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Watch: WEF ‘no longer relevant’ and is ‘openly mocked’

‘Big Boys’ China, India and Russia skip the event – is Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Reset’ nightmare finally coming to an end?

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is meeting now in Davos, Switzerland.

The brain-child of German engineer and economist Klaus Schwab, Davos was once seen as a must-attend event for the world’s financial and political elite. Attendance was a sign of prestige and influence on the world stage.

Starting in the early 1970s as a project to unite a divided Europe, Davos quickly grew to become a think tank of unparalleled power – a shadow world government according to some commentators, whose futuristic ideas of a world where people would ‘own nothing and be happy’ found their way into official policymaking at a national level, especially in Western democracies.

The Auckland Plan 2050 for example, refers to WEF concepts no less than six times.

Geopolitical experts Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou of The Duran analysed this years’ Davos meeting and conclude Schwab’s pet-project for humanity based on his ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ is crumbling as the world moves towards a multipolar security and economic alignment. The simultaneous decline of the West’s economic, military and political power would only hasten the decline.

‘I think the general consensus is, the general vibe, is that the WEF is just not as important anymore,’ said Christoforou. ‘Not only is not as important, people now are just openly mocking it. It really has become a type of comedy – a clown show in a way. People that attend the WEF, they’re also mocked. It used to be 10, 15 years ago, people say ‘oh wow that’s prestigious.’ Now it’s like, you’re going to the WEF? What are you some kind of Schwab puppet or something like that?

‘We have crossed a line now where the WEF is more a badge of dishonour than honour.’

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  1. Do NOT underestimate these people. The good guys haven’t won yet, hell there hasn’t even been a proper fight yet.

    Not sure what’s going on with Schwab and Soros pulling out, and Cindy stepping down the other day, but it all stinks to high heaven.

    2030 is coming closer every day, I doubt they’re just giving up on all their plans because people no longer like them. This is probably just a strategic retreat – far easier to manipulate and defraud from the shadows.

    Do not let your guard down.

    • Exactly. Schwabs great reset maybe in tatters, but they will have learnt a lot from the mistakes and reinvent themselves as you say, in the shadows.

    • i agree with you. They might be even more dangerous out of sight.
      Europe s economy has been destroyed on purpose. It is a question of time before masses are unemployed. The covid, probably a bio weapon let lose with its pendant the “vax” pfizer have destroyed families and health of people. The monies demands from pupet zelensky to finance a war wanted by US ultra zionists are bleeding western countries further. Now waiting for bank crash that is inevitable.
      I know for sure that france and germany already have prepared for repression. France bought 90 ” centaure” repression vehicules last summer. And even machineguns can be installed on the roof of those vehicules.
      So, yes the world is in a mess. They are in hiding biding their time

    • 100% agree unquaccinated. I think the rabid dogs of wef have grossly underestimated the global pushback from the people. With a worldwide awakening spreading faster than wildfire, and rebellious nations like India not playing their sick little games, will certainly slow them down a bit, but I agree with you we need to be watchful. But we do know this… any conspiracy’s that these globalists are involved in against humanity, the theorists will flush them out. Whatever they do we will be watching, waiting and resisting. By the way unquaccinated HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family 🎉

  2. I watched the entire Duran discussion yesterday with that two Alex’s. They are balanced and insightful and are part of a much wider group of independent geopolitical people from the USA, UK, China and Russia.

    Some of their guest speakers were Presidential advisors, CIA analysts and the like. They are all United in the view the WEF star is waning and that BRICS has broken poor Klaus’s vision.

    They made a very important point yesterday that our prime minister Adern resigned halfway through the WEF conference. Give that some thought

    Secondly I as with many Maori leaders at this exact same time last year when we were asked to support Adern and Labour until January 2023. That is until now. At Ratana, Waitangi and other areas Maori were again promised huge incentives in connection to that support.

    I take time to point out the leaders have but many Maori have not. Some of us still think for ourselves

    As an example billions of dollars of housing via Kainga ora are about to be announced. In one location Hobsonville as an example 6 billion alone will be spent. These programs including very low deposit and long term loan benefits will heavily favour Maori.

