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Chris Leitch
Chris Leitchhttps://www.socialcredit.nz/
Chris Leitch was a campaigner for monetary reform since 1972. He was a former elected member of the Auckland Regional Services Trust and the first ever Alliance Party candidate, standing in the Tamaki by-election in 1992. He was the Social Credit Party's Whangarei candidate and leader. He passed away in January 2023 after a long battle with cancer.

Govt needs to step up for Plunket and St Johns Ambulance

Health funding news

Government funding for essential services like Plunket, St Johns Ambulance, and the Salvation Army needs to increase by at least 15 percent.

Those services were already underfunded due to massive immigration over the last ten years prior to inflation taking off and they are now in a desperate situation.

They are providing services the government would have to run and pay for itself fully if they were to close down.

The government is paying around $5 billion every year in interest to commercial banks on its borrowing when it could access much of its funding needs from its own bank, the Reserve Bank – at zero interest – as set out in the aide memoir written by the Treasury and Reserve Bank to Grant Robertson in May 2020.

“Monetary Financing involves financing a fiscal deficit not by the issue of interest-bearing debt, but by an increase in the monetary base.”

“It can meet the specific funding needs of the government at lower initial cost and with greater certainty than Quantitative Easing.”

If it took that advice it would free up massive amounts of taxpayer money for those organisations and still leave billions to go into hospitals, schools, and poverty reduction.

The government borrows by issuing bonds.

The purchase of those bonds by the banks is not made using funds people have deposited with them. Nor is it made with shareholders capital.

It is made with money created out of thin air, in the same way as the Reserve Bank created $60 billion over the last two years.

The government is therefore paying $5 billion every year of taxpayer money for fairy dust.
Clearly Grant Robertson favours the interests of wealthy commercial bank shareholders over those of kiwis needing the services that Plunket, St Johns, the Salvation Army, doctors, nurses, and teachers provide.

That situation would be just as bad under National which is wedded to the same economic philosophy.

A new economic approach is required that puts kiwis first.

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  1. Funding should come with taxed dollars and not from the money created from thin air. The current inflation and shortages all over the world is due to “money printing”. You are advocating all the failed policy of the past.

    Qunatitative easing is stealing money from savers. If this trend continues, houses will gain further over valued. Any money created without producitivity will only oincrease the demand and not supply. It is just simple as.

    If you argue for capital gains tax and similar measures, it will probbaly work but most public are brainwashed against such taxes. This is one of the biggest tax loopholes we have.

    Social credit is just a nostalgic thing for kiwis. Forget it.

  2. It’s unbelievable our stupid govt spends money on the ‘war’ in Ukraine, the pacific islands, changing the names of all our govt organisations and yet the services our people need – THE TAXPAYERS- are struggling.

    And in other mad news I see the herald asking in their dumbest story yet, “is climate change to blame for the potholes in our roads?” Best answer I saw on Facebook was “ no it is probably because of the war in Ukraine”. At least people can see right through these propaganda media.

  3. The Quantitive easing programme is the worlds largest PONZI scheme,,a criminal operation by our largest gang with the biggest guns, who rule by fear and intimidation.
    The pot calling the kettle black when the politicians preach about cracking down on gangs that destroy our society,
    Time for change


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