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Posie Parker: ‘We will win this f***ing war’ – blames corrupt media and politicians for violence

Parker tweeted this morning just as she was about to leave the country, escorted by police through security checks at Auckland International Airport.

Full text of tweet:

A long campaign to assassinate my character, started by a group of jealous spiteful women in the UK, that I had ambitions besides stopping the mutilation of children and the erasure of women’s rights.

A load of lies slurped up by ravenous porn sick men and their transmaidens, but consistently legitimatised by women “on my side”. The lies were finally spewed by politicians in power in Australia and New Zealand, boosted by a corrupt media populated by vile dishonest unskilled cult members.

The end result was that I spent most of my day with the protection of police who genuinely believed I was lucky to be alive. The advice was that I should go home. I was never the things that I have been accused of. I don’t even believe they believe it, they just say it because they cannot accept a woman walking her own path and wants other women to find their feet and walk theirs.

It may seem like we lost a battle today but I promise we will win this fucking war. The powerful are seeking to silence us, we must continue to speak. They are afraid of us. So much love to the women of New Zealand, we see you. The world is talking about you. ❤️❤️❤️ To the stewards, security and police who made sure my kids get to see me again thank you, thanks to all of you at home who offered messages of support. Kj

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  1. I’ll just hold my breath while the mainstream media pundits all apologise for the role they played in a woman being physically assaulted and run out of the country 👍

    Tell my family I love them.

  2. The trans community had a bit of a set back this week when the International Athletics Federation called it quits on transwomen competing against genuine females. More federations will follow. Who better to direct your disappointment and excess testosteron at than a women’s rights activist?

  3. All the media referred to Posie Parker as a trans activist. She is a Women’s Rights campaigner, not activist, and she, like me and many other women, has no interest whatsoever in ‘trans’ people so long as they stop their demands to be let into women’s spaces and keep their hands off our children. They are welcome to make their own spaces. The fact that they don’t want to do that is significant.
    MSM will never apologise. They just change the narrative when it suits them to do so. Anybody who hasn’t wised up to their lies and hypocrisy after the past three years is lost. Look at the way they always report on Brian Tamaki. He has done so much good for Maori men and families.
    I have heard names like Max Tweedie and Shaneen Lal being instigators of the trans crowd, but who are the real culprits pushing this insanity?

    • I am 60 and extensively travelled and have never seen a vagina tranny in a men’s room, why is this? Its the opposite reason why cock trannies can force their way into Women’s space, the threat of brute force, what to do? Something has to be done, it should start at the political level but until enough women flip their vote the tide won’t turn.

    • Im 70. Im pissed off! I never concerned myself with gay people. They have been around for yonks, usually flying under the radar. The violence against posie parker has changed my view.. These trans gender activists are evil. Evil! When God made Adam and Eve he never made somebody in between. I note in the USA transgenderism is causing a lot of real concern amongst real people.. When I think about it mutilating themselves and trying to force this onto pre-teens is the same as a post apocalyptic war zombie
      To my way of thinking these beings are no longer people but zombies.

  4. I wonder if the person filming this will also be roughed up and arrested by airport security and police. Yeah nah probably not. So much corruption and hypocrisy within politics, police and media in NZ. I hope this woke up a few more kiwis on the slippery slope NZ is heading down. Thanks for reporting facts Daily Telegraph.

    • Aha my thoughts were the same as I saw these pictures from Auckland airport. I hope Luz Gunn see’s these pictures and asks questions about why it’s OK for these camera people to be taking photo’s/filming when Liz and Jonathan get ruffed up and charged with trespass. Nothing to see here

  5. I hold no judgement of individuals making their own choices with the intent of do no harm to others. As for the group or body that instigated the bullying tactics we have witnessed being directed at these Women speaking out about Women’s rights…..take a long deep look at yourselves, your intentions, your motivation YOUR MOTIVATION and where you personally see your actions are leading you. And then look a little deeper

  6. Funny how mob rule has succeed here, when the govt has no difficulty crushing bigger protests, such as those that took place during the so called pandemic. NZ is looking more and more like a 70’s style Latin American banana republic by the day. This government need to go, they are in my view, as a mostly moderate voter, a cancer to democracy and human rights, in New Zealand.

  7. Where was the police? Oh, we do not interfere when an ideology agenda is pushed by the wokes. they MSM is F**ked anyway, no normal people would listen to them anymore. So pleased we have reality checke radio. I am in New Plymouth, our council decorated the lamb post with rainbow flags, what a waste of our ratepayers money. I guess they have to do what they been told by they tyrant government.


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