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This is criminal: Another heart-breaking video of COVID jab victim emerges on Facebook

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When are the government going to start to listen? The mandates are sick. The vaccine is causing immense loss and injury to New Zealanders.

Another heart-breaking video has been posted to Facebook on 29 November by Lukey Peihopa, of an innocent kiwi jab victim. The girl can be seen crying in pain, holding her temple, her legs shaking. Whanau try to console her, but to no avail.

Why are Jacinda Ardern and Ashley Bloomfield ignoring these stories of death and injury? What will be the cost to the taxpayer for these clot shots, because Pfizer are exempt from liability for a faulty, dangerous product?

We are aware of tens of thousands of stories of adverse reactions, but the government insists they ‘are safe’. They are not safe. They are risky. The evidence is overwhelming that there is risk to health and life when you take these mRNA experimental jabs. Where there is risk there must be choice.

The mandating of these products is a crime against the people of New Zealand of unimaginable cruelty and gravity, and those in power who stand by and let this happen, and misrepresent the safety of the jab will face justice one day.

You can watch the video on Mr. Peihopa’s Facebook page.

If you or a loved one have had an adverse reaction to the COVID jab and would like to share your story on Daily Telegraph, please contact the editor by email for a confidential discussion: editor@telegraph.co.nz, or secure mail dailytelegraphnz@protonmail.com.

Comments from friends and whanau were understandably full of shock, horror and anger. We’ve reproduced the comments below, with usernames removed:

Arohamai whanau😪💖

Aroha tooo u xxx 😪

You got this Ani girl love you x bs when you have no choice but to got this x breathe through it x thinking of you all🤗

Naw heck mak me cry bub.

Sorry aunty didn’t mean 2 make people cry but if this will spread more awareness then we will do it😢 these r th sorts of risks people ain’t told abt well people r gna know now, love u aunt 😘❤️

Lukey Peihopa I so agree wiv you babe just sad 2 c Ani this way ffs lov n blessings to you all, sorry we can’t b there to awhi yous but we lov you always. B strong Ani xxxxxxx

hardot sista I’m 😢😪😭😭😭💖💜

Ohh my god 😭🤬🤬😭😭😭😭😭 loveyou babe❤️

Kia kaha Mama this makes me so maemae for you honey😪I wish we were close to awhi you and mum but I know Uncle got yous💖💖We love yous forever and always Lukey Peihopa so sry you going through this Babe. Keep at them babe for answers this is not right.💞💞💜💜

so heartbreaking to see you like this unz 😭😭😭😭😭

Kia kaha Ani 🥺

Awww my girlll 😭😭😭 sending love and strength your way ❤❤ I can feel your mamae all the way up here. Thinking of all of you, but especially you Ani. Stay strong my mate xx

Ka aroha whanau kia kaha❤

Love you

I’m so distraught for you. I’m Sending prayers 🙏

Sending my love to you’s whanua. From te Aroha 💕

Broke my heart 😢 arohamai x

This honestly breaks my heart so much, I’m shaking I’m so angry. STOP THE MANDATES… FREEDOM OF CHOICE

Im so so mad and angry an my heart hurt watching this!!! Sending my PRAYERS and LOVE❤

Ma te Atua he manaaki tiaki. He mihi aroha kia koutou 😭 💔. Contact the health forum NZ file a injury form with ACC get your GP to sign it off. Not up to GP to decide if she is vax injured it’s up to ACC. The re are detox protocols that could help.

Omg 🥺😩😩 poor girl 😭😭😭 corruption man in this shit arse government 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Hope she gets better real soon 😭

poor darling

I’m going to say something that many will reject it’s just for the record many will die over the next 5 years from these kill shots thats what they are designed for you can research it yourselves I suggest you do. Now you can’t say you weren’t warned

We can say we have been decieved.


If this is severe head pain then surely she needs to be checked over for blood clotting or brain bleed? This is so wrong. They must stop now 😡

Jacinda Ardern and where are you ?? are you supporting this whanau ?? She did what u said so she can go back to work and help the economy now look?


Kim Reed my girl has had cat scan, lumber puncture an blood tests everything come back clear, she has been diagnosed with cluster headaches, never had any symptoms or problems till her 2nd jab, if everybody looks at my 1st posts from when this started it’s all in there 💕

Lukey Peihopa sorry I didn’t see your first post explaining this . Did they by any chance to a D-dimer blood test? This will show if there is any mircroscopic blood clotting.
NAC may help with detox from this poison. If you can do a full heavy meta… See more

Lukey Peihopa i get them I can help.

Ohhhh man this breaks my heart

Ooohhhh sweetheart!!

Beyond words. Utterly Speechless.

Man this is heart breaking to see poor wahine ! This whole COVID bullshit is shit man !

Oh my god… this breaks my heart… get to a specialist 🙏😭😭

Detox with red wine a.s.a.p or invectmin, hydroxlquin or how ever you spell it, colloidal silver, garlic, ginger, lemons

Poor darling girl 🙁 this is absolutely heartbreaking 💔 thank you for being brave and sharing. In my prayers sending healing love and healing to your beautiful girl and you all🙏❤❤❤

Oh so sorry Moko I feel her this is terrible

Omg I’m so sorry you’re going through this 😢

Oh man this just breaks my heart!! So sorry this happened to you. Sending you lots of love and prayers ❤ Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, quercetin, zinc, magnesium, vitamin c, vitamin d3, fresh pine needle tea, dandelion tea, jim humbles mms.

I’ve heard they are coating ivermectin etc with nano particules now ffs!!!

Get a Doctor to her. TELl then the bloody JAB is poison……and in a young body…They should be able to SUE the Bloody Jab companiy!!!!! SUE THE BLLODY ARS OFF THEM. sPRRY THIOS MAKES ME SO ANGRY….CRIMINAL….

Dear Lord, we need this to stop. How can we protect our families when they force this stuff

Great response lukie hope there’s some useful info there. Xxx

Breaks my heart to see this, so sorry this is happening to your girl🌹😭

😔 sending heaps of love thoughts and pray 🙏 😢😢😢😢

its blood clotting in the brain try asprin that disolves blood clots

Its heartbreaking to see young ones go through soo much pain

I heard there was 2 deaths in Dunerz a wk apart of each other

Thank you for making the decision to share this Ani and Family so we can warn others. I will pray for Ani too 🙏

This is horrific, praying for healing in J e s u s name xxx

😱What a horrible and frustrating situation to be in 🥺Sending love and blessings to your home💞💕🤦‍♀️So easy for them to push the vaccine on our people and yet they’re not the ones that have to cater for the after effects in people’s homes.

Omgoshhh tears 😢 to my eyes kare I really want tooooo swear 🤬 😫 😭 hurts…Speedy Recovery Kare ❤❤

Ivermectin blocks the Spike protein that’s causing the damage. Sounds weird but tea made from dandelion leaves apparently does the same thing, the ones you blow the seed away.

I reckon don’t get the 2nd jab Esh Alicia FN .. this is what seems to happen to heaps of people after 2nd jab


This is heartbreaking 😩

So so sad. Sending prayers 🙏❤

Sending alot of love to you Ani and your whanau .. my heart 💔 watching this .. kia kaha whanau kia maia kia manawanui❣️

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  1. Go to a herbalist! Avoid anything from a pharmacy and only see a specialist for tests but don’t take what they prescribe! Take the test results to the herbalist and naturopath and ask for blood tests from them too. Kia kaha. These criminals will he their dues as public anger builds


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