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Watch: ‘Tyrannical’ Ardern government bans Aussie journalist Avi Yemini from entering NZ

Yemini will appeal the ruling saying ‘I believe New Zealand is worth fighting for.’

Yemini was due to arrive in New Zealand to report on The Freedoms and Rights Coalition protest at parliament tomorrow. He has been a staunch critic of Jacinda Ardern.

However, he was denied entry by the government, despite the fact he has ‘travelled the world’ and never had a problem entering any country. Yemini recently reported from the World Economic Forum’s meeting in Davos Switzerland in July.

Yemini, who is well-funded and not afraid to use high-powered legal teams to achieve his aims has vowed to appeal saying he’s already got lawyers on the case and will ‘take it right to the top’.

‘We’re not going to allow the mainstream media in New Zealand to dictate and have the final say. We’re going to make sure we tell the other side of the story in New Zealand and we will fight all the way to do that. We will not let Jacinda Ardern’s tyrannical government to stop journalists they don’t like from travelling to New Zealand to tell the other side of the story.


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  1. Satanist is afraid of the cross of Justice & Truth obviuosly.

    Jabcinda cannot face turth at all. She was the person who public claimed “she never lied in politics”, which itself the biggest lie.

    NZ public rarely seen her without make up in public; the same applies to her true intentions and the agent role she plays for WEF and Globalists to enslave us.

  2. I have seen this Avi bloke in action at Melbourne. On to it, he respectfully engages. What could arden be afraid of?
    Full power to him…

  3. All the more reason we need free thinking journalists here to report on this Nazi governments propoganda overreach.
    I always though NZ was a free country , clearly those days are over and Ardern intends to remove all freedoms from her subjects.

  4. She has been exposed!! The world now knows the real ‘Jacinda’!! The evil, LYING, manipulating, DICTATOR she really is. You can actually tell the very moment she finally let her mask slip!!! I can’t stand looking at her!! She makes me nauseous!! Funny how she stopped saying ‘our team of 5million’ as soon as she realized ‘4 million’ of us hate her and she knows it ????????????????????????

  5. Typical left wing censorship on any opposing views.
    Transparent is only applicable to this government if the narrative suits them.
    Any hard questions or common sense is immediately attacked by this socialist trash and labeled misinformation.
    How do you look at yourself in the mirror knowing you destroyed peoples lives with your lockdowns and safe and effective B.S.Jacinda?
    How about acknowledging all the people who died or were severely compromised by the poison shot you forced on almost everyone.
    You and your lying government officials are a disgrace to this beautiful country

  6. The Adern Govt has sent a very clear message by banning Avi Yemeni, they are hiding some big secrets that they don’t want exposed. We Kiwi’s would love for Avi to interview Jacinda. Looking forward to seeing you here in NZ Avi and Rebel news

  7. This illustrates how far New Zealand democracy has fallen.

    We are fast approaching Soviet Union levels of propaganda and censorship, where only state-controlled media is allowed to report the government’s ’single source of truth’.

    Stuff and NZ Herald should be merged and renamed as ‘Pravda’.

    • Stenographer journalism by stuff & nzherald. There is also a Daily Mail article which is just stenographic reproduction but there are many user comments exposing the fake news.

    • We used to have Pravda paper in NZ, which was shut down several years ago. Here it was known as the Truth. If you were to merge those two rags and call them Pravda, it would be the ultimate irony and a joke beyond measure. These people wouldn’t know the truth if it snuck up behind them in and bit them on the arse…

  8. What a bunch of absolute dictators. This won’t end well for you Labour. I see Kiri Allen’s text has come out proving they deliberately try and hide information from the New Zealand public. Open and transparent pfffft biggest lie EVER!

    Sure I am angry that Avi isn’t allowed in, but EVERY transgression against those who seek to find the truth is being duly noted. All cancellation does is amplify the issue they are trying to hide. It’s actually so obvious and so hilarious. Thanks for now highlighting what a tyrant Jacinda is to the international media! own goal! ????????????????????

    Shame on those sold out lame arses at the NZ Herald and stuff. You sold yourselves to the devil and there’s a price to pay for that. We won’t let you ever forget.

  9. Jabcinda’s propaganda on “freedom & democracy” is exposed on what response she gave on the Julian Assange. Many deep state puppets in NZ & AU, both ruling & opposition, have been very quiet on this.

