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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Why the rest of the world should be very concerned about New Zealand

Te Punaha Matini news

The New Zealand government relies upon a science body known as Te Punaha Matatini (Centre for Science in Society) whose work is funded directly by the office of the Prime Minister and cabinet.

Today, Te Punaha Matatini published a 21 page document entitled “The Murmuration of Information Disorders” (Download the release here) designating those opposed to the government’s pandemic policies as violent right wing insurrectionists planning the weaponised storming of parliament and the execution of public servants, academics, journalists, politicians, and healthcare workers. An utterly false characterisation worthy of the worst excesses of historical propaganda.

This 21 page document, represented to the public as a scientific paper, contains not a single discussion of the scientific concerns being raised in opposition to government pandemic policy. It omits for example analyses of the government’s own official figures which show that the vaccinated are more vulnerable to infection, hospitalisation, and death than the unvaccinated, a fact that has been deliberately hidden from the public.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern introduced today’s Te Punaha Matatini report with the words:

“One day it will be our job to try and understand how a group of people could succumb to such wild and dangerous mis- and disinformation. And while many of us have seen that disinformation and dismissed it as conspiracy theory, a small portion of our society have not only believed it, they have acted upon it in an extreme and violent way that cannot stand. We have a difficult journey in front of us to address the underlying cause.”

Since when do reasonable scientifically-based questions asked of the government in good faith constitute violent insurrection?

I am tempted to think that Ardern could just as well be talking about her own government. The Prime Minister and the social scientists(??) working at Te Punaha Matatini might do well to read the New York Times, (although they probably don’t do so because the official policy of the NZ government is to discourage any information that is not sanctioned and edited by themselves).

An NYT article on May 10th 2022 entitled “Emergent Hid Evidence of Covid Vaccine Problems at Plant” reports that

“Emergent BioSolutions, a longtime government contractor hired to produce hundreds of millions of coronavirus vaccine doses, hid evidence of quality control problems from Food and Drug Administration inspectors in February 2021 — six weeks before it alerted federal officials that 15 million doses had been contaminated.”

A reasonable observer might conclude that early (and later) concerns being voiced about vaccine safety were justified, but the NZ government is far from reasonable.

A succession of scientific papers published in reputable journals during recent weeks (which we and many others have reported extensively and communicated directly to the government) have in fact fully justified concerns about safety and efficacy, but unbelievably our government is in denial and still moving ahead with propaganda advertising of their mRNA vaccination agenda for all ages and, as today’s Te Punaha Matatini report shows, labelling any opposition as a conspiracy with violent aims.

How did the transformation of the NZ government come about?

New Zealand has a small population of 5 million, but it has been used to trial new products in order to gauge what the public reaction and acceptance might be in bigger markets overseas. Never more so than during the pandemic. Take up of the Pfizer mRNA Covid vaccination has reached up to 95% of the eligible population.

This has been achieved through a transformation in the style of government, media control, science funding, intellectual standards, and international relations unprecedented in the western world, along with the coercion of draconian employment mandates and the pursuit of dissenters through compliant courts.

This has been engineered under the leadership of a person with a bachelor’s degree in communication who grew up in a strict rural Mormon household and cut her political teeth under the Blair administration in London. In keeping with her upbringing and education, Ardern is a leader who is sure she is right and is prepared to enforce her orthodoxy against all opposition and reason.

Her international perspective is one of unquestioning acceptance of the authority and right to rule of global institutions. Her top confidant and mentor Helen Clark, former NZ Labour Prime Minister, is closely associated with this outlook. Ardern recounts that she begins her day with a discussion with Clark over breakfast.

Like Ardern, Clark is renowned for her iron fist management style. She ruffled feathers at the United Nations Development Programme, which she led from 2009 to 2017, reportedly undermining human rights and supporting China’s Belt and Road initiative.

