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Case #3 Pandemic of stupidity: Waikanae Golf Club

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A month ago we reported on the progressive and common sense approach of Waikanae company Goodman Contracting in adopting a ‘pro-choice’ policy towards the experimental Covid mRNA jabs for staff.

We could have been forgiven for thinking Waikanae was a rare bastion of common sense in New Zealand during these unprecedented times.

We were wrong. The Covid pandemic of stupidity is alive and well in the idyllic town just north of Wellington.

Last week the Board of the Waikanae Golf Club (WGC) decided that only vaccinated people could play on its course. The reasoning for the ‘no jab, no play’ policy was set out in an email from the Chairwoman to members, which stated:

‘[our] priority is to provide a safe and healthy environment for our staff as well as our members, their families and guests. As a consequence, the Board has decided to introduce the “no jab no play/enter” policy for the Club which will mean any members or visitors that wish to play golf or visit the Club will be required to be vaccinated.’

A number of unhappy WGC members contacted Daily Telegraph with their concerns. Honestly, in a few years time, people are going to look back on policies of this kind and cringe with disgust. They are going to ask ‘How could we have allowed this Covid idiocy to happen?’

This is because the policy has absolutely no basis in science. It’s based on a sheepish belief in media and government fear propaganda, and an inability to see the big picture of what’s happening to our country and others like us around the world.

People are elected to positions of authority, like the Board of the WGC, because members expect them to be able to use their brains. Watching and believing everything on the six o’clock news or Bloomfield’s daily 1pm side-show does not count as using your brain. In fact, the evidence is growing day-by-day that the people of New Zealand are being misled about the virus and the vaccine.

It would only take 30 minutes research on the internet for the board to realise there is nothing to fear from Covid or the unvaccinated. There is a mountain of evidence for this. The board could spend half an hour browsing the COVID-19 section of Daily Telegraph and find all the information they need in one place, from some of the world’s greatest living scientists.

Just last week the most prestigious medical publication in the world, The Lancet, stated that mass mRNA Covid vaccination roll-outs by governments like ours, as well as the medical apartheid in treating vaccinated and unvaccinated differently are, from a medical/scientific point of view grossly negligent.

The phrase ‘grossly negligent’ is a very damning way to describe ‘no jab, no play,’ policies like WGC – it’s not just mere stupidity, forgetfulness or silliness. It means an utter and complete dereliction of duty. They may as well have Mr. Bean in charge of running the club.

Waikanae Golf Club news

Here are the facts on which The Lancet based its conclusion:

  • In the space of three weeks in Britain, 100 Covid cases were reported among individuals who are 60 or older. Out of those infections, 89.7% of people were fully vaccinated, while 3.4% were unvaccinated.
  • More concerning for researchers, in Israel, an outbreak that infected multiple healthcare workers and patients, as well as their family members, came from a fully vaccinated hospital patient.
  • Backing up the fears expressed in the study, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently lists four of the five areas across the US with the highest percentage of fully vaccinated individuals as high transmission counties.
  • Throughout Britain, the number of household contacts exposed to unvaccinated cases (23%) was slightly lower than the number exposed to vaccinated individuals (25%).
  • The rate of cases among fully vaccinated individuals aged 60 and older has risen from 16.9% in July to 58.9% in October.

There is overwhelming evidence from around the world that vaccination does not prevent transmission or infection. It is the vaccinated who are causing the problems, filling the hospital wards with vaccine injuries or with acute Covid infections and spreading the disease everywhere. Here’s the damning conclusion of The Lancet‘s study verbatim:

‘It appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission when deciding about public health control measures.’

And what are the chances of dying from Covid? 0.03%. You have more chance of dying in a car crash.

In banning non-jabbed players the WGC are committing a ‘gross’ dereliction of duty. They are falling for the fear porn of the six o’clock news. They are willing participants in the most disgusting, divisive and prejudicial policies seen since the end of Apartheid in South Africa. It’s time organisations like the WGC, businesses, and people, stood up and said, ‘enough is enough, we’re not going to fall for the government and media’s fear-mongering and apartheid anymore.’ It’s vital they do this, because the future of the country we all know and love, the freedoms and privacy we have cherished for generations, depends on it.

If the WGC was so concerned with the health and safety of their members perhaps they could focus on educating its members about real public health issues, like diabetes, obesity, smoking and alcohol abuse.

People may ask, do we really expect the WGC board to read The Lancet, and all the scientific literature before making a decision? Isn’t it just easier to do what pharma-muppet Ashley Bloomfield tells them to do?

The answer is yes, we should expect them to do their research, and seek and consult sources outside of what the government is telling them, and especially from scientists and doctors who have a contrary view to Bloomfield and the Prime Minister (there are many of them). That’s how you make proper, informed decisions. Especially so if the ‘no jab, no play’ policy is not mandated. It only takes half an hour on the internet to find these resources.  It is encumbent on the board to conduct its own research on these issues which have far-reaching consequences. That’s why they’ve been elected to these positions.

The Morgans golf course, for example, has made a proper decision in allowing all people to play.

Golf is a game where social distancing between players and groups of players is easy to maintain and enforce. Basic, common sense steps, such as requiring masks inside buildings, staying home if you’re unwell, using hand sanitiser etc can further reduce risks.

What is also concerning to hear is that the banned members who contacted Daily Telegraph said the WGC has refused to refund them their membership fees, stating that it was not possible under the club’s constitution. Instead the club has offered them free memberships when the idiocy is over. Daily Telegraph urges the club to reconsider the refusal, and if necessary to amend the constitution to allow this in these unique circumstances.

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  1. The stupidity of banning unvaccinated members from playing a game like golf (where it is extremely easy to social distance and stagger start times) is unbelievable. I totally agree – people who make these decisions will look back with total embarrassment at the part they played in the segregation of good honest kiwi’s. I hope they too will face judgement via the Nuremberg 2.0 trials.

  2. Interesting. I would have thought that golf would be an easy sport to allow both vaxxed and unvaxxed. And not refunding fees – what a bunch of wankers. I would suggest that those who contacted the DT send emails directly to the Board Members. A good lawyer would also help as they cannot enforce this policy under the Bill of Rights.

  3. The New Zealand Clay Target Association has decreed similar. Clay pigeon shooting is a spot entirely carried out in the open air and shooters are generally distanced from their co shooters by at least two metres even when on the firing line. The people making these stupid, ill informed decisions are so far removed from common sense it is no longer funny.

  4. Hey MJ! You have managed to demonstrate how you have entirely misinterpreted the message of the Lancet article. Trying not to tarnish our medical colleagues with your interpretation of the facts (I know lawyers do that frequently, but journalism is meant to be unbiased).

  5. A similar situation has arisen with the NZ Department of Conservation where all visitors are allowed in daylight to use facilities yet those unvaccinated are not allowed to sleep overnight in their caravan or campervan! Illogical daft rule!
    Similarly, the board of the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association have decreed that all facilities are out of bounds to unvaccinated members even though the campsites are an outdoor activity and there are no facilities to share at most of the club sites.


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