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Facebook post of Ashleigh Wilson whose partner Rory died after getting the jab exposes government and MSM lies

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Ashleigh Wilson, whose partner Rory (pictured) died after getting the Pfizer expermental mRNA shot for COVID, has posted an emotional tribute on her Facebook page.

In the post Wilson also criticises the government and media for not making people aware of the risks of the jab. Tens of thousands of kiwis have suffered adverse reactions, and according to non-official databases being kept by dedicated citizens, many hundreds of deaths. The official New Zealand database, CARM, has proven to be unreliable for a variety of reasons – medical misdiagnosis, negligence, incompetence, and time constraints completing the onerous paperwork. Daily Telegraph is also aware the government has paid ‘hush money’ to the families of jab victims.

Ashleigh Wilson news

Wilson asked for the post to be shared widely, and so we reproduce it in full below:

I’d like to share Rory’s story.

As many of you may know my fiance Rory passed away on the morning of 17 November.

I believe my partner was a victim of adverse cardiac reaction caused by the vaccine.

Rory regretfully had his first vaccine on the morning of 5th November. He started feeling heat flutters that evening, we put this down to stress as we were in the process of selling and buying a house and planning a wedding.

We never, ever considered the events that followed.

Rory had heart palpitations regularly at night, and again we thought this was stress. 12 days later, Rory was up and down again during the night with his heart palpitations and an ‘uncomfortable’ feeling in his chest. We finally decided to head to hospital at 3am for reassurance.

Within moments, Rory went into cardiac arrest and died instantly in our home.

After 40 minutes of attemps/CPR from the paramedics, he was pronounced dead.

He was 26 years old with no pre-existing medical conditions. He played rugby, went diving and hunting on the weekends, worked hard as a plumber, and had his whole life ahead of him.

We had our whole life’s [sic] ahead of us!

Initial autopsy report: unknown cause of death.

Further report focussed on heart problems will take an extended amount of time to receive final conclusion.

I initially stated that Rory had chest pains prior to the vaccine and commented this on posts. This was in hopes of getting insensitive posts regarding his death removed, while we went through a time of utmost hell and grief.

The media attention we received was overwhelming and unwelcome.

  • Why are young and fit people experiencing heart issues?
  • Why are vaccine related deaths not reported on our 1pm updates or any media releases?
  • Why is the government protecting the elderly from c19, but not protecting healthy young men from this vaccine?

If we had known about these issues, maybe we would have thought twice about this, and Rory would still be with us.

For our families, this is about informed consent. Why are we not told about these side effects and what to do if we experience them?

We need to talk about this.

Ever since Rory passed, I have had multiple people contacting me with their stories of experiences (mostly cardiovascular related). Personally I have had both shots and was previously ‘pro-vaccine’, so have been on both sides of the fence blindly following misinformation.

I urge anyone who experiences any heart symptoms post vaccine to seek medical advice at a hospital immediately.

Please share this post and spread awareness about heart related side effects due to the vaccine.

26 year olds should not be going into cardiac arrest.

If you or a loved one have had an adverse reaction to the COVID jab and would like to share your story on Daily Telegraph, please contact the editor by email for a confidential discussion: editor@telegraph.co.nz, or secure mail dailytelegraphnz@protonmail.com.

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  1. It is really hard to know what to do. This is so sad and I am truly sorry. The problem on the other side of the coin though, is that I know of a number of young and healthy people, both in the US and Australia, who thought they would never get Covid so did not get the vaccination. They then died a horrendous, long, dragged out death from catching Covid. So hard to predict who will react badly to vaccines and who will or won’t survive Covid itself.

  2. I know two people who suffered injuries the day after their second jab. Both were hospitalised. Neither was recorded as a vax injury by the doctors

  3. Stop lying. We know covid-19 is not killing young people but the vaccine is. The only reason people with underlying conditions are dying from covid is becuase they are being finished off with Remdisivir.

  4. My heart just breaks to read stories like this. Read and watched so many people young people with adverse effects. Oh God please stop these arrogant and ignorant decisions made by lying governments.


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