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Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Ferrari Recalls Thousands of Sports Cars Over Potential Brake Failure Problem

The Italian luxury carmaker Ferrari has announced a recall affecting thousands of its supercars, warning that they can develop a severe problem leading to...

Victims’ Families Request the ‘Monster of Florence’ Serial Killer Case to be Reopened

Between 1968 and 1985 a serial killer referred to as the ‘Monster of Florence’ terrorized the countryside of Florence, Italy, murdering couples during or...

Italy Misses World Cup Again After Shocking Defeat by North Macedonia in Qualifying Playoffs

The Italian national team became the European champion for the second time in July 2021, and the Italians won four times at the world...

Government meeting in Italy trolled with Final Fantasy porn

A government meeting in Rome attended by politicians and academics was pranked with clips of Final Fantasy porn. Attendees included members of the Five Star...

‘Freedom Convoys’ gaining steam across Europe – reports

Inspired by the Canadian movement, truckers in Europe are planning to import the protest by driving to national capitals before “converging” on Brussels. Truckers in...

Watch: Elisa’s Pfizer jab story

In this video Elisa from Lazio in Italy describes her health issues post-Pfizer mRNA injection. A written summary is below the video. https://youtu.be/ftX4elc5ONk 'Elisa: My story after...

Italian warehouse allegedly storing vaccines and burnt down is a police station

Video has been shared on Twitter of a warehouse in Italy which stores COVID-19 vaccines for the military on fire. The claim however, is...

Watch: Cops and vax protesters clash in Italy

Italian police clash with Freedom protesters on the streets of Italy.

Watch: Pro-choice Italians storm shopping mall enforcing vax passports

A large angry crowd of anti-COVID passport protesters have stormed a shopping mall enforcing the passports in Italy.

Watch: Students in Pisa Italy protest vax mandates

Protests against vax mandates are erupting around the world. Students at the University of Pisa, Italy:

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