for the documentary. Their stories are surreal, tragic, yet inspiring.’

‘Please support this project that will expose the truth and expose the River of Lies that has permeated from the New Zealand Government and their corrupt media partners.

‘To contact the producer please email: billy@ibc.net.nz.’

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  1. Great stuff guys. I can’t wait to see this.

    Soon our government and all their useless idiots won’t have anywhere to hide.

    It’s not just unvaccinated people who are angry about what was done to them, it’s vaccinated people too. It’s jab harmed people, people who lost loved ones to the jab, people mandated out of careers and jobs they loved. Kids prevented from sport, sitting their driver’s licenses, meeting with their mates, missing out on balls, having their education disrupted, being excluded from university. It’s people whose relationships took a toll, businesses who were ruined, peoples whose loved ones died, people who couldn’t attend births, hospitals, deaths, funerals. Kiwis locked out of their own country. It’s the farmers, it’s the homeless, the people who’s missed operations, and cancer diagnosis. It’s people who have been cancelled for telling the truth, for speaking their mind, for believing in democracy and actual kindness. Oh yes, this government has now pissed off so many people they have yet to quantify how hated they are and they will be made to pay for their irresponsible Machiavelli schemes. TRUTH will always win. ALWAYS.


    So get ready to face the music.

    • The scum know they are in trouble. That’s exactly why they have passed the new anti terrorism laws. Listen carefully to the Director of Security Services what she categorises as terrorism and the signs to look for in someone who could be radicalised. It’s all about shutting down any form of opposition to WEF mandates- Vaxx mandates, climate change mandates, digital ID, digital currency, etc. This new law will be like a multi headed hydra spreading its tentacles in the new totalitarian NZ.

      • new totalitarian western world. the same is happening in europe. scary.
        And i hope poutine at least win this bl**dy war. To stop all those criminals

  2. Waiting until 2023 and then voting in National with ACT as a coalition partner will just give us more of the same because, rest assured, we use the same voting machines as does the USA and that system will ensure a WEF puppet.You may think your vote counts but not when Dominion are counting. Not one of the politicians sitting in the Beehive as our Representatives came out to speak to any of the protestors – except for Winston Peters. The media on all fronts, television, newspapers, social media and radio is now gearing up to character assassinate him. The worst thing that could happen to the WEF plans being run by insane Klaus Schwab (as frontman for the true crazies in the shadows) is that a man who is not their puppet – and who will refuse to be their puppet no matter how much they offer – could take the reins of power. That is what is needed.The power to control governmental force, the police and the army. Without that power the units in the police and army will just obey whoever has the title of PM. Winston was right. We need a snap election. And fast.

  3. Agree with comments, well done and thank you. I am really looking forward to seeing your hard work finally out there. By the few teasers we have seen it’s going to be a cracker. The documentary will of course be attacked by MSM lackeys as a complete fabrication and the spreading of disinformation. But take heart as we know the truth..

  4. Anyone who had any part in Operation Scamdemik: Gallows and piano wire. All over this country, all over this planet. Settle for NOTHING less. Send them to the Hot Place in style, fully tensioned and tuned. It is owed to Posterity. EVIL DEMONIC ROBOTS!

  5. God Bless Billy! about time for these lyers to be put away, the suffering of Families has been impacted, I feel for the Families and Children what they have gone through, now we will be able to Heal, with Peace and Love!

  6. I have just been asked by Nicola Willis to support the National Party.
    Maybe there are a few others who feel the same way as I do over their failure to respond with truth and integrity during the pandemic!
    Here is my reply for those who may feel the same sense of betrayal.

    Dear Nicola, 

    What makes you think you can contact me after my multiple attempts to communicate with you and Luxon during covid. I’m ashamed of the party my parents and grandparents voted for and which I have voted for over many decades.

    You go along with the present government and their despicable laws until it’s convenient to oppose them and try to drag back the voters, not once acknowledging that you might have been wrong on covid measures after there was clearly no independent investigations done by your covid team! And if there was independent investigation then that makes it all the more criminal in allowing the people to be vaccinated against their will in order to keep their jobs! 