    If the heavily favoured all NZers I would even support them but these things have been shaped on race. To buy their support.

    In short Labour is failing. National will fail. And at some time the WEF shadow will be put out on the curb for rubbish collection on Tuesday

    • Thanks jd. You know what pisses me off the most, is that the f….en government uses housing as a reward and not a human right! Everyone deserves a healthy home and it should be provided by the government if there is a shortage and there is. I wonder jd what would have happened if Maori said no, we will not support you, would the offer of the housing been tabled and pulled ?🤔

    • Excellent summation. Insightful as usual as regards the situation within Maori. And now that we see Russia, China and Saudi Arabia moving away from the Dollar the WEF has been thrown a serious curve ball, where they take it from here will be at least, interesting. And it’s only January. The rest of 2023 will be fascinating…

    • Thank you for your insight JD, Noted. I look forward to Tuesday.

      All these reports and comments I read avidly in this forum it is the home I once remember, Unquaccinated is someone in particular who stands out to me. Cuidate Mucho Unquaccinated.

      I became wide awake 5 or 6 years ago. Kia Ora WIDE AWAKE. Remember Kia Ora means have life.
      Ironic that polliticians use it so much. I usually refrain from it’s use since I can’t hold a conversation in Maori language it doesn’t seem appropriate to have a smatteting here and there. It’s overuse by polliticians and bureaucrats also puts me off. It somehow loses its meaning.

      After the Trump election I soon realised it wasn’t a time to be ½ asleep. I started to follow the walk away movement. That was when things became interesting. My outlook changed. Trump oddly enough enlightened me.

      I live in hope and would not like to see NZers be a part of this God forsaken plan or people from anywhere else for that matter.

      You see I was a fith generation NZer which means different things to different people. But I am proud of this fact. Both my forebears coincidentally one from my maternal side and one from my paternal side were both befriended by Te Rauparaha at different times of his life for different reasons, one was to procure pork meat in quantity, my Great Grandfather was a pork butcher. Whilst my maternal Great Great Grandfather had a more humble profession as a carpenter.

      Te Rauparaha was a notorious chief. He wrote the Haka Ka Mate. Ka mate ka mate ka ora ka ora.
      I die I die I live I live

      My Great Great Grandfather was one of many and the only European to help build Rãngiatea the Anglican style church in Otaki. Sadly the church was burnt down in 1995 by an arsonist but it was lovingly rebuilt to its exact specifications by 2003. Some of the original windows still remain, intact, off site, which my fore bearer had built.

      Te Rauparaha was not a religious man but he was a pollitician a leader and saw that a church would connect his people Ngati-Raukawa and Ngati Toa. He bestowed the honor of naming my ancestor Huia, perhaps it was because he was not a large man but I’d also like to think it was because he was valuable to this Chief. The bird was extremely valuable, the feathers worn by the great and respected are placed in what is known as a Wakahuia owned by chiefs only.

      My mountain is Whitireia, connected to the name Titahi. I believe refers tp the first light as told to me by a cousin of my Mother’s who seemed to know a lot about these things and was the reflection from the land seen by Kupe upon his first arrival and this was where the pork butcher settled. I was born in Elsdon. I believe that was where the old Pa was where my father went barefoot to school with his brothers and sister taking dripping on bread for lunch. Actually that’s not that bad at all to eat. Pork fat is used a bit like this here.

      Now I am a first generation Mexican. One day I would like to return maybe I should be buried in my place in The Bay. I feel I should be, I hope I can….I have no vaccine passport, no digital id for me.

      This wasn’t as you see about Jaccinda, to what next she will be doing, her next role where she will make untold millions undermining our rights. She will get her just desserts. This was about us. Kiwis from all walks of life. People who’ve contributed in so many different kinds of ways who have been dismissed and discounted. Hosed upon. Silenced by public address systems, talked down to, and rubbished like filth and garbage.That is too much and I won’t forget. We want change.
      Ā, upane ka upane, whiti te ra!
      A step upward another step upward the sun will shine!

