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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Revised NZ Ministry of Health Covid figures reveal the extent of immune deficiencies

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health completely revised its presentation of Covid-19 statistics in order to “better inform the New Zealand public”.

This initially caused a bit of consternation, but on close examination some laughter among statistically competent people. It seems that MoH is by accident rather than intention, making the case for the unvaccinated. The statistics bear close examination.

Up until now we have had a long series of Covid-19 data for infections, hospitalisations, and deaths based on the consistent criteria provided by test results. This has enabled us to track the long term trends. These are very clear. Over the last four months the vaccinated are becoming progressively more vulnerable to testing positive for Covid before or during hospitalisation (red line) while the unvaccinated are becoming less vulnerable (blue line).

Revised MOH Covid figures news

The unvaccinated have been gradually making up a smaller and smaller proportion of cases, hospitalisations and deaths. This is probably due to the growth of natural immunity due to prior infection. In contrast, as the effect of mRNA inoculation wanes, the vaccinated have been making up a larger proportion than their relative numbers suggest they should. This may also be due to immune deficiency caused by the vaccine although this is not yet clear from the limited NZ figures available.

Although the MoH data, provided up until now, has deficiencies (for example related to who is categorised as vaccinated—a person is not categorised as vaccinated until 7 days after receiving the shot), the data forms a consistent series and thus the trends are objectively reliable.

The most recent 7 day average reveals that the vaccinated make up a larger percentage of hospitalisations than their percentage of the population. In other words, they are more vulnerable to Covid than the unvaccinated who make up a smaller percentage of the hospital admissions than their relative population size.

Revised MoH figures news

Newly revised MoH data is not scientifically credible

Yesterday the Ministry of Health abruptly adjusted their Covid data (including some historical figures) by a huge amount as follows:

The first thing to note is that these figures are incompatible with the previous figures. From today it will no longer be possible to gauge historical trends. This is because the method of counting Covid cases has changed. Technically speaking there is a structural break in the data. The change in reporting is no longer based solely on the objective results of tests. Cases have been reclassified by MoH clinicians and administrators according to criteria which have not been fully revealed. These involve subjective judgements.

According to the MoH many individuals are in hospital for other conditions and their Covid diagnosis is therefore irrelevant, so these people have now been excluded from Covid statistics. The MoH says these revised figures are intended to give the public a better picture of the actual impact of Covid. Happily for the MoH, the Covid hospitalisation figures for the vaccinated have been adjusted downwards by very large percentages, while those for the unvaccinated have been adjusted down by only small percentages.

Before yesterday’s changes, the unvaccinated or ineligible formed 21.5% of the population but only 17.5% of the hospitalisations, they have now been recategorised and form 33.4% of hospitalisations. According to the MoH this shows that the vaccine is working very well. We imagine there must be big sighs of relief at the MoH along with much back slapping and sipping of champagne all round.

Are the new MoH figures believable? Firstly some of the adjustments are very extreme and inexplicable. The number of Covid patients reported to be in ICU rose from 205 to 305 in the space of two days. Similarly the huge jump among the under twelves in hospital because of Covid, up by 16% in two days are not credible. Further analysis throws up many more doubts about their reliability.

But let’s leave aside for the moment our doubts about the objectivity of the new MoH adjustments, let’s say we believe them to be a reliable picture of Covid (which we don’t). The real information that the MoH is providing here with these new figures is actually far more startling and concerning than any face value reduction in Covid case loads. It is the reverse side of the coin that is so revealing and what they don’t say that is so important. Our question is:

Why are there so many vaccinated people in hospitals? If they are not there for Covid as the MoH now claims, why are they hospitalized and what is wrong with them?

Two days ago One News reported that all cause mortality in New Zealand has reached record levels in 2022, higher than any historical levels. We have been reporting extensively on this based on our assessment of official data. A couple of weeks ago Dr. Ashley Bloomfield wrote to me and said there is no excess all-cause mortality in NZ. He was wrong and now even One News has had the courage to correct him.

Key data is being withheld by MoH. They are not telling us why hospitalisations are increasing. Is it for cardiac conditions, strokes, cancers, or what? They are keeping mum. Why?

In contrast to the latest MoH gerrymandering of data, overseas researchers and some media are moving ahead of curve:

June 6 2022 CBS News reported:

“As COVID-19 cases began to accelerate again this spring, federal data suggests the rate of breakthrough COVID infections in April was worse in boosted Americans compared to unboosted Americans …”

Analysis of Pfizer’s pediatric vaccine trial results by mathematician and substack blogger Igor Chudov reveals the mRNA shots raise rather than lower the risk of reinfection (meaning catching COVID more than once).

US pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole and many others are reporting rises in a number of health conditions including cancers, most notably cancers of the uterus, endometrial cancers, and very aggressive blood and brain cancers.

The Hatchard Report has already written extensively on official US life insurance company data showing that all cause mortality is rising at an unprecedented and alarming rate (as high as 163%) among working age Americans.

Data from the US Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) is showing dramatic increases in medical visits for cancers and a range of other conditions post-jab.

Immune deficiency is immune memory loss

As many prominent scientists have pointed out, rising hospital case loads point to immune deficiency as a consequence of mRNA vaccination. This could be the cause of excess all-cause mortality in NZ, but we cannot at this point decide definitively because the data on individual conditions is being withheld and possibly obfuscated by MoH. I and many others have requested this data without success.

There is another way to describe immune deficiency that will perhaps help you understand what is at stake—“loss of immune memory”. Our immunity is not just made up of our responses to childhood illnesses. Much if not most of our immunity arises from ancestral experiences of illnesses. Immunity is in large part a gift of successful evolutionary responses to historical illnesses which are then stored in our DNA. Our DNA is a treasure trove of ancestral health gifts.

mRNA vaccines are reprogramming the epigenetic responses and functions of our immune system. By doing so, are they also wiping out part of our inherited immunity? Are mRNA vaccines subtracting the genetic wisdom of our ancestors and substituting the hurried inventions of some people working at warp speed in a biotech lab? If this is true, and the indications so far point strongly in this direction, I need hardly add that this is not only dangerous but potentially life-ending and species-threatening over the longer term. Note the Canadian government announced yesterday that mRNA vaccination will be required at regular intervals into the distant future.

What do record levels of all-cause mortality in NZ and overseas imply? Let’s not beat around the bush here—only one conclusion can be reached—longevity is decreasing for the first time in hundreds of years (with the exception of world war one and two). We are going to be living shorter lives and the data released yesterday by the MoH tells us that this is not due to Covid.

If it is not due to Covid, what is it due to? Epidemiologist Dr. Michael Baker, who writes prolifically for the popular press, told us a few days ago it must be due to a combination of Covid and flu, but he hasn’t got the data to back this up. Like us, he is hobbled by the lack of non-Covid official health data. He is making a convenient stab in the dark—telling us to round up the usual suspects. From my statistical perspective, evidence is quietly mounting that mRNA Covid vaccination is the real culprit.

The tragedy here is that MPs of all parties and many government policy makers are also being kept in the dark. This week an MP meeting a constituent, who brought Covid data newly published in peer-reviewed journals to their attention, rebuffed their representation with the handy excuse that the MoH can’t be wrong. The MP cited her own PhD in an unrelated academic discipline and chided the constituent for falling down a rabbit hole. Since when are international peer-reviewed scientific journals rabbit holes? Are we being expected to ignore the science of the rest of the world? Just how uninformed, naive, and closed-minded are our current MPs? In 2023 you should be able to cast your vote at the ballot box, but then again who is left to vote for who isn’t asleep at the wheel?

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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  1. Well we are going to hear more expert opinions from the “experts”, and more lies will be spread by the media mercenaries. They all get paid or rewarded for the “services” rendered well you know.

  2. Ironic I had a social meeting with a medical doctor last week. I asked if he had had the Vid yet? Their reply was, they feel so fortunate as they haven’t tested positive, yet. thanking the Vaccine, for keeping them safe. This person, I’ve observed, this last 18 month, having 1, 2, 3, and now lining up for their forth jab. Other thing I’ve noticed, they now look terrible, they almost appear disabled with impaired walking and movement. Though, when I question if they are OK, they assure me they are fine. though, they look terrible, I honestly mean that, they look like people I remember near death. You know, that grey look. Another friend, med care worker, double jabbed, and boosted. After booster had been admitted to hospital with suspected stroke, though diagnosed nothing wrong. Now they refuse the second booster.

    • NZ health ministry has a strong confirmation bias. They deliberatelly misclassify the jab injuries. They do not want to rationally look at the data which clearly shows that a vast difference in the rate of break through infections between jabbed and unjabbed. The loss of natural immunity is making jabbed population vulnerable as well as confounds the jab side effects on other immune systems. The main stream media, as usual, doing their best to serve their masters with fake news and lies from the so called experts. These media mercenaries are so hypocritical supporting “my body my choice” slogan to encourage late abortions but not for arguing against unlawful, human right violating mandates of jabs and masks (which are clearly ruled out based on cost-benefit assessment).

      The sad part of the whole saga is that the health professionals lost their professional freedom, and have become robotic workers who implement the decisions made by the politicians who work for Big Pharma and Global Elites.


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