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Watch: ‘Fire and Fury’ journalist once investigated Gardasill vaccine concerns – what has changed?

Paula Penfold Gardasill news

A video uploaded to YouTube today by independent journalist Chantelle Baker raises questions about the integrity of legacy MSM journalism during the COVID pandemic.

In the video’s description, Baker writes:

Paula Penfold, the Stuff journalist from Fire and Fury, questioned the science that claimed Gardasil was harmless. She interviewed parents concerned this HPV medical product had harmed their children.

Today that same journalist claims that fears around other jabs are unfounded.

Was she spreading dangerous disinformation 7 years ago or has journalism become politicised?

Seven years ago, Penfold was doing the job she was supposed to do  – speaking truth to power, particularly the health bureaucrats, and investigating the complaints of women and girls who believed they had suffered serious adverse reactions, incuding death, to the Gardasill HPV vaccine.

On the logic of today’s MSM, Penfold’s Gardasill investigation would make her an ‘anti-vaxxer’ and far right ‘white supremacist’.

Today, when those same questions are raised by New Zealanders in relation to a novel mRNA product packaged as a ‘vaccine’, for which no long-term safety data is available, Penfold goes into bat for the state and pharmaceutical interests. Has the media been bought off?


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  1. I say follow the money every time.

    I don’t know how these people sleep at night – they sold their souls when they stopped doing their job properly.

    Very disappointed in Paula. What is the disinformation? Why don’t they interview any of these people they are attacking? Is that because they can’t handle a debate and they can’t back up anything? Are they worried they will be made fools of (they will be).

    What a bunch of cowards hiding behind taxpayers money and the confines of the beehive.


  2. According to Jabcinda’s playbook, Paula Penfold was not following the science 7 years ago biut she does so now with Pfizer jabs. Paula Penfold learned “science” from Wiles, Baker, Rod and other researchers. Paula also found the whole truth from MoH. Having reformed, and as a matter of rectifying her past mistakes, Paula stood with Jabcinda who was generous enough to fund “Fire & Fury” with 300K, which will go a long way to pay off the mortgage sooner. Given the level of housing crisis and cost of living, Paula’s actions help to reduce national poverty by a tiny amount but it is “worth it”. Please see the other side of the coin before accusing of Paula doing propaganda journalism. Amen. 🙂

  3. A peculiar u-turn from Ms Penfold, from Big Pharma sceptic to Big Pharma’s biggest fan.
    ‘He who pays the piper calls the tune’ as the old saying goes.

  4. Don’t underestimate the power of propaganda, it has been conducted on a worldwide scale in the last two years. Only the truly strong willed individuals can step outside of it, and it is extremely difficult to go against it publicly for most people as you are risking your reputation as a sane and reasonable person.

    The propaganda has been so well contrived that anyone who dares speak out against the narrative is quickly labelled an “anti-vaxxer” (crazy nutter) and more recently (as it is now widely know that the vaccine does not work and is killing people and they are now desperate to hold onto the failing narrative) as a 9/11 or Qnon conspiracy theorist (crazier nutter). This even applies to Medical Professionals with decades of clinical experience, many of whom have lost their Practicing Licenses simply for speaking out about concerns of the now proven to be failed vaccine. This is nothing less than a crime against humanity, and a subjugation of human rights in favour of Government control, ie: the rise of Communism.

    What has happened in New Zealand in the last two years is nothing less than corruption at worst, or at best incompetence at the highest levels of Government. This Government has proven itself beyond doubt to be completely incompetent, and the reason is that it is simply driven by ideology and it’s own logical fallacies.

    In regards to the current state of the MSM, taking into account the influencing power of propaganda when it has infected your entire organisation from the top down, the threat of losing your job and realising that you have no other real world skills, and that you cannot travel overseas to seek other work due to travel restrictions, and that all other media organisations, except for the independent news media (white supremacists /sarcasm), are funded essentially from the same source (big pharma or in this Country by the Government with a contract to big pharma), and that you have a million dollar mortgage to pay unless you want to live in your car, puts people in line real quick.

    The last two years was orchestrated by design. The combination of these factors outlined above is extremely persuasive on the individual to get inline or get out. The last two years will be studied at Universities for the rest of time, and those people who are directly involved will look like fools for the rest of human history. That is their punishment, and they will be remembered forever (this is actually appealing to a psychopath or sociopath).

    I’m still waiting for an opposition leader with the balls to call the government out on their media funding and outright propaganda over the last two years, but he hasn’t shown that he has any. If National want to win they need a leader who will attack the incumbent government at every opportunity. The current leader seems uninterested and unable to do so. There is one opposition MP who seems like he has the balls maybe…

    • These journalists have no morals.

      The propaganda goes back 50 years maybe more.

      We have literally been living in the Truman show.

    • The only one I see calling it out is Matt King, Democracy NZ. Seymour wanted mandatory jabs door-to-door. “My body my choice” is apparently only reserved for those wanting to die in his book. All of them are in it together and nothing made that more clear than not one of those in parliament meeting the people peacefully protesting at the grounds in Feb.


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