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Are the Freemasons and Illuminati Flat-Earthers?

An interesting video has been circulating of a Freemason describing the Earth.

Before people start to call me a crazy Flat Earther, please note, that I have no conclusion on the matter. But I would like to mention a few things which have caught my interest which are somewhat related.

The first is solar eclipses. I do recall seeing one, and it always puzzled me, why the moon exactly covered the sun? How is this possible, when the sun is reported to be four hundred times the size of the moon? Well, the explanation is that the sun is EXACTLY four hundred times further away from the Earth, than the moon. Hmm, that is one huge coincidence.

The second is the Bible. The Bible describes the Earth as being surrounded by a firmament. Above the firmament, there is not space, but water. In support of this claim, some scientists argue that space is not logical, as a vacuum could not exist next to an atmosphere, as it would mix. Others argue that rainbows are always curved, as the firmament is curved.

Thirdly, on the traditional map of the Earth, there seems to be some discrepancy with the map of Greenland, and the map of South America, compared to the geographical area data. The area of South America is recorded as 17.84 million square kilometres. The area of Greenland is recorded as 2.166 square kilometres. So, according to the formal data, South America is nearly 9 times the size of Greenland. Now look on a world map.

are the freemasons and illuminati flat earthers

Fourthly, people may have started to see celebrities, politicians and so on, making a triangle with their hands. Probably the most famous for this is the former German chancellor, Angela Merkel. And, historical symbolism, such as the poster for the movie, A Clockwork Orange, has a similar triangle, and eye. The eye, is said to represent the pineal gland, as evidenced in Katy Perry’s music video, Dark Horse.


The pineal gland is very interesting, as when we dream it releases a drug called DMT, which is a powerful psychedelic. And when we die, it is said to flood our brain with DMT, so that our soul can leave the body. The pineal gland also produces melatonin, which regulates our sleep cycles. As an interesting side note, fluoride is said to cause calcification of the pineal gland, and thereby causing it to not function properly. In the Freemason video, a comparison is drawn between the map he draws of the Earth, and the symbol of Freemasonry. Is this the triangle that everyone not so secretly displays to the public?

are the freemasons and illuminati flat earthers2

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  1. Flat Earthers have been having a laugh forever, to the annoyance of those they provoke. If any doubt, just visit their official website.
    Interestingly, if considered from the perspective of the limitations of natural human senses not enhanced by technology or technical analysis, the earth is flat.
    The calculation of the Earth’s circumference, attributed to Eratosthenes 2300 years ago employed technical/mathematical analysis, so does not qualify as within the capabilities of the human senses – only as an example of the capability of human intelligence to verify trivial theorems not immediately apparent to the senses.
    Of course, according to legend Eratosthenes only proved the North-South circumference of the Earth; he did not prove it was spheroid … only that it was a vertical circle having three-dimensions, on edge.
    Sorry, just ‘having a laugh’!

  2. Speaking of which, I just listened to an interview of Central Otago Mayor, Tim Cadogan about “climate change” on The Platform.

    I don’t think I need to say what Tim’s view was. It’s an emergency! There are too many people on the planet! That probably explains why you have publicly stated that Covid jabs should be mandatory, Tim.

    Then I opened the website of The Platform. Apparently they are an “independent” New Zealand news source (actually owned by a wealthy Tauranga family called the Wrights).


    The first thing I noticed was that they use triangle symbolism in their website. In fact, there is even one in their name.

  3. The triangle is used by the NWO/Illuminati as one of their symbols, yes. For goodness sake, though, don’t credit every graphic or structural use of a triangle with some nefarious agenda. Remember all those triangles in trigonometry? And that we see in buildings and other structural designs? Even Jesus is referred to as the capstone. A capstone is generally triangular in shape and integral to a particular structure’s support.

    Regarding the flat earth theory, how could the planets ever rotate and orbit around each other if they were flat? Galileo got into a lot of trouble for his theory and, I believe, was only pardoned for heresy by the Catholic Church in the 20th century.

    The same rigid and unscientific thinking as those who once opposed Galileo, is displayed by all those who believe the Covid injection is a vaccine, that it prevents infection and transmission of a virus, and that it is not harmful to adults and children.

    Just because authorities insist something is true or good for you, does not mean that it is.

  4. Two further things which are puzzling about the accepted model of the Universe are seasons, and why some places like the North Pole are always in daylight in summer? If the Sun is as far away as Earth as they say, surely seasons would be minimal in their temperature deviations? And also, how about the Sun never sets on the North pole in summer?

  5. Another question, if Mercury and Venus are in between us and the Sun, therefore closer to us than the Sun, then why can we never see them? Oh, because the Sun is huge!! Haha, look at the map of the planets, it’s not that huge. Logically, we should see a couple of small dots.

  6. I just discovered this, a woman on an Oprah show years ago, confirming my discovery about the distorted map of the world (especially Greenland) but with the insane explanation that is because the map maker was racist, and wanted to show the white areas of the world are larger than the darker skinned areas. But in reality, she drew attention to the fact that something is possibly up with the North Pole area, and something is being hidden:


  7. Red-haired E.S. looks like a deranged Masonic Garden Gnome or…perhaps a type of Yoda???
    Or,..a Leprecaun??? Only thru the Masonic Illuminati is he being promoted as ‘Popular’ like most in Holly-Wood!
    Masonic Notations delete the ‘Flat Earth’ theory. Why?
    Due to the following; ‘AS ABOVE, SO BELOW’!
    Dr. Carl Sagan described ‘Flatland’ and relativity…therefore ‘Flat Earth’ does not exist in any dimension.
    Flat Earth doesn’t exists in reality, and when such was once promoted by the Cat-Holic ‘Church’, it was to control Ad Theorum that one would sail to the edge of the oceans and their vessels would ‘fall off the edge’ into some type of unexplained oblivion.
    These were the same people that denied the science of Galileo, DaVinci, and insisted that the Sun (Sol) revolved around the Earth despite presented evidence.
    The Earth is a gravitational sphere…and a fish-eye lens cannot capture any edging when compared to a flat image versus a round image.
    How do we know this? By the recent MiG-29 commercial rides operating on the inner edge of space, Virgin Flights, Dragon launches, and my own observation when assigned to the SR-71.


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