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Thai Princess coma mystery – world expert says it’s a COVID jab injury

Princess Bajrakitiyabha news
Sucharit Bhakdi (L) and Princess Bajrakitiyabha (R).

44 year old Princess Bajrakitiyabha of Thailand collapsed while out walking her dogs on 14 December last year.

According to sources she had not felt well after receiving her 3rd booster. After her collapse she lost consciousness and remains in a coma. According to a report in The Independent, she is ‘on medical equipment supporting her heart, lungs and kidneys.’

Princess Bajrakitiyabha is the eldest child of current King Rama X. The law graduate is a senior diplomat in the Thai government.

The Thai palace confirmed she had suffered a ‘heart issue’. But the explanation given by the authorities and a local university that it was caused by a bacterial infection has been called ‘ridiculous’ by medical expert Professor Sucharit Bhakdi.

Thai-born Bhakdi, a former professor of microbiology at the University of Mainz in Germany had a celebrated career in medical science as a world expert on the immune system and arterial disease, until mainstream narratives and ‘fact checkers’ labelled him a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for his strong opposition to the COVID ‘vaccines’.

According to Bhakdi, who claims he and his contacts have been in direct contact with the Thai Royal Family over the matter, the princess’ collapse was an adverse reaction to the COVID jab. She was previously healthy with no known medical conditions.

Speaking on the ‘neutralswiss‘ Rumble channel yesterday, Bhakdi said:

‘This whole COVID-19 agenda is a fake… And I was able to lay out for them the proof that the COVID vaccinations were based on fraud… The EMA declared that safety pharmacological studies were never performed – never. And they were never deemed necessary. So now we have it. So, when I told the Thais this, you know guys, they jumped up. They jumped up in the room. And so they said to me ‘we will see to it that Thailand is the first country in the world that is going to declare this contract null… Which means that Pfizer BioNTech is going to have to pay back those billions to Thailand, with which Thailand will recompensate those peoples that have lost their existence…

‘One daughter of the present king Rama X collapsed and is in a coma… within 23 days after the third shot, 44 years old, never been seriously ill, collapsed and is now in a coma. The diagnosis that was given by the authorities and by the university is so ridiculous – she’s supposed to have a bacterial infection that will never do what she suffered from. And so we are determined, and the activists in Thailand who have been on this many many months now – great guys, also a professor from the University of Bangkok, he’s gotten in touch with the Royal Family, and we are sending information to the Royal Family to alert them to the fact that in all probability the princess is suffering as a victim of this jab, as so many people around the world have been suffering.’

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  1. Since the injections have reached their peak and any consequential damage has already been done, time to un-censor the other experts.

    • It will be the tip of the iceberg and news like this of people with a high profile will keep coming day after day. Like before the sports people, recording artists, hieresses, Princesses. We keep getting the news and we thought with such a dangerous medical intervention it would only take a few to bring it all down but apparently not.

      I wish the Thai Royal family the best of luck.

  2. We live near a fire station with a siren. These stations respond to ‘code purples’ which include heart attacks. In December, January, February and March 2022 except for a few quiet weeks early January when everyone was on holiday, the siren was going 3-4 times a day. Normally it may only go off once a day or not at all. It was so bad it was unreal. it was so glaringly obvious there was an uptick in call-outs yet not ONE person has spoken up. What the heck is wrong with people?

    My MIL had the 4th shot and has been sick and on steroids ever since.

    Now remember we are 6 months behind anyone else so I am predicting some high profile ‘died suddenlys’ and turbo cancer this year. Its all very sad. I am so glad I never got the jab but I still worry every day for my family that did, even though some of them treated me like crap and called me nasty names.

  3. If I remember correctly her father was very much pro vaccination as he has financial ties with Pfizer. The news source at the time said it was payback. This is probably why they will not admit it was vaccine induced which it will be however. It’s a bit like Stuff media admitting they are paid off by nz government and vaccines are bad!!

  4. Very sad situation. I hope Thailand can get the ball rolling on this Covid-vax travesty, The media people (among others) know the truth but don’t dare report on it.

    Also, Dr Bhakdi is not “Thai-born”. His parents were diplomats & he himself was born in WashingtonDC, now of course residing in Germany.

  5. Thais don’t seem to have balls to speak out about this.
    It’s because they don’t speak out, f***ing Thai fake news on TV and internet are out of control.
    How long are they going to just sit around and wish everything will be fine on its own?


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