On 9th July 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) appointed Clark as co-chair of a panel reviewing the WHO’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the response of governments to the outbreak. The Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response (IPPR) examined how the outbreak occurred and how future pandemics can be prevented.

Nothing says more about the overt global agenda of Ardern and Clark than this May 11th 2022 statement of the New Zealand government:

“The establishment of a pandemic treaty/instrument was a key recommendation of the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response and is one of New Zealand’s foremost global health priorities”

Like China, New Zealand’s fading international reputation for successful management of the pandemic was actually built on a single policy—control the borders, restrict entry, and impose lengthy quarantine.

The current situation in New Zealand is deeply concerning

Ardern controls the media and the science dialogue through a mixture of government funding and exclusion of dissent. The government has spent big on saturation advertising advising complete safety and efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine, and continues to do so.

It has instituted funding of cultural groups, GPs, and commercial organisations who promote vaccination. The level of funding is so generous that it has distorted prior long standing economic and political relationships. So far the government has spent in the order of 100 billion dollars on the pandemic in addition to normal expenditure. To put this in stark perspective, that is equal to the total annual government budget prior to the pandemic—more than $20,000 for every man, woman, and child. This is borrowed money which will have to be repaid through increased taxation of an already struggling population.

We have no constitution in New Zealand, the power of the government is absolute

The control that Ardern’s government exercises over the courts, government agencies, parliament, media, independent regulators, and over the vast majority of the population is staggering and rigidly enforced. Dissenting medical professionals are excluded from practicing and in some cases prosecuted also. They are also mercilessly hounded and vilified by bought mainstream media.

In an atmosphere of strict government control, more worrying aspects of information control have emerged. In some cases noted by my scientific colleagues, policy and pronouncements that they have demonstrated are in conflict with published research have disappeared from the public record.

Even rare court rulings in favour of caution have been rapidly bypassed by simply passing new laws without debate. Court rulings about mandates have also been openly flouted, as happened when the military vaccine mandate was ruled illegal. With the support of the government, the military said the courts had no jurisdiction over its operation and went ahead anyway.

Ardern has introduced her policies in such a dedicated, persuasive, secretive, and complete way that almost the whole population of New Zealand has complied. They have accepted limitations on medical choice, judicial protections, human rights, press freedom, freedom of information, privacy, employment conditions and opportunities, standard of living, and social interaction.

Ardern’s successful efforts to persuade the population that government should be your only source of truth, have all but negated any of the longstanding mechanisms of government accountability. A majority of the population have all but concurred with Ardern that the unvaccinated may be safely blamed for every government failing and omission; and for all Covid case loads, hospitalisations, and deaths contrary to all evidence.

The opposition parties have apparently accepted that they will in future go about their business using the same Ardern doctrines and techniques. Accordingly they have failed to sound the alarm, investigate Covid science publishing deeply, or oppose draconian legislation. They have joined Ardern in labelling peaceful protest as unacceptable and illegal.

Ardern on the global stage

Ardern is about to deploy her international political capital to promote the globalisation of her policies and outlook. Her public persona can be deceptively mesmerising. You should be worried.

The world’s economy also has no constitution. So far Ardern appears to be happy to allow it to be controlled by global economic predators. Pfizer has been uncritically promoted by her, and the notion of WHO control over New Zealand’s sovereign rights is being welcomed with open arms. It fits with her strict hierarchical perspective.

Ardern may be viewed by naive foreign governments as a pandemic success story unfairly criticised in her own country. Stop for a moment and consider that she is about to lend her support to the promotion of a new world order on the global stage using her trademark persuasive techniques of propaganda, coercion, and control of information.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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  1. Science? What science? Probably a third rate poltical science blog quality manuscript that is designed to please the PM office for funding.

    Let us just dig what sort of reserach background these three authors have.

    Kate Hannah, Executive Manager NOT an academic.