    Are your heads still in the sand regarding the deaths, vaccine injured, and ongoing deceptions around this or are you a party on board with big pharma and global control.. I think the latter may be the reality!

    So will you investigate the reality of climate change from those experts other than those promoted by this government… world experts who are being silenced like the world experts in science and medicine that were brutally sidelined during covid so that the narrative of fear and control could be rolled out.

    There is so much for you to undo as a party … to stand up and apologize for your getting on board with this agenda. 

    There are so, so many who have withdrawn their allegiance to your party as you didn’t have the courage of those like Matt King and Winston Peters to speak to the hurting and injured who came to the parliament grounds to express their deep concerns. Instead you ignored them, and trashed them, and refused to engage. Even David Seymour finally made a bit of an effort!

    But now you want my support. Really?!

    Even if I agree with what you are saying I would not vote for you. I would not join your party. I would not support you! 

    I sent you evidence after evidence of the other side of the covid narrative. Not a single reply from anyone except the automated email.

     You are simply playing at politics and you do not truly represent the people of this land. If you did you would stand at “the podium of the one source of truth” and tell the truth. Reveal the deceptions, the lies, the mistakes that were made, and do whatever you could to help the wounded, the unemployed, those who have lost livelihoods and homes and loved ones because of the “river of lies” flowing from the Beehive not from the protestors! 

    Our police were weaponized. You did not once question that!! The “river of filth” flows from the Beehive not from those who were trying to get answers and to ask for help at a time when their lives went belly-up!

    I am now ashamed of the party I once fully supported and unhesitatingly voted for!

    I have copied in some of the MPs whom I’ve tried to get answers from.

    Nothing! Except perhaps automated replies.

    You have had no regard for my concerns.

    I no longer wish to be party to your party! Unless you stand up and are willing to tell the truth to the people of New Zealand and truly prove you care about the truth, about transparency and about putting right the wrongs that have been perpetrated against New Zealanders especially over the past three years.

    Oh, yes, I’m just one person. And who cares about losing that vote.. ??

    May the Lord have mercy on you and bring you to repentance.

    May the Lord bless you in the measure to which you are a blessing to others.

    May He extend His Hand of grace over you and your families.

    PS I have Bcc others who very likely feel the same way so they can know we also have a voice, however small that maybe. Just like in Dr Seuss’s “Horton Hears a Who!” 

    • The whole ‘Hive needs to be cleaned out and the Queen bee exiled to Afganistan. 90% of the current Politicians in the NZ Parliament are totally useless and are just there to make up the number. They dont know the difference between chewed dates and horse manure. Most would not make it after filling out a tax form in the real world. Most are just self serving free loaders on a power trip. What has the current Govt done in the last 7 years ? Promised to build 100,000 homes but barely managed 10,000. last cencus 94,000 empty dewllings and 102,000 homeless in a country less than 5 million ? Totally mishandled the ‘Scamdemic’ it was with huge over the top Govt. overeach with lockdowns fearmongering coersing and crminalising citizens that has made the people of a mindset never to ever trust the current Govt. or any other one into the future. Especially when the 200,000 unreported vax injured go cap in hand to the broke ACC for some assistance. By lifting NZs debt ceiling to pay Big Pharma for the ‘Covid Lie’ NZ has more ongoing debt now and into the future than you can poke a stick at that will last for more than the next 5 generations. What a great achivement !!! And what was it all for ? some idealistic flawed globalist dream of a one world Govt. But the real crime of the century here folks is when the Govt. paid hush money to the parents of children that died straight after having the jab. That is the point that they knew exactly what caused the childrens deaths. Thats when they crossed the line. Thats the point when the Govt. became guilty of Genocide. Thats the point when the Govt. became guilty of violating the Nuremburg Codes. Thats the point the Govt. became guilty of Crimes Against Humanity and they need to be held to account. And nobody in NZ should ever forgive or forget the Criminal Infanticidal Genocide of the current Tyrannical Govt. ever.


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