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Watch: German authorities to prosecute journalist Alina Lipp for reporting from Donbass

In court charging documents received by Lipp, German authorities claim her reports from the Donbass amount to criminal acts, but that she is prohibited from attending the court hearing.

Western censorship of information about the Russian Special Operation in Ukraine has reached a new low with confirmation the German government is proceeding with a prosecution of independent journalist Alina Lipp.

Lipp has been living for half a year in Donetsk, telling Germans what is going on in the Donbass region and in Ukraine. Her reports contradict the information forced-fed to the public by legacy mainstream media.

She says:

‘The German authorities have now started to persecute me. First, they deleted my material on the Internet. Then they blocked my bank account, then blocked the bank account of my father, and yesterday I got this letter from German authorities that they opened now a criminal case against me.

‘So, these are the documents, and for Germans the support of the Special Operation in Ukraine is a criminal act, for which you can get three years in prison.

‘In the letter they write on the 24th of February I published a report on Telegram saying the de-Nazification began, and that the people of the Donbass region support Russia in the decision to start this Special Operation, and I was also saying the Ukrainians were killing the people here in Donbass already for several years. Also, they are writing that on the 12th of March I published a video in which I said that Ukraine was doing a genocide in Donbass.

‘What is interesting in the letter is that they are not going to invite me to a hearing, because ‘this would disturb the investigation.’ So, they are persecuting me, but don’t want to hear me out.

‘What is happening to me now can happen to all independent journalists and bloggers, and that’s why I would like to propose to you dear colleagues, that we are going to start to work together more, to support each other against the censorship in the west.’

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  1. This is proof that 1984 is happening, the Ministry of Truth is coming to get us, and it is all happenning in the West! I am disgusted, not only with the German government, but also with the entire western political establishment!

  2. What about Patrick Lancaster, the US Navy veteran turned Independent Reporter??? He seems to be one of the few english language independent reporters to show the criminal acts of both Zionists Zelenskyy and Poroshenko over the last 8 years that has left 14,000 Ethnic Russian Separatists dead!!!!!!
    Germany is suffering now from post-war guilt in a massive way, despite the fact that J3wi$h Bankers funded Hitler. Germany has bent over backwards to accommodate the Zionist narrative, even to the point of having hundreds more J3wi$h Temples and a population of Zionist estimated to be five times the population pre-1933.
    Look at what happened to Gunter Grass for expressing his opinion and research.
    Deutschland is re-entering another totalitarian state of mind, policy and law albeit in a varied form of the latter from the 30’s & 40’s.
    Anyone who runs against the Khazarian Zionist narrative in Deutschland is now automatically persecuted without a trial, similar to what those running the Ukraine experienced in the Koncentration Kamps; no trial, no lawyers, no jury, w/ all wealth and assets frozen or stolen. ALL of this despite telling the truth of what is being seen in the Ukraine, and especially in the Donbas Region.
    Expect more massive amounts of stupidity from the Western European nations, especially from those who will sit in their bunkers with two years of food, water and medications whilst those who called the question of Western Europe goading Russia into taking their Special Operations are arrested and held without trial, WHICH IS WHAT THIS IS! IT IS A VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW!
    German Noahide Courts based on Talmudic applications is what you have now in most of Europe.
    I hope Russia offers Political Asylum to Alina Lipp, and if necessary to Patrick Lancaster and those reporting the truth.
    The truth supports Russia, and the West on on the wrong side of International Law and history this time around…!
    & just look at the track record of Ursula before becoming President of the EU; ruining the Deutsch Marine by neglecting the U-Boat Force, the delays in upgrading the Leopard Panzers, and procrastination in maintaining the Luftwaffe Aircraft w/ delays in upgrades, major maintenance, etc.
    The hypocrisy of the German and major European Governments is incompetent, shameful and loaded with double-standards!
    Then, when Russia moved in to put a stop to this, it’s suddenly a ‘Russian Invasion’.

      • Prove to us all that Patrick Lancaster works for the FSB.
        Prove to us that his wife is a ‘Nazi Warlord Sister’…
        How long have you been in the employ of the CIA under Mossad supervision???

  3. I think there is a section of German politicians and the rich who support their nazi national spirit within their heart and not openly. They use to be very covert in the past by not co-operating with nazi hunters. There are lots of YouTube vidoes of French Jews trying to hunt nazis and they didnt get much cooperation from the German governments. When CIA decided to use the neonazis in Ukraine to wage a proxy war and divide Russia, these elements in germany are delighted obviously. EU leaders have become partially neonazis wanting persecution of Russians. They all knbow fully well that the Russians in the Eastern part of Ukraine were persecuted, russian language banned, nazi icons are publically displayed for the last 10 years or so. Yet they were plotting and funding Ukranian neonazis. Both Minsk accords were ignored by the EU leadership and they nolaim that they agreed for the accord “to gain time” so that Ukaraine will wage a proxy war and persecute Russians. There is no morality or any decency in the EU leadership. Most are just agents of the deep state really. It is sad to see NZ government is funding and training neonazis. This gain proves that both Laxon and Jabcinda are just Agents, and not really leaders. The legacy media is projecting them as if they are leaders and belong to opposing views but in reality both are just the two cheeks of the same arse.

