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Arnie teams up with ‘Pizzagate Podesta’ to push a new ‘climate change dialogue’

Arnold Schwarzenegger warned US legacy media outlet MSNBC that the current climate change dialogue is ineffective, particularly for high-polluting countries like China and India.

Speaking alongside John Podesta, senior advisor to President Joe Biden at the Austrian World Summit, Schwarzenegger emphasised the need for a new approach focused on pollution rather than so-called ‘climate change.’

He suggested taking inspiration from the successful fitness movement of the 1980s, advocating for clear communication and targeting more challenging goals. Schwarzenegger believes this strategy will resonate more with high-polluting nations and help foster bipartisan cooperation on climate solutions.

His appearance next to Podesta drew comment on social media. While chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, Podesta’s emails were hacked and released by WikiLeaks. Some researchers believe words used frequently in the emails, such as ‘pizza’ and ‘cheese’ were code related to an alleged trafficking ring run out of Washington DC, while critics of that analysis claim it to be a ‘conspiracy theory.’

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    • They are more than useless to humanity.
      But they are very useful to …. .
      So far.
      Until even they will be obsolete or a liability.

  1. Imagine in an Austrian accent: “Screw your freedoms!” (Regarding people who object to take the COVID vaccine).

    I liked him better when he just stuck to acting and was always saying, “I’ll be back” or “Hasta la vista, baby!”

    • Yeah, that creepy face and those beady little specs were no doubt the last thing many kids saw before the lights went out. His disgusting wiki-leaked emails, his perverted “artwork” and his weirdly mangled fingers are all unsettling enough on their own, but he’s also one of the few people in DC that you can look at and actually physically see the demon in his eyes.

      Most political “elites” are just in it for the money, this guy is pure f***ing evil incarnate.

  2. Just paying large sums of cash to former movie stars to join the climate change agenda. An agenda that will greatly limit the amount of food and resources for the normal citizen. Whilst this NZ government has refused to accept the jab and extreme rates of death, at least they are exploring and mining all resources and minerals to try and balance the books.

  3. Satanic pedo notwithstanding, I think it’s very telling that the former steroid enthusiast and serial maid groper has been instructed to pivot the narrative from “climate change” towards “pollution”.

    Clearly the con is no longer as effective as it once was, so we’re going back to the 80’s greatest hits – pollution, ozone layer, rainforests and Schwarzenegger. As if we’re all so stupid we’ll just go along with it because Kindergarten Cop told us to.

    Pollution is yet another issue we largely already solved in western nations decades ago, DO NOT let them conflate things and try to pretend it’s what they were talking about this whole time.

    If they truly want to shift their long-con BS back to “pollution”, then everything they’ve done for the last fifteen years is hereby null and void. I want Paris Climate accords cancelled, carbon credit SCHEMES and emissions trading fairytales abolished, anti-methane farming regulations scrapped, and I want anyone who ever pushed CLIMATE CHANGE (both here and abroad) to post a dunce hat in their Twitter profile and forever shut the F up.


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