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‘Globalist sell-out’ Luxon told to send his own kids to fight in Ukraine following pro-NATO tweets

Luxon meetings in USA

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has come under fire for his pro-NATO stance and tweets supporting Ukraine, with critics lambasting him for being a warmongering ‘globalist sell-out’ prioritising foreign conflicts over domestic issues.

Luxon’s tweets, which included the phrase “slava Ukraini” (glory to Ukraine), were met with overwhelming disapproval from social media users, many of whom decried the country’s involvement with NATO and financial aid to Ukraine, which they label as the most corrupt country in Europe.

The backlash was swift and intense, with Luxon’s X account flooded with comments accusing him of being a warmongering sell-out to globalist interests, neglecting the needs of New Zealanders in favour of foreign agendas.

“New footage shows a NATO SUPPLIED NASAMS MISSILE shot by Ukrainian forces hit the children’s hospital,” suggesting Luxon’s blaming of Russia for the bombing of a Kiev children’s hospital earlier today, was false. Russia has denied responsibility for the bombing, pointing to multiple instances in the past where Kiev and western legacy media outlets create mass hysteria following events later proved to be false flags.

Another user commented, “Why do you think this happened right before the NATO summit? This looks more like the West using it against Putin. Maybe it’s Zelensky?”

These sentiments reflect a growing skepticism among the public about the authenticity and motives behind reports by western media and governments on the Ukraine conflict, which are often debunked in real time on social media.

Following the bombing incident the Prime Minister announced a further $6 million for military assistance and $10 million for humanitarian support.

Users told Luxon that New Zealand should focus on its own internal problems rather than involving itself in overseas conflicts, feeling that their money should be used to address domestic issues like healthcare, education, and infrastructure, rather than supporting a distant war.

A strong sentiment for peace was also evident, with one user telling the Prime Minister to send his own kids to fight.

“What utter BS Luxon. You take your kids and go fight in Ukraine. Leave our kids alone. Lying coward.”

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    • Have you seen him when he’s shaking hands with other politicians on the world stage? He kind of does this courtesy handshake thing with one leg crossing over behind the other whilst bending a knee! It’s bizarre!

  1. NATO initiated the war…expanding across Europe onto russia border, USA puts missiles onto Russian border and initiates war…..the Cuban missile crisis i in reverse.
    NZ needs to keep out of the Third World War that America stated
    Loxton is very naive , he needs to go to the frontline trenches and experience the helll he is sending innocent young men to.
    Ukraine is a puppet of the USA , the biggest con artist of our generation

  2. I really get annoyed that we are propping up that clown. Feel for the Ukrainian people. They would’ve been better off if Zelensky hadn’t recieved any aid.

    Gonna be a tough sell at the moment getting young kiwis to fight for NATO. How will they change that?

  3. This news report came in today. THIS is an example of what should be expected from a New Zealand PM:

    “The Indian Prime Minister has repeatedly called for dialogue to find a peaceful solution to the conflict
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has thanked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his continued attempts to find a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine crisis. Modi is currently on his first official bilateral visit to Russia since beginning a third consecutive term in office. It is also his first trip to the country since the start of the Ukraine conflict in 2022. Speaking with the Indian leader at the Kremlin on Tuesday following closed informal discussions the day before, Putin thanked Modi for “the attention you are paying to the most pressing problems, including trying to find some ways to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, of course, primarily by peaceful means.”

  4. NATO has no reason to exist now that the Warsaw Pact has been disbanded. NATO was only created in order to handle threats from the Warsaw Pact and communist CCCP.

    I would love to see the MSM publish stories about what Ukraine is really about rather than having to go “dumpster diving” on Alt-Media in order to find out what is going on. Here is some of the stuff that I have read about which may or may not be objectively true:

    (1) Child trafficking where children are kidnapped and sold to elite pedophiles.
    (2) Torture of children for adrenochrome which is the drug of the elites.
    (3) Money laundering: US Federal Government taxes citizens -> Ukraine -> FTX -> Act Blue -> Dems pockets / Antifa / BLM. Why Biden/Pelosi/Kerry adult children have business there.
    (4) 46 US biolabs developing nasties including (allegedly) bio-genic weapons to kill Slavic (i.e. Russian) people.
    (5) Space ark ET space craft under the Olesky Sands in Kershon; Russia is trying to secure this from the “deep state”.

    I am not aware that the MSM has covered ANYTHING from the list above.

    • Yes, I’ve heard stories of all of the above. I don’t doubt it either.

      I am glad the message is sinking in about the corruption in Ukraine and why Putin put his troops there.I hope Putin brings peace to those people. They’ve been fighting a hell for over 10 years loosing their own, children too.

      Luxon is a dumb arse to virtue signal about Ukraine.

      I am so glad there has been negative reaction to his dumb dumb tweets.
      STFU Luxon!

  5. When are these politicians going to learn that many people are now awake to these kinds of obvious false flags and media hysterics? The deepstates old tricks don’t work anymore!!

  6. I really do hope the general public does outright reject this current government. Maybe then they will inch closer to the realisation that the red/blue political paradigm is really just a bait and switch.

    • Not just Luxon either. Willis is a WEF puppet, in the same camp as Ardern. So that’s just National’s leader and deputy, without looking again I’d has it a guess there would be more who have sold out too.

  7. Clearly the US president is not in control of what is going on. A weak and dying corrupt old man who is easily manipulated is all part of the globalist plan.

  8. Suggest people check out the trilateral commission webpage. Wanna know where the world is heading, they spell it out for you in detail.

  9. Luxon = Ardern in a suit. Oh well, I guess you get what you vote for. Good one, National party voters. Sadly, due to your died-in-the-wool attitude, we can expect more of this to come.

  10. Pathetic, hideously wasteful and utterly disloyal but then that’s what you get when you vote for globalist party’s New Zealand.

  11. I’m starting to hate him more than Ardern, and that’s a lot!!
    How revolting to see the NZ prime minister on his knees to his US masters. Not my PM! Disgusting!

  12. Flustercluxon and Jakinder are two cheeks of the same arse.
    Tha bald guy at least doesn’t indulge in fake “kindness” garbage, but they both have horrible little stainless steel nano-souls.

  13. Let’s hope everyone says NO to sending their kids off to fight.
    Great to see people waking up, now what are we going to do about it?
    So glad I did not vote for National.
    I tried to warn everyone….

    • Vote for the NZ Loyal Party next time…lots of patriotic and well-grounded Kiwis are considering a first-time ever run for office under the NZ Loyal Party banner!
      We’re out there, but are unseen as we have to wait another 2 years to register for the run for office!
      Whether or not we see another (s)election remains to be seen, due to World War Three going full-hot!


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