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Fatal train crash in Austria

The incident happened close to the Austrian capital of Vienna. A train derailed on Monday around the town of Munchendorf, just south of the Austrian...

Watch: Convoy protest in Austria converges on Vienna

Austria became one of the first nations in the world to impose compulsory vaccination. Today the Austrian version of the Freedom Convoy made its way...

Thug Austrian cops degrade granny

Shocking video has emerged of two thickset police officers holding down an elderly woman at a recent protest in Austria. The officers can be seen...

Watch: Mass protests in Austria against forced lockdown of the unjabbed

A wave of massive ant-government protests has swept across Austria, the first country in the EU to enforce lockdowns against the unjabbed only. Signs at...

Austrian police and army will refuse to enforce lockdown of the unvaxxed – reports

The Austrian police and army will refuse to enforce draconian lockdown measures against unjabbed people. This is according to a report published today in the...

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