  4. US, CANADA, UKRAINE AND RUSSIA 2022 DISPUTES – HISTORICAL BACKGROUND AND SEQUEL TO FR. PETER MORELLO’S COMMENTS: (1) US, Canada, Ukraine and Russia are Caucasian-European nations by ethnic majority and nominally Christian nations by religious majority; (2) Ukraine and Russia are also Slavic nations and neighbors with similar laws (limits) on abortion and LGBT; (3) Russia was US’ supporter in the American Revolution at great cost to herself – the island of Menorca; (4) Russia was US’ supporter in the Civil War when US’ opponents were Britain and France, prompting US Secretary of Navy, Gideon Welles to say “God bless the Russians”; (5) US (western Alaska) and Russia are neighbors, and Canada (northwestern Yukon) is closer to Russia than to Britain and France or Mexico; (6) US and Russia were never at war, not counting the Cold War or proxy wars, as compared, for example, with the “G7” nations; (7) US, Canada, NATO and Ukraine have disputes with Russia since the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and militarization of countries neighboring Russia which was invaded over the centuries by NATO members Britain, France, Germany, (Mussolini’s) Italy, Romania, Lithuania-Poland, Turkey and by others including Sweden and the Mongols who inflicted on Ukraine and Russia death and destruction with hardly any parallels in world’s history – Germany also helped Lenin to impose psychopathic and deadly Marxism on Ukraine and Russia in 1917, while Ukraine and Russia, mostly by themselves, prevented Poland’s annihilation by Nazis and saved Europe from Nazi Germany and Mongols; (8) Ukraine and Russia have a border dispute, and a military conflict-war since the violations of the February 21, 2014 all-Ukrainian political agreement in Kiev and the violations of the 2014-2015 Minsk Peace Agreement signed by Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France (in the future, a joint venture by the Minsk signatories in securing Ukrainian segment of “Pan-European” gas pipeline might be a “win-win”) – by February 23, 2022 the war took some 15,000 lives and produced thousands of refugees as well as widespread material destruction in eastern Ukraine; on February 24, 2022 Russia escalated the war and invaded Ukraine resulting in many more deaths, refugees and material destruction across Ukraine; (9) US and Russia can destroy each other and the world with their nuclear weapons in an hour; (10) the irreplaceable way forward for resolving these issues are the eternally-valid biblical principles reflected in President Washington’s Farewell Address in which he called religion-morality the foundation of domestic well-being and peace with other nations and in President Lincoln’s last Inaugural Address “… with malice towards none, with charity for all … among ourselves and with all nations”, as well as in Pope Francis’ 2022 call for prayer and political talks centered on “human brotherhood instead of partisan interests”, all the while keeping in mind the 2022 Lenten message “Remember thou art dust and to dust thou shalt return” and “Repent and believe in the Gospel” which also includes “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” and the parable of “the speck and the log” – moral principles given to us by Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace and the just Judge of the world, principles ignored at one’s great peril.
    See also https://www.catholicworldreport.com/2022/03/14/expel-evil-spirit-of-war-from-ukraine-with-prayer-and-fasting-urges-catholic-leader & https://paxchristiusa.org/2022/02/24/pax-christi-usas-statement-on-russians-invasion-of-ukraine.

  5. It’s shocking that German courts and authorities are intent on blocking in as many ways as possible German reporter Alina Lipp’s reports on what’s happening in Donbass, where she went to find out the situation for herself. That German authorities are trying now to imprison her for 3 years for her work as a journalist, for exposing things like the Alley of Angels in Donbass, a memorial to hundreds of children killed by Urkaine’s military shelling and bombing Donbass civilians sicne 2014, is appalling. And not even allowing her to attend the court case where German authorities are discussing all this , means this is just a Kangaroo Court, with no validity in real law.
    German authorities are revealing, i think, that they want to try obliterate their horrendous nazi past in World War 2 and its reflective extension today in the appalling attacks by neo-nazi militias on ethnic Russians in Ukraine. The conflict in Ukraine came about as a result of the US-orchestrated violent coup in Ukraine,, with EU and Germany also complicit, this ended in the illegal deposing of a democratically elected government,, and its replacement with an anti-Russia government, leader chosen by US diplomats, especially Victoria Nuland. This set up conflict in Ukraine, with massacres and the ban on speaking the Russian’s language. And where was the condemnation in western countries of these criminal acts by the US with the coup, to sow conflict and division in Ukraine in a plan to undermine Russia on its borders..

  6. EU countries grossly violated the UN charter plotting along with 5-eyes US/UK/AU/CAN/NZ in the so called “global/liberal world order” which is in violation of UN charter (such as not interfering with the internal affairs of another country). Sponsored colour revolutions, proxy war, MSM propaganda, Dollar prining and manipulation, installing puppets in both ruling and opposition parties, shifting wealth to Big Tech, Pharma, MIC etc cannot be called “world order”. The term “liberal” is simply abused to create a unipolar world. This attempt does not even make common sense. Even people do not live in extended family environment and communes. Each to their own in terms of family, villages. towns, cities, mega cities, countries etc. Unless each enitity is treated with respect and not bullied, conflicts cannot be avoided.

    Germans have given up all their rational thinking because their leaders. They deceive their own public and the leadership is perfporming the Lewinski pleasuring to US.

  7. Josef Goebbels is back!!!!
    Alles Seig (as your right to unfettered information and independent news reporting is removed by the Global Zionist Nazis!

  8. That crazy twisted liar has been caught spreading lies and using actors and fake scenarios with civilians forced to give pro Russia statements. She has been caught many times and never apologized. Then she pals around withDPR command and FSB. She is scum traitor and a Russian asset that makes money off the suffering of the the people in Donetsk. I am stunned at the amount of people that believe Russian propaganda. its disgusting


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