    Sanjana Hattotuwa, PhD Student turned to a “Research Fellow” recently

    Kayli Taylor, Kayli Taylor is a Masters student at the University of Otago and researches queer feminist social histories.
    No Google scholar page or Otago University researcher homepage

    None of the authors have any credibility at all. Most publications reported are low quality blog like work.

    i10-index=4 means just 4 articles cited 10 times, which often includes a small coterie who cited each other.

    True scholars will have an 110 index of 100 or more.

    None of them have any proper academic positions or any experience. It is obvious that these three authors are NOT part of the researchers graded by the Tertiary Eduction Commission for the Performance Based Research Funding. They wont even get a C grade unless some in the panel is influenced.

    Jacinda just needs some document to fool the public to import a Ministry of Truth from US, The working paper borrowed many phrases used by the Democratic party and makes a spin. It is all part of the agenda, and our corrupt MSM will claim that it has been proven scientifically that we need a Misinformation/Disinformation Board and laws. What a formulaic approach to autocracy? No brainer.

      • Guy Hatchard is not funded as a researcher and is not a puppet. Why cant you assess him as a general public having concerns? The issue is the claims made by the so called “science researchers”. This blog is a matter of jurisprudence. Listen to both sides and make your own judgement. The so called Te Punaha Matatini “experts” are just one-sided and propagandistic. Critical thinking is part of scientific thinking, which calls for assessing all sides of the story, which is completely lacking in the working paper.

      • As someone who has spent 7 years at university I can tell you that just by reading the first paragraph and looking at the sources that there is nothing scientific about this paper at all. When 99% of the sources are MSM with one journal article (that I could see) thrown in for good measure this so called “paper” (which purports to be a study on human behaviour) contains no scientific backing and is basically a summary of MSM propaganda so what I would call “disinformation”.

        The introduction starts with a quote from Jacinda Ardern, lmao! Then completely fails to challenge the narrative and provides no scientific evidence at all. Anyone who read this “paper” and thought it had any scientific or credible merit should probably start thinking about their next career move at burger king, likewise for the authors.

  2. None of the authors have any qualification in Science as far as I can see. More like the “Fact checkers” of FaceBook who were declared as “opinion makers” and not real fact checkers in their admittal to a US court by FaceBook. These three puppets wont even have the decency to admit; it is their livelihood. There is no shame in begging compared to doing this type work for a living.

    Axiom 1. All statements from government or their departments and Jacinda Arden are the absolute truth.
    Axiom 2. Anything that does not agree with Definition 1 is misinformation/disinformation.
    Axiom 3. Jacinda is a Saint and so can never tell a lie

    Under the above three axioms, the working paper is a mastery research. Keith from STUFF will endorse this, and write a hit piece on anyone who criticise it.


  3. These authors have no credibility yet the Govt continues to foster and believe in them.

    See their CV’s in the comments at the end.

    I would not employ them even in a janitorial role.

    • Well they are bribed close to six figure salary for sure. In addition, their employers will get overheads which is often 150% of their salaries. This Report would have cost close to million dollars when poorer families cannot feed their children and rely on food banks.

      • Pretty good money for a 6000 word essay with no credible sources, I could smash this out in two days and I’ll do it for 10% cost lol..

  4. This is why she took the firearms post-Christchurch Mosque Terror…as those same firearms could be used to overthrow the government when everything goes critical mass.
    Watch for the minor political parties enduring another el-ection cycle of not being able to access ratepayer-funded media ie TVNZ, RNZ, etc.
    None of these stooges in government even have the qualifications to endorse or approve a now-proven toxic bio-weapon.
    Luxon is no better- he will continue the globalist NWO agendas with different wording, different approaches, but with the same outcome…!
    Watch for Operation Katipo during the next el-ection, and the removal of dissidents from the evermore scene…!

    • I always ask myself why we have 100 LAV,s parked up in Waiouru, seems a awful lot and no way to transport them to hotspots around the world?

