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‘New Zealand’s Zero Covid strategy was immoral, incoherent and a grand failure’ – Stanford world medical expert

Professor Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University in the United States analysed Jacinda Ardern’s ‘Zero COVID’ policy.

The opinion published in Spiked concluded that the Ardern government’s approach to the pandemic and vaccination was ‘immoral, incoherent and a grand failure.’

The article claimed the government’s delay in obtaining and rolling-out the vaccines was a critical failure, as was it’s policy to jab everyone (for herd immunity), rather than focus vaccination only on those who were vulnerable, such as the elderly. The proper approach, according to Bhattacharya, was that contained in The Great Barrington Declaration.

DTNZ first reported on the declaration in December 2021.

Professor Bhattacharya MD, PhD, is an epidemiologist, health economist, and professor at Stanford University School of Medicine.



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  1. Everything Jabcinda does is a grand failure or is it just a Great Reset? or Agenda 2030 or perhaps The New World Order. Actually it’s all of the above and we as New Zealanders need to see to it that, that is her Grandest Failure of all. There is a moral imperative to ignore unjust laws and corrupt globalist puppets. Her and all the other politicians current and future need to learn that they work for us. Thomas Jefferson i think it was once wrote “When the People Fear the Government There is Tyranny, but When Government Fears the People There is Liberty.” We need liberty from the A’holes that think simply because they have money should be allowed to destroy people lives and futures. Talk to your friends talk to your neighbors because even if they disagree with you, you will certainly get more truth from them than you will from the pointless politicians in wellington of all parties and the redundant lamestream media that get money from the govt that under any circumstances in any other industry where that happened would be considered a conflict of interest and would not be allowed. why cant we just sue the lamestream media into oblivion for bs’ing the NZ people on behalf of a corrupt govt. they would only ever be missed by the corrupt globalist power structure anyway.

    • Agree… when the government that fears the people there is liberty. The end of this month I see marches are planned. Lets hit the streets and teach them to fear.

  2. Just as well Adern received her PhD in time from Harvard, whew.
    I used to think PhD stood for Philosophiae Doctor, in this case it seems a likely acronym for ‘Pfizer hardened Dictator’.
    Be interesting to follow a possible money and/or shoulder tapping trail behind Harvard’s award.
    Ah well, I’m sure the UN will happily recognise the degree.
    And that Klaus Schwab et all will have made a personal call or sent an email of hearty congratulations.

    Interesting that many truly deserving notables have turned down such awards. Given the unqualified highly-indebted mess Adern’s caused New Zealand during her tenure, the decent move would have been to turn down Harvard’s offer of the award or to now return it.

    No offence whatsoever and only full respect ever to all those, like my partner and many many thousands of others, who have earned their doctorates the hard, real and decent way.

  3. Just goes to show that those of us who opposed this are well and truly vindicated. The real clown show is this government and its monumental incompetence and dishonesty.

  4. This government and the next will be taking orders from someone/where else. This is what people must wake up to. This includes Luxon and Seymour aka the hologram “Rimmer” will be taking orders from same again.
    WAKE UP to the corruption in this country that has been here since I don’t know when…. it’s been on going for a long, long time.

  5. Hang her and her entire corrupt family – Coster, her daddy …hang em all and get rid of the bloodline. We watch today as the same puppetmasters pulling Arderns strings are now setting up their replacement PM with the name Luxon. Well the Schwabb and the Luxon can jollywell LuxOFF.

  6. Right or wrong in situations like what happened in 2019 decisions have to be made, the pleds have to see who is in charge, they have to know at the end of it that they didn’t matter and that they know who our masters are, that they are also unchallengeable, unimpeachable and unaccountable, that is how you rule, to enter into negotiation is a sign of weakness and will not stand.
    The West lives in a turn key totalitarian state, the Bolsheviks have taken America and they only thing holding them back is the massive weapons stockpile being held by civilians, if America falls to them people like Sam Uffindell will have his foot on your face for eternity.


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