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National supports the targets, but questions Emissions Reduction Plan – Luxon

Emissions Reduction Plan news

National supports the Government’s emissions budgets and emissions targets but is concerned the Emissions Reduction Plan is a poor use of taxpayers’ money, says Opposition Leader Christopher Luxon says.

  • “We support the goal of reducing emissions in the economy, but see little evidence that this Government will be able to deliver.
  • “Too much of the new spending will go to corporate welfare and more working groups.

“The Government is proposing to give hundreds of millions of dollars to companies for investments they should be making anyway.

“We expect those companies to be cutting their emissions without help from taxpayers. A significant part of the Government’s plan looks like a corporate carbon bailout.

“There are elements of the plan that we welcome, including investment in research to reduce agriculture emissions and in expanding options for carbons sinks including native forests and blue carbon.

“However, much of the plan lacks the details we would expect to see after more than two years of work.

“This plan is classic Labour. In the middle of a cost of living crisis, Grant Robertson’s big idea is to spend millions of dollars for more consultants, more working groups, and poorly focused initiatives, with no real milestones for success.

“It is disappointing to see poor quality spending and corporate welfare at a time when New Zealanders’ back pockets are hurting and they want assurance their money is being carefully spent.

“Today’s plan will only add to the perception that this Government talks a big game but does not deliver – whether for the climate or housing or mental health or anything else.”

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  1. Trust NONE of the main political parties.
    Trust NONE of those in the Old Boy / Old Girl political networks.
    Doesn’t one find it strange that the ‘leader’ of the National Party gave up six-figures to be steered into the National Party ‘leadership’?
    Make no mistake; John Key has never left the national Party, just as Obama has never left the White House…!

  2. Laxon likes the warmth of Jabcinda’s skirt. He is NOT a leader at all. Just imposed person who has no qualification or stature to be a lder. Low IQ, follower of the trend in business or politics and not a strong visionary to stand tall.

    He is a curse indeed.

  3. National are controlled opposition(along with Act ) to fool the sheeple into thinking they have a choice,you dont and you will never vote your way to freedom or any meaningful change.Time to wake up to realise its a lot like professional wrestling,they all have the same owner and they put on a show for the moronic crowd,collect their money and go and have a drink together afterwards.


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