      • The LAVs weren’t suitable for New Zealand’s use and Helen Clark knew that. These things are powered by GM and Thyssen Krupp used a German arms dealer who was based in Vancouver to broker the deal. Ask Helen about it and ask her about the Airbus A320s that Air NZ bought instead of Boeings. There were Norwegian vaccines tested on Kiwi kids too years ago…. all these things assisted her ascent in the UN.

    • Same happened in Port Arthur Tasmania. One only nees to see the evidence to know it fishy.
      There going hammer n tong shooting us the USofA for the same outcome.
      Their system is out of control with 2many people onCoke.

  5. No surprises there, we know she hasn’t come down from her high of getting so many NZers to comply with her
    agenda. But you can bet it is this compliance that is feeding her hunger for more power.
    Yes the NZ people fell for it, and many will be estatically happy to help round up those with differing opinions and turn them in..
    Because their great leader is the one source of truth. How sick is that. Those of us with real information and thinking minds must be stamped out. Goodness knows if we are allowed to speak or exist, something might make sense. We can’t have that in crackpotsville.
    Mass protests all around the world, ignored.
    Information concealed and manipulated.
    Her main tool is fear.
    NZ is a country full of compliant scaredy cats, quivering in fear, obeying her every word.
    See where that takes you in the end. It is not good and about to get worse.

  6. Folks better do something about this – and that ‘WHO treaty’ – or get ready for a train journey and ‘shower instructions’. WHERE ELSE can all this be heading!? These ‘creatures’ are UTTER EVIL.

    • Both Jabcinda and Laxon will sign the WHO treaty. It is being rushed; so Jabcinda will take the credit for selling our parliamentary sovereignty claiming that she has future proofed the health of NZ public against pandemics. Common public are reactive and not proactive when it comes to macro issues. Protests will be put down with force. Media will inject all the venom to project protesters as anti-social, conspiracy theorists, misinformed etc. and create mass psychosis to manufacture consent from the naive public.Citizens Initiated Referendum (CIR) can be tried but the outcome is not binding. Depressing really.

  7. Hi Guy. If you’re reading this, just wondering if you saw and what you think about the MOH changes to classifications of covid deaths.

    A few days ago there were only around 84 deaths listed with covid as the underlying cause of death, out of just under 1000 deaths with covid. Yesterday as they announced the death toll had gone past 1000, the deaths listed as having covid as the underlying cause suddenly jumped to 447 I think was the figure.

    How did another 350 deaths get classified as having covid as the underlying cause you reckon?

  8. Also Guy, (would reply to my other comment but waiting mods) the MOH has now listed 447 deaths with the underlying cause of covid , but on the case demographics page only has 183 people as having been in ICU?

    If the underlying cause is covid, shouldn’t the majoriry of them have been in ICU?

    • If the underlying cause is covid 19, then those people should have had severe acute respiratory syndrome and been struggling to breathe right? SARS-Cov2?

  9. These three low life info-war mercenaries did poor quality webscrapping. None of them have any qualification in information/computer science and equipped with skills for webscrapping for linguistic data analysis.

    If there is any proper research done, the collected data must be placed on open web repositaries such as GitHub so that anyone can verify and be able reproduce their analysis. Such a reproducible research is a must for clinical trials. Pfizer refuses to release the raw data to public. So it is not a surprise the so called Te Punaha Matatini research data is not publically shared.

    If they have collected data from the openly available web, it still does not absolve them ethical and legal issues. There is NO statement in their working paper that they obtained ethical clearance from their Universities. You cannot simply harvest data from Twitter or Facebook and use for reserach without written permission from Twitter or Facebook. Did they get permission from these sources? Certainly NOT. Only anonymised data is made available through Twitter APIs. FaceBook does not even provide anonymised data which can be used without permission. These three bloggers unlikely have legal clearance for using the harvested data. If they have not done any large scale web scrapping, and just provided their opinions, they should state so in the working paper. The world cloud figures shown in the working paper does seem to suggest they harvested some data without ethical and legal clearance to do so.