    Freedom, as per Jabcinda’s terms, is like a dog wandering in a small circle when it is tied to a rope held by its master. If journalists are denied freedom, then sheeples can never have it.

  10. It is clear from a minor amount of research that Mr. Yemini is not your middle of the road journalist. He works for Rebel news that came into existence around the same time Trump decided to run for president. Trump and Rebel are cut from the same cloth, that is to say the right hand end of the political spectrum. I don’t think he should be banned, but I do think that it should be well understood who he is and the political view point he and his employer hold.

  11. Jacinta meanwhile is very happy being a shill for the Chinese Communist Party and giving the OK to set up naval bases in the South Pacific

  12. Yes, it has been confirmed, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jabby Janus Ardern, is afraid of a journalist. She is not afraid to sign off on a deadly medicine, which is causing untold damage to New Zealand citizens. She is not afraid of misleading the New Zealand public on matters of their personal health. Se is not afraid to change her story when she likes, but she is scared down to her sox of an Australian journalist. She should be.

    She is not worthy of the title, Prime Minister. She is not worthy of our trust or mandate.
    She is not worthy of our respect.

    She is a high functioning sociopath afraid of her own shadow and another man’s words.

    She can go….

    • She’s not afraid to stare down a camera and boldface lie to the people of the country who pay her wages.

      Pity her daughter having a thing like that for a ‘mother’.

  13. All this was based on a little “hate puff piece” by a junior Herald reporter who doesn’t like Avi. It was this article that Immigration Officials based their decision to refuse a visa for Avi.

  14. If she had nothing to hide she would have met Avi at the airport personally. Using her power to prevent a journalist from entering our country screams GUILTY!!!! If she’s above board then why would she care about another opinion, another point of view, clearly she is sh.t scared about the people finding out what she has really been up to. Just another big confirmation that she has to protect her lies at all costs. This latest stunt of hers will hurt her big time, ask yourself this nz why is she scared of Avi? She will already be seen overseas as the scaredy-cat commie that protects the propaganda of her paid minions and silencers any other opinion or point of view. Really dumb move Ardern you have just confirmed what everyone is saying about you. Blocking journalists, holding Tokelau prisoners, lying about Sharma, but no surprises there you are just behaving like the bully everyone knows you are.

  15. He was refused entry due to his domestic violence conviction in 2018. How do you not know this? You’re meant to be journalists. This is common knowledge.

    • So are half of the nz police force and you support them!!! How do you not know this your meant to be journalists and this is common knowledge. What’s wrong with you commie does my opinion differ from yours.

  16. In August 2018 Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneaux were banned from speaking in New Zealand.
    New Zealand Libertarian Party politician Stephen Barry protested this ban.
    Anyone promoting the non-Communist Ardern and WEF Globalist NWO Agenda is quashed, demonised, and barred from entering those nations that have succumbed to the ‘New Model’ that includes cancelling YOU as well when the Globalist Luciferian Cabal becomes totally promoted by all media, and laws / sanctioning / barring becomes part of Social Credit.
    So, this isn’t a first in those that promote a white, Christian right wing agenda.
    And the ‘MSM’ coverage of the protest at Parliament today is totally misrepresented by the MSM, interviewing only those who are protesting the protesters!

  17. 24 August 2022; see Hal Turner reporting that China is Locked & Loaded.
    And…they will probably be coming here if their ‘civilian-dressed reserve forces ‘ aren’t already here in Aotearoa!
    Jabcinda will stand idly by and smile her horsey toothed smile while anti-communist / conservative / right wing / pro family Kiwis are murdered en-masse, and their organs harvested for the sake of HSBC and the coffers of the CCP!
    Remember the Chinese students marching in Auckland in full CCP Military Uniform with the Chinese CCP Flag 3-4 years ago?
    They make no doubts as to what their plans are for the South Pacific Region.
    & that includes New Zealand / Aotearoa.They will have NO tolerance for the Gangs, Maori, Pac Islanders, or patriotic white Veterans here.
    Remember, during World War Two, the Japanese were planning to invade (but didn’t due to U.S. Forces being pre-positioned here for their campaign north) and then decimate all Maori, similar to what happened in the Solomons.

  18. Wife beater – convicted for it and expected to be waved through immigration without visa application ????- was stopped because of this – as they do if you go to Australia and nearly every country in the world- rightly told to *** off


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