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Watch: ‘She’s no Benazir’ – Chantelle Baker’s brutal takedown of Ardern Harvard speech

Our Prime Minister was invited to give the keynote speech at this year’s Harvard Commencement Day.

She spoke of ’empathy’ and ‘kindness’, ‘disinformation’, ‘strengthening democracy’ and the role of Big Tech in today’s connected world.

As Chantelle Baker points out in this critique of the speech, Jacinda Ardern’s words did not match the reality faced by many New Zealanders in the wake of the COVID crisis.


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  1. Talk is cheap. In 2022 they all speak in opposites.
    It’s about FORCED empathy, FORCED kindness, and you better believe the disinformation is real – it’s just coming from them.

    Now shut up and smile, pretend you don’t notice how the world becomes a slightly shittier place after every Davos meeting, ignore the people inexplicably dropping dead for “unknown” reasons, pay no attention to the soaring food and fuel prices. Just because it’s happening in every country at the same time all at once, doesn’t mean it’s deliberate or coordinated. You will own nothing and you will be happy, IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?!

    All that matters is how loudly you swear fealty to the new state religion. Climate change is real damn it, those new carbon taxes are about changing the weather, they’re definitely not a blatant political grift to extort more money out of us than ever before. So you’d better stand with Ukraine, and teach your kids that being straight, getting married and having kids is the worst sin they could commit against the natural world.

    What, you aren’t some kind of racist, are you?!

    ARE YOU?!

    • arden has killled the word kindness, the meaning has changed now. Our household never uses it. Now.
      I wonder what Taylor Swift talked about after receiving her doctorate? Some genuine honest uplifting thoughts maybe?

  2. that speech was the most sickening, disgusting display of hypocrisy I have ever seen or heard. I felt physically sick listening to her utter bull**** about empathy and kindness and democracy.

  3. Hats off to you Chantelle ???? bravo ???????????????????????? Excellent critique. On the other hand the speech of j.a…is so fake, she is out of reality of her actions. Can people not see her for what she is, applauding her for what?

  4. Empathy – Does not apply to kiwis, and starving children and renters in particular.
    Kindness – Applies to only those who has money and power, and others will get inflation lipservice and pushed to poverty or ostracised.
    Disinformation – Anything that disagrees with the Jacinda’s narrative.
    Strengthening democracy – Applies to only Ukarine by funding neonazis.

    Once we made all the above exclusions, Jacinda is not telling lies but not necessarily truth (because truth is like gender, very fluid depending on our mood of the day).

    • You atre entitled to disagree but please explain how you distinguish X manipulating from Y. If someone manipulates, they do it for a gain. What gain Chantelle is making here? I cannpot see any. On the other hand, Jacinda is ganing a lot when she lies, and maniuplates public.

      You missed terms such as “conspiracy theorist”, “disinformation”, “misinformation”, “extermist”, “terrorist”, etc. and just used “Alt-Right”. This shows the need for free online course for all kiwis from Te Pūnaha Matatini; Centre for Science in Society, Te Herenga Waka for all kiwis and a funding of $100 million is not a bad idea to educate all the “alt-right”.

      • Dozens of hit-piece articles appeared in the past. A sample:

        “When misinformation spreads like fire” by Dylan Reeve

        “Misinformation: How social media turned protest into a problem” by Kristin Hall

        “Analysis: False information is so out of hand that it should be a national security issue” By David Fisher

        “Chantelle Baker needs to be held accountable for all the misinformation and disinformation” by Denise Olive

        These media mercenaries were using the term “misinformation” frequently at first and then started using terms such as :security issue”, “must hold to account” etc lately. Thanks to the “Public Interest Journalism funding” 🙂

        • You must be part of the government bribed ”journalists’ spreading government ‘truth’. Or just a dumb lackey.
          “You are entiteled to your own opinion, but you are not entiteled to your own facts.”

