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Chantelle Baker’s car with baby inside attacked in shocking road rage incident

Chantelle Baker crime news

The distressing incident was caught on camera by journalist Chantelle Baker in Rangiora at approximately 1pm today.

Two unidentified females nearly caused multiple accidents which later escalated into a violent attack on Baker’s vehicle. The incident began when the suspects refused to merge properly, almost colliding with a car beside them and a black SUV. Following this, they aggressively tailgated Baker as she slowed down to 40 km/h after witnessing their reckless driving.

The situation took a frightening turn when the suspects threw a rock at Baker’s car, hitting the back where her 8-month old baby was sleeping. The incident occurred between the Rangiora Vape Shop merge lane and Lilybrook Corner. Baker later attempted to capture a photo of the suspects’ license plate, but as soon as they noticed her, they ran towards her vehicle. The suspects then jumped on her windscreen, causing glass to shatter inside the car, and attempted to open the car doors.

Baker managed to reverse out and drive away. She is now seeking the public’s help to identify these individuals to press charges and is also appealling to the owner of the black SUV or truck, who likely witnessed the initial rock-throwing incident, to come forward.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the authorities to help bring these dangerous individuals to justice.

UPDATE: Baker has confirmed in a tweet this evening that the suspects have now been identified, but she is still wanting to make contact with the driver of the black SUV/Ute mentioned in the article.


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  1. How terrifying. With your baby in the back? Oh man, I think the mama bear in me would have done something I would regret to those two girls.

  2. If this had been in another country which has the Constitutional ‘Right to Bear Arms’, in a State which has ‘Castle Laws’ or ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws, there would be two female cadavers on the slab at the mortuary!!!
    I would have NO hesitation in pulling the trigger based on the threat assessment!
    Typical Rangiora…where bullying is rife, and the Old Families think that they control the town with their Colonial Provincial mindset that conspires behind the re-built Masonic Lodge!
    Besides, look at who and what these ‘females’ are!
    I wonder how the Judge will excuse their attempts at harming a driver, mum baby?
    Community Service where they’ll never show up for the same? Or…
    Home Detention where their criminal ilk will show up to…’party’ with wailing and lamentations on how they are the victims of ‘racism’…

  3. This could have also been a targeted attack via ‘coincidental means’ based on Chantelle Baker speaking and writing the truth about ‘conspiracy theories’ that have now been proven to be ‘CONSPIRACY FACTS!
    (See the severe bias of Chantelle Baker in Wikipedia).
    A staged interception perhaps?
    Near a Vape Shop…and who knows what’s mixed-in with the Vape formulations nowadays; mRNA???

  4. This is trash – they need to be held to account. Thankfully now, their faces are plastered all over social media.

    • Interesting that on the MSM news ‘broadcast’ their faces were blurred-out…
      That would serve to change the crime stats..!…

  5. What will be interesting will be if the perpetrators get let off because they were attacking an enemy of the state.

    • And…based on that, this is why Chantelle Baker should join the NZ Loyal Party and run for Parliament in the next (s)election!

  6. As per usual Stuff are up their rather stall reporting lies. First headline on this story from Stuffed headed it ‘ social influencer ‘ then later in the day heading was changed to ‘ conspiracy
    Influencer ‘. Bunch of dogs.

  7. I’ll bet that they attend or attended Rangiora High School, or maybe they’re from further away, ie Aranui, Linwood, or the eastern part of Christchurch??
    But I would have to say that the two will not be held accountable. Race & Gang affiliations would lead to the Judge in the case to be threatened as well by those entities?
    IF we had full Firearms Rights here in NZ, Chantelle Baker would have by now armed herself with a hand gun (I recommend the ‘Judge’ series of .410 with magnesium loads…)
    Once the windscreen was kicked in, then under International Law and the UN Right to Self Defence, the perps would have been sent to the hospital or the morgue for presenting themselves as a deadly threat to life and limb, especially where a helpless infant is concerned.

  8. That girl on the left; isn’t that Steve & Tracy’s daughter Amy from Coro Street?
    Maybe there is a secret episode of filming for Coro going on in Rangi???
    ie ‘Amy Goes Rogue’ ??


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