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Watch: US lawmakers put Biden on notice: Vax mandates are unconstitutional

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A group of US lawmakers have sent a warning to Joe Biden: vax mandates are unconstitutional.

The lawmakers have also asked employers to hold off firing anti-jab workers until the numerous law suits challenging the mandates are concluded.

‘This is pretty simple. The decision to vaccinate should be up to the individual, not the government.’

‘This is not the United States of America we all know and love, where individuals have personal responsibility, and personal freedoms. We live and die by our own decisions, on what we do with our own lives and with our own future, and this President is saying, ‘no you don’t, you’re going to live by my decisions. That’s not who we are.’

‘The President’s actions on this vaccine mandate, they are unprecedented, and most certainly on my view, amount to unconstitutional overreach. The idea that one man, the President of the United States can force Amercians to choose between getting a vaccine and keeping their job and putting food on the table for their family undermines literally all principles of liberty found in our constitution.’

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