    • There are none so blind as those who won’t see ! But It’s not wool ,it’s bulls**t you’ve got over your eyes .that speech was BS and she is as cunning as a fox but as poisonous as a snake .

    • Yep, WE are coming for THEM.
      ALL of THEM who have been part of the biggest crime in NZ history. “B-b-but I just followed orders!” …Nueremberg trials 2.0
      WE ARE coming for THEM !

  5. If we never lied, there would be nothing to remember. -Mark Twain


    In the above TV3 debate in 2017, Jacinda claimed “She never lied” and also said “housing crisis will be solved by her.

    Claimed there will not be a mandate and we know what happened.

    A psychopath full of virtue signalling, period.

  6. Probably the silliest speech ever given on an international stage. A speech about a meta-reality that simply does not exist – a figment of her own imagination (or indoctrination).
    From her opening remarks “In Te Reo Māori, an official language of Aotearoa New Zealand, I paid tribute to all of the esteemed guests who stand here in this great forest of knowledge.”
    Harvard is actually Zionism Central:
    “Seventy Harvard-affiliated faculty have condemned the university’s student newspaper for endorsing the boycott movement against Israel” https://www.timesofisrael.com/disrespectful-of-jews-70-harvard-faculty-reject-student-papers-bds-endorsement/
    – a murderous colonialist, anti indigenous ideology rooted in religious and racist bigotry. The irony of using our indigenous language to virtue-signal to this crowd is palpable.
    She channels the fiction of Bhutto as saint. Bhutto was not:
    “ A decade after she led this impoverished nation from military rule to democracy, Benazir Bhutto is at the heart of a widening corruption inquiry that Pakistani investigators say has traced more than $100 million to foreign bank accounts and properties controlled by Ms. Bhutto’s family.” – https://www.nytimes.com/1998/01/09/world/house-graft-tracing-bhutto-millions-special-report-bhutto-clan-leaves-trail.html?referer=https%253A%252F%252Fwww.google.co.uk%252F

    “The second and only other leader to have given birth in office almost 30 years later, was me.The second and only other leader to have given birth in office almost 30 years later, was me.”
    Some might say that becoming a mother whilst holding the country’s top job shows rather bad timing and a diminished respect for the gravity of both roles. Some might even say that this kind of show-boating has contributed to the poor management that has devastated our economy, ruined our Health system and divided our populace leading to an unprecedented level of lawlessness.

    Altogether a speech demonstrating that Ardern has the knowledge and sensibility of a High School girl at best or is, at worst, a tool of the imperialist establishment.
    Long past time her feet were held to the fire on issues like Palestine, the closterfock of Covid and Assange.

    • She got the MSM in her pockets; also a large group of “experts”. In the next election campaign, she will surely say “made some mistakes” and still claim that NZ is better of because of her.

      Both agents, Jacinda and Luxon, do all the spin and get away with it because of the corrupt media to be honest.

  7. A leader should be a visionary. Ukraine War Loss “Blame Game” Already Starting
    Puppet Jacinda has had zero vision when she funded Ukarine; they have had clear neo-nazi dominance etc. If there is any sense of morality, she would have remaned neutral rather than taking sides. The same argument applies to Luxon and others. Greens particularly behaved pathetically when they didnt take the same position in NATO wars and others such as Saudi – Yemen war. We only have corrupt, incompetent, and selfish poltical elite.

  8. Joseph Goebbels once said that
    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

    Benito Mussolini described fascism in this way.

    The foundation of Fascism is the conception of the State, its character, its duty, and its aim. Fascism conceives of the State as an absolute, in comparison with which all individuals or groups are relative, only to be conceived of in their relation to the State.

    Now I am sure none of the above reminds you of clean green Godzone in any way shape or form.

    After all, we have the right to protest at Parliament, we have our bill of rights, we have a government that is open to listening to us. The citizens and tax payers of New Zealand.

    Or do we?

    As the old split Enz song used to go…

    And I think it’s time for a change…

    Thank you Chantelle for an intelligent assessment of our dear leader.


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