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‘The 2 masked clowns’: WEF underlings Ardern and Trudeau mocked for inflight face masks

Trudeau - Ardern flight news

The Prime Ministers of New Zealand and Canada were traveling together on a jet from London to New York.

Both leaders had just spent a number of days attending Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, where they appeared in numerous public and private events, many attended by thousands of people, without a face mask.

During the flight Trudeau tweeted a photo of the two seated across a table in discussion while wearing face masks.

‘Prime Minister @JacindaArdern and I have touched base on the phone, over video calls, at summits – and now on planes. As we traveled together from London, we reflected on Her Majesty The Queen’s devotion to service and the connection she had with Canadians and New Zealanders.

‘We also spoke about Ukraine, climate change, violent extremism, reconciliation, and how we can make progress on these files together. We’ll keep working – wherever we find ourselves meeting – to build a better future for the people of Canada and the people of New Zealand.’

A tweet by Cam Slater of The BFD summed up the reaction of some kiwis to the message:

The reaction to Slater’s tweet was brutal:

And then he take the mask off to do the video it’s all optics

Exactly my thoughts. They think we are thick.

Most of their supporters are too thick to realize the level hypocrisy these two engage in.

It’s because Canada still has a mask mandate on flights. So that theatre is just aimed at making Canadians think that it is still necessary.

Which one is more vapid, inane, empty-headed, hollow, pc and platitudinous ? I can never tell.

Its now at the point that I honestly believe she needs a psychiatric evaluation, her babbling comments are beyond being coherent as are her none sensical sentences, her ability to not even read the room but mentally she isn’t even in the same fuk’n room. Now this mask wearing

Canadians didn’t hold back in calling out their Prime Minister either:

Two dictators. Nothing good could come from this conversation.

2 WEF shills working-NOT what people want

were you guys at the same funeral?.. so why the masks now?

History will not be kind to you both.

Hey haven’t you heard? Pandemic is over! Biden said so. So y’know… both of you can, um, free your people from your dictatorships.

You both seem to be unliked well enough by many in your own countries as it is,but if you’re both fully vaccinated,and didn’t wear a mask in a England why are you making out you wore one in this photo opportunity ? Or is it that the turbulence would have been worse without them ?

No one believes you wore a mask for the entire flight. Nice photo op & propaganda.

You’ve just been in UK with no mask. How more blatantly obvious that this is all an act. Both of you are hated all over the world for your shocking dictatorship

The 2 masked clowns. A title for a most horrific reality, based on a script by wef, directed by unkle klaus, starring his majesty beloved fearless leader peopleking trudeu the second, and the other socialist, whatever she is called down south. Pathetic yet dangerous pretends.

Thank goodness you “touched base” on climate change while producing 16 metric tons of CO2 during your private jet flight. Well done.

So you spend 3 days in the #UK with about 60 million people without a mask. Now you have a mask for the photos. What’s up with your science Justy boy?

Her popularity is plummeting as is yours.


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  1. Their smug stupidity is laughable, evidenced by the notion any intelligent person believes such visual twaddle.
    Yet another day, yawn, in the charade of two deluded members of the ultimately doomed WEF Cult of Global Control, that giant zeppelin piloted by the ghoulish transhuman, Klaus Schwab, carrying as many gullibles as possible, we watch float across the sky to its eventual immolation.

    Only the Gullible.

  2. Yep, agree with Cam, the stupid is strong in them both. A pair of plonkers a perfect pair. That neither of them thought we would see through this rouse shows how plonkery they are. Too much time in front of the mirror, or poor toilet training, I can’t tell which. But their time will come to a close and we can move on… to the next shipment of wallies. Life is so cruel. ????

  3. I wonder if they joined the WEF mile high club? she is sooo besotted with that Cuck and she is not married yet and her cuck fiancé would just cuck,,,

  4. Insufferable pair of twats, Jordan Peterson described Trudeau as a weasel, right on the money I would say. Whats more worrying is all the idiots in their respective governments going along with their charade, guess they are all worried about losing their big salaries if they rock the boat, to hell with the truth.

    • That’s so childish. Their aim is to steadily infiltrate and control more of our lives right where we are – NZ and Canada – not elope to WEF land. That’s your fantasy about them. Their fantasy is to entirely control all of us.

  5. Is this the real life?
    Is this just fantasy?
    Caught in a landside
    No escape from reality
    Open your eyes
    Look up to the skies and see

    I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy
    Because I’m easy come, easy go
    Little high, little low
    Any way the wind blows doesn’t really matter to me (to me)


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