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Saturday, August 13, 2022
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NSW COVID data – ZERO Unjabbed patients in hospital or ICU

The latest New South Wales COVID hospitalisation statistics for the week ending 4 June 2022 show there were ZERO unjabbed COVID patients in hospital or ICU.

The official figures were circulated widely on social media, raising once again, concerns the COVID vaccinations are neither safe or effective.

Of the 460 cases in hospital and 39 in ICU, all were fully or partially vaccinated. The second highest number of those in ICU, and whose vaccination status is known, have had four injections.

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  1. They’re still advertising it as you’re best defence! TV ads are weirdly culturally specific. Pushing this insane message that if you don’t accept our vaccine it will be your fault if your community suffers! The arrogance and manipulation is criminal. Its all coming out faster than what they would have expected. My question now is when can we hold them criminally responsible?

  2. I guess the real issue is that if the govt admits that all the sick and hospitalised are there because of the vaxx then they could be up for a lot of anger and compensation. But, if it is not called a vaxx then the manufacturers can’t be indemnified.

  3. My question. The people that had to falsify documents to keep their job are getting pulled up and punished.
    Why are they being punished look at history on educating people,
    Inventors have learnt by themselves not by the book or what they’ve been told or they become sheep.
    Blue-green algae scientist couldn’t solve the problem a farmer dropped a bale of hay in the waterway and that’s what solved the problem.
    Madame Curie stumbled on the X-ray.
    or even Penicillin.
    Or should we look at the scientific way,
    Introduced species
    Minor birds devastation
    Cane toads devastation
    GM products increase in gluten / nut / lactose allergies

  4. This is getting ridiculous. Why will the NZ government and their health officials not acknowledge and urgently act on these damning statistics.

    We are clearly being government by some kind of deranged cult.


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