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Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Watch: Australia is rising

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The Australian people are rising. Saturday saw a number of protests around the country, with the movement for change gathering more and more momentum each week.

The New Zealand legacy mainstream media are not reporting the growing groundswell of opposition in Australia to what the people perceive as a corrupt government and media.

In a shocking development images have been released of armed Australian soldiers entering Aboriginal communities in Northern Territory. Daily Telegraph is aware some residents, contacts of positive of COVID cases, have been moved to ‘quarantine camps’. Whether this has happened by consent or by force is not clear at the moment, because there is a media blackout in the area. On Friday Daily Telegraph posted video of aboriginal elders calling for international help in what they called a ‘genocide’.

Australia rising news

Yesterday saw another huge protest in Melbourne.

In Sydney a large protest crowd gathered in the city. Activist Dave Oneegs spoke to the crowd:

We are telling you, to the ADF (army) and police force of the Northern Territory = hands of the originals, hands off our people! Make no mistake Australia we are a nation at war right now, and this war is like no other. In any other conflict we are united as one people against a common enemy. But in this war we face a hidden enemy that has infiltrated our government, occupied our institutions, and is in control of our mainstream media. This enemy has confused and divided our own people and turned Australians on each other. We have a criminal, illegitimate corporation posing as our government, that is seeking to push every man, woman and child into a dystopian nightmare of total control and slavery. And the time has come to sack them all and take our country back.

Massive crowd in Melbourne:


‘We are Australian’, the anthem of the freedom movement:

More footage showing massive Melbourne crowd:

Images of Australian soldiers in the Northern Territory:

Estimates iof up to 700,000 marching in Melbourne:

Forced removal of 1st Nations Aboriginal community:

Updates to follow.

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