    Where is the list of keywords & phrases for this text mining? Did they include terms such as “informed consent”? This important term does not even appear in the word cloud figures! This itself shows that the authors have little clue on proper research and just want to produce a hit piece.

    How text mining can ensure public were really given an informed consent? It cant. Text data mining is an advanced tool but this AI methodology cannot have any proof or validity for the actual consent but only for manufactured consent. It is like claiming all kiwis will know all the laws, regulations and statues based on webscrapping legal terms. Such a methodology is just absurd.

    The Universities employing these low quality fake researchers should worry about their reputation in public. Common sense….. but may not be so common….

    • Even a dog has its own mana but not these three info-war mercenaries. They showed how low a university staff can get to make a living. Begging is more honourable.

      How do they sleep at night?

    • I am sure Twitter / Facebook et el would be interested to know if their intellectual property has been infringed. Please inform them.

  10. After reading Guys article, a sense of hopelessness has descended upon me. I have just realised how evil the prime minister is….I mean evil that I can not describe. We live in a world where people would do anything for their own glorification. Everyone wants to get acknowledgment and feel important, there is no regard for anybody at all. What a sad and wicked era we are living in.
    The only comfort I get is that there is a God who will judge everyone according to their deeds. An impartial judge and no one will escape this. May God have mercy on us.
    I pray that people will wake up now and see where we are all heading…..living in a world that will enslave people, removed from any personal choices, a frog that is slowly being boiled to it’s death.

    • WHO treaty is just a start. We are already part of 5eyes, and our national security will soon transfer to US in an expanded POTATO, Pacific Ocean TransAtlantic Treaty Organisation or something similar, for example AUKUS. Both JabSinDa & LaxOn will push NZ towards the globalist agenda.

  11. [Edited]
    You assert: “An NYT article on May 10th 2022 entitled “Emergent Hid Evidence of Covid Vaccine Problems at Plant” reports that “Emergent BioSolutions, a longtime government contractor hired to produce hundreds of millions of coronavirus vaccine doses, hid evidence of quality control problems from Food and Drug Administration inspectors in February 2021 — six weeks before it alerted federal officials that 15 million doses had been contaminated.”

    A reasonable observer might conclude that early (and later) concerns being voiced about vaccine safety were justified, but the NZ government is far from reasonable.”

    The issues at Emergent are utterly irrelevant to New Zealand. First of all, none of the contaminated doses were ever used – they were destroyed. Furthermore, Emergent was producing non-mRNA vaccines (AstraZeneca + J&J), so even if the vaccines they produced were problematic, New Zealand’s mRNA Pfizer vaccine would have been entirely unaffected. Voicing concerns about the safety of the Pfizer vaccine using evidence from an entirely different vaccine isn’t reasonable or justified. You’re not a ‘reasonable observer’. [Edited]. Speaking as an actual epidemiologist – your ignorance harms people. [Edited].

    • Speaking as a general public, your tribe’s hubristic claims harms people.

      The reference to Emergent manufacturing quality issue in this blog is to simply point out the lack of transperancy and profit driven corrupt practices of the Big Pharma.

      Pfizer is the most fined Pharma by US courts, Don’t you agree? Trust must be earned, and Pfizer is the least trusted Pharma.

      Given the history of Pfizer, why NZ government entered into a one-sided confidential agreement which cannot be made public? Why NZ government agreed to shoulder all the liability and litigation costs and not Pfizer? An experimental therapy has lot of unknowns, and at the time of the agreement, the available info on safety was limited. We still dont know the long term effects. It is up to the individuals to make their own cost-benefit analysis and opt for this therapy. It is a matter of human rights, Dont you agree? If you beleive in mandates and manufactured consent, you are no different from a facist.

