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Wellington welcomes Convoy 2022 NZ as crowds gather around parliament

The Convoy 2022 NZ protest has arrived in Wellington.

Thousands of kiwis lined the streets and manned motorway overbridges as it made its way down to the capital from Palmerston North this morning.

Speakers are about to address the crowd.

Updates to follow.

Wellington Convoy NZ 2022 news


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  1. Maybe Covinda could ask Tova or Jess to meet the crowd assembled on the steps of Parliament and explain why so much of what’s happened is outside NZ’s Bill of Rights?

  2. Watch your backs, Folks. The world’s ‘elites’ want NZ for a bolt-hole as their ‘Global Hindenburg’ crashes and burns. The locals are in the way. Himmler’s chicken has received its instructions – and the needles. They won’t need trains and showers this time.

  3. They won’t be meeting with any of the peasants. Sorry.

    Like Trudea in Canada, Borris in the UK, Scomo across the pond, and just about anywhere else in the world.

    They hate you and don’t care what you have to say. Shut and do as you’re told. Take our product and go back to sleep. We’ll fein interest in you again next year when we pretend to have another election ????

  4. All political party’s refuse to acknowledge a large part of the public shows that they are all bought and paid for traitors. first we should demand a look at all their and their families finances weed out the true traitors and hang them on the steps of parliament leaving their carcus to rot for generations to see and be reminded what happens to traitors. What about if they ignore us should we ignore there illegal mandates and rules, because New Zealanders did not vote to be ruled by WEF and china. Do we give them any longer or shall we go after them in their own houses, Public knowledge where these a..holes live

    • The payoffs would be in accounts in Nevis or other sunny places for shady people… untraceable. There would be Pfizer stock too, held by nominee companies well away from NZ. Any NZ politician with links to the UN would be worth turning over. Uncle Helen and her finger puppet, Covinda top the list.

    • Now you know.They have always been in it together.Next election DONT VOTE its just a dog and pony show to fool the steeple into thinking they have a choice.You don’t,your vote just endorses a system that keeps political parasites and their friends wealthy while the masses argue over empty promises and fight over the table scraps each party promises

      • About 75% of legislation passed is agreed on by National and Labour. Its what’s kept us sliding in educational outcomes and international competitiveness for decades. No vision is required from either Party by voters because that’s how its always been. The fruit’s fallen from the trees because pickers weren’t allowed in from covid-free Pacific islands but the Labour government chartered a jet ex Australia (where delta was running rampant) to bring a rugby team in. They’ve always know the value of bread and circuses for low IQ kiwis.

  5. As the Berlin Wall has fallen…so will the Mandate Wall….along with the politicians buried in their mis information

  6. Jenocinda apparently at home with hacksaw and hammer trying to get the Loius Vuitton ankle bracelet off hubby, Gaye Clarkfords ankle so they can carry on with their wedding plans – Gayford has been accused of bringing meth in from Niue and Tokelau islands . . hell, probably fake news aye . . . .


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