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Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Watch: Ardern’s Harvard Commencement Address – Extended Highlights

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spoke to Harvard University’s Class of 2022 today in the annual Commencement Address.

Ardern’s speech focussed on disinformation and Big Tech algorithm transparency, concluding that ‘kindness’ makes the world ‘feel small and connected.’

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  1. Just came here to say sorry I can’t watch that unkind lying woman. Never have I felt so gaslighted and betrayed by one person. I honestly can’t understand how she has any support unless those supporters have been utterly brainwashed and if that’s the case they must be weak minded people or they are being paid to do so.

    Never has she wanted to fix New Zealand or help New Zealanders – I can see that quite clearly now. All she has done is roll out the World Economic Forum agenda to try and get people dumbed down and reliant on govt support so they can be controlled. It’s disgusting. Child poverty and general poverty has INCREASED under her control – let that tell you all you need to know.

    Don’t be fooled into thinking Luxon and National are the answer either. They are also fully on board with the WEF Agenda 2030. No we need new parties with democratic and genuine values and we need a whole new political system so we are not controlled by unaccountable overpaid self serving traitors.

    This next election we MUST as EVERY running candidate what their ties are to the World Economic Forum.

    ……and don’t start me about Helen Clark 🤮🤮🤮

  2. The PM went to Harvet because she wants to promot herself only and looking for senior position only and does not care much about NZ econnomy or people. Her task was given to her by World Economic Forum and her job as PM is over and she is ready to get new senior job that is the CEO of World Health Organisation or UNDP or Henry Clinton or even Bill Gates Foundation. She will be offering as post that is a visiting Professor of Political Science at the Harvet university. As to the Dr. Ashley he will follow her pathway targeting WHO for also senior position.

  3. ‘kindness’ makes the world ‘feel small and connected.’ Yesh right….

    Afgans who supported US and evacuated from Afganistan by US/UK/EU armies are placed in Albania. US promised them to take them as refugees after “processing”. Now they have all beem dumped without much support in Albania. https://www.infomigrants.net/en/post/40932/we-are-forgotten-afghan-refugees-in-albania-protest-long-wait-for-visas

    Jacinda should have referred to her “kind” treatment of Afgans in her speech and ask US to do the same.

    A little bird tweets, Jacinda did the same to 1000s of Afgans who helped NZ Army. Only a small part were able to get refugee status.

    NZ should not involve in wars or proxy wars on behalf of US or any other country. This is what will keep the world ‘feel small and connected.’ Not lip service and woke talks. They will produce opposite results of disconnected world once truth comes out.


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