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Watch: ‘This is a plea to the world’ – Aboriginal elders allege forced jabs, genocide

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Aboriginal elders in remote areas of Australia’s Northern Territory are claiming their communities are being forced by government operatives, including the army, to take the experimental mRNA Covid jab.

Some are claiming this is happening ‘at gunpoint’. Others are being forced through the confiscation of money and food.

Australia has a long history of brutality towards its First Nation Peoples, with massacres, forced removal and land alienation a common occurence well into the 20th century.

In one video a group of elders are calling the situation a ‘crime against humanity’ and a ‘genocide’.

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  1. Haven’t these communities been through enough? This is why they refused the jab instinctively because they KNOW not to trust, they learned the hard way a long time ago! Just as many of us westerners learnt the hard way too, and are trying to warn our sheeplike communities but they just look the other way, and won’t listen

  2. Also I have seen the birds eye pictures of the ‘camps’ they are HUGE, and they look to me to be much like the rare photos that have been taken of camps that Uighyur people were sent to in China. how much more will it take to wake people up. Some people will actually go there willingly, not these aboriginals as they are being forced to, but I bet some sheeplike aussies will actually surrender to go willingly to these camps still thinking this is about health, and they won’t know the truth until they’re in the camp and the door clicks behind them! So sad

  3. My advice to the Elders, no one is coming to help, they are all in a similar position worldwide. most of the armies have been jabbed so are either sick or under some sort of control. You have to save yourselves – warn you communities to get ready, and do not let them take you alive


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