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Watch: UK father’s message ‘from the heart’ for Jacinda Ardern – ‘Good riddance’

Richard Vobes has a popular YouTube channel where he discusses the big issues of the day in England.

He goes by the moniker ‘The Bald Explorer‘.

In a recent video he offered his thoughts on Jacinda Ardern’s resignation. ‘A woman on the other side of the world resigns. I have a special reason for being happy about this,’ he wrote in the video’s description.

Vobes explains how it was always his daughter’s dream to live and work in New Zealand. Throughout the video he refused to mention Ardern by name because he ‘didn’t want to give her that respect.’

‘I live in England down on the south coast. But there’s a woman on the other side of the world [ie. Jacinda Ardern] who I’ve never met, but I have a connection with her, a personal connection. Not a connection I’m proud of really, not a connection I really wanted. It was decided that she was no longer going to try and keep her job. She’s resigned effectively, very tearfully.

‘The connection that I have with her, which I regret terribly, is that my daughter, my lovely daughter, the Apple of My Eye, my beautiful daughter, whose around about 30, about five years ago she decided to leave England. She wanted to see the world. She wanted to have an adventure, and she went to New Zealand. A fantastic place, a lovely place, and she loves it. It’s wonderful.

‘And over the years she worked in the hospitality industry. She still does. She thoroughly enjoys it. She’s been there now for about five years.’

Vobes said his daughter had been granted New Zealand residency and how that made him ‘incredibly proud of her.’

When COVID arrived she was mandated. ‘She was very resistant to having this medical treatment, being a young woman with years of her life ahead of her. She didn’t want it. She didn’t need it. It wasn’t necessary. She’d already had the virus. She built up her own immune system. There was absolutely no need for her to have a medical treatment. But her boss, unfortunately, whom she got on with extremely well and she enjoyed her job, said he could only employ people who’d had this medical treatment. It was forced on him by the government.

‘But I tell you this. I feel very personal that my daughter was forced to have this medical intervention, this experimental drug. And so to this person, this woman on the other side of the world, from my heart I truly say good riddance.’

The video attracted thousands of comments, with many kiwis taking the opportunity to vent the anger and frustration at being mandated themselves, or watching friends and loved-ones coerced into taking it to keep their jobs. A fraction of the comments are reproduced below:

As a New Zealander and one of the oppressed few segregated from society by this woman for not having the mandated procedure, I fully understand your hurt. I too have two sons who both worked in the hospitality industry in NZ and were forced into the same position by this woman and I also have concerns for their long term health. This woman has done so much damage to NZ and in her resignation speech had the gall to ask for ‘kindness’ and ’empathy’……..

– as a new Zealander who lost his job because of the same woman, i respect you a lot. keep shining. i can see you are a strong man, we need those to stop this darkness.

– As a kiwi who didn’t take the jab, being locked out of society still holds long term trauma.

– Hi Richard, I am a New Zealander living in Australia, and from the moment “that woman” took power in my country of birth and I found out what she was all about, I always vowed I would never return until she was gone. The poetic irony is that recently, I was urged by my sister to return to NZ for a visit because my elderly mother had a fall and was in the hospital, so I felt obligated to make the trip. So, I booked my flight back in December, little knowing that on the very day that I flew into the country, the 21st of January, “that woman” would step down. I knew before I boarded the plane on the morning of the 21st that she had announced her resignation a couple of days earlier and would be gone by February 7 at the latest, so I thought that maybe in a week or two, after parliament had nominated some potential candidates and gone through a process of voting in a replacement, she would be gone, but literally as I crossed the Tasman, the new PM was pushed through with indecent haste, as the sole candidate in an obvious “selection”, surprising even him by all accounts. There is something rather sinister about all of this, given that the replacement was the point man for the c*v*d response in NZ, being the health minister at the time. I even suspect that this man will be the hatchet man behind a new series of lockdowns. Perhaps “that woman” lost the stomach to do what she has been doing for the last 3 years and wanted to have another child and a normal life, an opportunity she has denied to thousands of New Zealanders. A curious thing is that when asked if she had taken the experimental treatment, given that she had a baby recently, she refused to answer. I suspect she did not, because she probably knew what the outcome of her pregnancy would be if she did.

– It’s reassuring to know that we as parents are not alone in the worry we have for our children who have been coerced into taking a non proven experiment. Many prayers from Canada, God bless.

– She seems to think faux display of emotions made her particular brand of authoritarianism acceptable.

– Sir, I feel your pain every single day of my life. My husband who has worked for the government here in the United States for the last 30 years was forced to get the jab or he would’ve been fired and not given the benefits that he worked 30 years for same for my son-in-law, it is disgusting that this criminal act has been done to our loved ones. I’m so very sorry to you and to all who is effected by this horrible situation.

– The fact that she felt it necessary to declare that she is human says everything I need to know about her.

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  1. A naive Jab sin dah and her Minions enshrined into their souls the teachings and the agenda of the WEF thinking they would be hailed as ‘new young world leaders’. At some point they all must have realised they had over reached, overstepped the mark and were being used. Something they will never admit to, now that all the players are starting to leave the feild. The WEF WHO and UN are starting to be exposed as Criminal Organisations. This unelected body of Organisations see a grab for power by infiltrating and capturing Govts into their doctrine. They in turn are having their strings pulled by a hidden group of Oligarchs hell bent on maintaining their position in the world and hoping to gain some more power and wealth on the run through. If you endorse these Death Cults which is what they are, then Injury and Death will become you. All Govts. must distant and disassociate themselves from these Dangerous Organisations and get back to a world of harmony again.

  2. All this Labour government have done, in my view, is make NZ an entirely undesirable country for people to move to….given our size, that’s astoundingly short sighted….

  3. Well that’s a good poke in the eye for woke kiwi morons who think it’s only Kiwis that are up in arms about Jabby Ardern. And for your info Helen it definitely is Global..!

    If more Kiwis could see Ardern as foreigners do then we would be well in the way to fixing this place and holding the wicked to account. She has impacted more places than just New Zealand by her junk narrative and push to control free speech worldwide.

    So let’s see where she pops up next with a full load of gas in the tank… As if it was ever empty.

  4. People bullied and coerced into accepting an unwanted medical treatment to keep their job.

    It’s so shocking that this medical atrocity actually happened right here in New Zealand.

    I used to be a proud Kiwi, not any more.

  5. I noticed that the Ratana church, with very few brain functioning members, has completely white washed the witch Ardhern, claiming she is Christ like. Which says a lot for the “satanic” values of this cleverly disguised church, which is Zionist at its roots.

    It’s original church near Dargaville was named the . . . Zion church.

    My knowledge of the Zionist mentality, is they are pure evil and that the maiming and murder of Maori people and their kids, would be classed as their version of “for the common good”.

  6. Look at the atrocious manner that Ross Ardern treated the Tokelauns. There is still a local man there under house arrest 9 months later for refusing to bow down to Ross Ardern.


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