      • Muchas Gracias! Onlooker sometimes anonymous. Thanks for the shout out and for sharing some of your fascinating history. I hear your heart in your story about how you long to return to the nation of your birth, it’s such a powerful spiritual connection we have to the land, people and our ancestral roots. If and when you are ready, I pray the lord will make a way for you to return back home, until then we also wish you, and the nation you are in well. Looking forward to reading your comments. Kia Kaha onlooker and God bless you.

        • That’s so kind, thank you WIDE AWAKE.

          I’m also grateful to all those personally involved in putting themselves out there protesting, the rest of the world talks about you.

  3. I had to laugh at these Davos hypocrites when Klaus stated that the safety of those flying to the conference had to be of a high priority when he ordered that only unvaccinated pilots would be able to fly the atendees in and out of the conference. That just about says it all does it not ? The gall of these people is breathtaking you could not make this stuff up.

  4. Schwab got a bit silly when the pandemic seemed to be working. He went public. People forced to stay inside took notice. Three years later we are much more educated on the twists and turns of the WEF and its Young Global Leaders (those wannabes who sort of fall off Schwab’s crust when they are ready to do their penetration things) and we found out we even have one in our little country. Maybe there are many more beavering away here who are more loyal to Schwab than to us – those eager, ambitious, pious hypocrites who have sold their souls for wealth and power. If so, I am sure we shall become acquainted with them eventually. But Unquaccinated is right. They are not going to give up all that wealth and power and go dig ditches. If they can’t have the world, no-one will have the world.
    Sometimes I wonder what drives the likes of Soros, Schwab and Gates. All that wealth and privilege, more money than they can spend in several lifetimes, yet they still pick and niggle at us. They are all so old, they won’t even be around when climate change kicks in, so why don’t they just enjoy the time they have left? What gives?

  5. The fact that attending the WEF event at Davos is now regarded as a badge of dishonour rather than reverence as it was a few short years ago means that a lot of people are waking up to what is really going on. “The Great Awakening” (e.g., revelations) is a good thing. A few short years ago people were distracted by the next iPhone or new sports car or Kim Kardashians new outfit. Now the focus of people’s consciousness is upon more important things, things that determine the future trajectory of humanity.

    The “Elite Globalists” want you weak and helpless, on your knees begging for food and water and medicines. Of course, they plan to achieve that by making food expensive (“accidental” fires in food processing facilities and mysterious new illnesses in livestock that necessitate their culling) and destroying your immune system with the “vaccine” which is really a bioweapon. Some are also now injecting livestock with the “vaccine”. Not to mention Bill Gates and others buying up large amounts of farmland and then doing nothing with it with the result that less crops may be grown.

    However, they never expected us “useless eaters” to notice, and we are noticing in ever increasing numbers and that is a big problem for them.

  6. I wonder if Kate Hannahis a member of WEF, and what about Hipkins. Hannah has a Master of Arts (2004) from Waikato University in 19th-century American literary culture. Her principal research area is the historiography of the history of science, with a focus on the cultures and subcultures of science, gender in science history, and narrative and complexity. So how can she determine what is misinformation. I think the whole Disinformation Project is in itself disinformation. Maybe this is part of the WEF plan.
    This article and video just shows up another WEF liar and cheat:

    • And who is paying Kate Hannah’s salary – that’s what I want to know……no doubt paid by the govt. she’s just another puppet and made a complete fool of herself with her documentary about kids with braided hair.

      Damian Oconnor is currently attending WEF.

      Simon Power attended as did Todd McClay. Simon Bridges and Clayton Cosgrove both young global leaders with Jacinda. Another thing to be aware of are ‘Global Shapers’. That Brad Olsen – mr go to economist guy – is a Global Shaper so yeah every time you see him know he is “one of them”. And what is Helen Clark doing at WEF? Go away already Helen you hideous old bat. Stay out of our business, you aren’t elected to anything anymore so P1ss off.

      • So bloody right Piss off you old Bat. You aren’t elected to anything Helen. Go back to the basement. Oh wait Jacinda and Clarkie will be moving out. So life is going to get pretty borring again for her. zzzzz


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