      Herd immunity concept may be relevant to polio and not corona viruses. Jabs cannot stop getting them or passing on, and they will come back. It is up to the individuals to take a jab or not.

      You are happy to pick on and argue Emergent is not relevant to mRNA jab. Are you claiming there were no problems with Pfizer’s manufacture? You may have privileged information others may not have. So please explain.

      A simple Google search gets me to the following link which gives the problem batches of Pfizer.


      Pfizer exists to make money and not to serve. They are also engaged in bioweapon research in US & Ukaraine as per the documents made public recently. US Ministry of defence contracts clearly stated the trials must be made with certain (Russian) DNA samples. You will say these are all propaganda or conspiracy theory. Well this is again just an opinion, and I make a jury like decision based on the available evidence. The risk and reward is mine of course.

      TRUST is what is lacking in the whole saga, and it is still not earned.

    • So this is one more nail following on from data falsification at the Pfizer trials, it is entirely relevant to the structure of the US vaccine manufacturing and regulatory system. It doesn’t work. Unsubstantiated claims of safety have bedevilled the whole process, top to bottom. Even the FDA’s own scientific vaccine advisory committee is complaining of being sidelined. Why are we in NZ trusting this process? It is being caught out again and again. My rule of thumb in life is not to trust people caught out lying and falsifying information.

  12. Interesting to note that a very large proportion of the references at the end of the TPM document point to the $55 Million club, including RNZ, NZHerald, The Spinoff, Newsroom and other left leaning publications. Very balanced reporting

    • I scratch your back and you scaratch mine lol Te Punaha Matatini staff are just bloggers & far from researchers.

  13. Propaganda wing of JabSinDa is geting big boost with $327m over three years for the new public media entity that will replace both RNZ and TVNZ. Budget is focussed on wasting money at large and $350 bribe to 2 million kiwis, which will be eaten by the inflation on which they have no plan to control. More and more pain awaits.

  14. “Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.”

    Everything in this article including most of the comments supporting it are cooked… power of consciousness to heal ourselves and the world via a DNA diet indeed…

    • Shooting the messenger lol. We live in a manufactured world of MSM and political lies. Blogs and public comments are to debate and avoid mass psychological formation. The problem is simple really. Why Big Pharma, whose main objective is to make money, and proved to be deceitful in the past, has to be trusted? Why cant the Governments focus on improving health in the first place as against over medicating the population? Guy is suggesting a way and not claiming it is the only way.

      Unipolar thinking is not justifiable, even in science. The conflicts we will face in the future is going to be Unipolar vs Multipolar word and thinkling. Alternatively, to accept “Live and let live” principle or not. When the collective will of a particular group is imposed on another group, the outcomes in the past did not go well as you know.

    • I dont see anything written on “power of consciousness to heal ourselves and the world via a DNA diet indeed” in this article. Cant you focus on the contents of this article?

      The sphere of hit piece journalism and blogging is reserved to Keith, and dont compete with him lol

  15. At least here comments are allowed, almost all news and articles or government video won’t allow public comments. Infact you can’t even get inside a government building without bending the knee and getting jabbed

  16. Dave Hodges of “The Common Sense Show’ is spot-on; New Zealand is the Beta Test for the NWO to implement their policies on the rest of the world, EXCEPT in Russia!!!

  17. [Edited]
    ‘Her top confident and mentor Helen Clark, former NZ Labour PM, is closely associated with this outlook. Ardern recounts that she begins her day with a discussion with Clark over breakfast’
    Yes she does, she has breakfast with her partner, CLARK Gayford!!!
    Thanks for the Laugh out Loud moment when I read this – [Edited].

  18. Propaganda can come from all quarters. It’s our job to research and sift out the fake stuff and find the credible stuff. The problem for “The Disinformation Project” is that within possibly some very valid facts and research, they clearly disagree with a morally conservative or traditional worldview. That’s probably why the media love them. And that’s why you should treat The Disinformation Project” information with extreme caution.


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