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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

What came unstuck in New Zealand? Lessons for the world

On the face of it, New Zealand is a lucky country of five million, affectionately termed Godzone.

For two years, New Zealand has largely avoided Covid by strictly controlling its borders. During 2021, the Pfizer vaccine was rolled out to 90% of the eligible population. Therefore in the virtual absence of any confounding effect of Covid infection, NZ should be a unique source of invaluable data on vaccine safety and indeed the government maintains it has all been a huge success.

New Zealand COVID opinion

Accordingly, employees of all government departments are mandated, on pain of losing their job, to be vaccinated. But this week the government narrative began to completely unravel for a rather obscure reason.

Accident Compensation Commission overwhelmed

We have a universal government accident compensation scheme (ACC). Anyone who suffers injury in NZ as a result of any accident, is entitled to claim benefits and compensation from ACC. In fact there is no path for personal injury claims with private insurers, they must go through ACC.

As you can imagine, the hardy folk at ACC are tasked with investigating all claims thoroughly to avoid any benefit fraud. Vaccine injury falls under their jurisdiction, so ACC staff have, uniquely in NZ, been immersing themselves in the torrid details of vaccine injury.

As all injuries go through this single department, ACC knows more about vaccine injury than any other sector of our government or society at large. The avalanche of claims (which could top 100,000 if the government were to admit liability) and their severity has shocked ACC staff to such an extent that a great many staff members are rightfully concerned that they should not be compelled to vaccinate or boost.

The government, who have been trying to hide the extent of vaccine injury from the public and are eager not to be caught out, have reportedly caved in to ACC staff demands and extended the deadline for mandated vaccination into an uncertain future.

Simultaneously we have heard that the government wishes to avoid liability by arguing that vaccine injuries are not actually accidents but the result of free choices by individuals to undertake an experimental treatment. Perhaps it wishes to take this stance because of the potentially huge cost of injury claims. In so doing, is it trying to ignore the fact that it mandated vaccination on pain of loss of employment?

How do we know this?

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has famously told the public that “the Government should be your sole source of information”, in her words all other sources of information especially social media are worthless “grains of salt”.

We are a compliant and trusting people by nature, the government’s assurances that the Pfizer vaccine is absolutely safe and effective, were initially embraced rather uncritically, but fortunately we do still talk to one another. As the vaccine rollout progressed, it became apparent to those adventurous enough to diverge from Jacinda’s strictures by reading foreign media sources, that the mRNA vaccine is rather ineffective and rapidly wears off. More importantly, the number of people suffering from vaccine injuries is so large, that almost everyone has a few friends, (I have almost a dozen), who have succumbed to serious injury.

The vaccine injury blackout that the government has been able to exert over the media has been so total that the vaccine safety narrative at first proved very robust. Despite the injury stories circulating among friends and on social media, it was always possible for the government to dismiss the fate of one’s injured friends as rare and unfortunate (if indeed they ever mentioned it).

In fact, many vaccine injured have been trolled on social media for breaking the ‘obviously’ true narrative of safety and made to feel inadequate or worse—the cause of their own injury. The days of this herd mentality are now numbered. People have started to blow the whistle—they are largely the source of this article.

How did NZ go so far down the rabbit hole?

For a whole population to be taken in by a false narrative, a lot of factors had to come together. Yes, there is of course a lot of money to be made by some corporations from vaccines and that is a powerful motivating force, but we shouldn’t underestimate the power of ideas and the mistaken decisions that originate from strongly held beliefs.

The turning point appears to be the case of a 17 year old girl who died from a stroke immediately following vaccination in September last year. A media hack quickly picked this up and questioned Jacinda Ardern at her press conference. Jacinda immediately and forcefully responded that the medical event was unrelated to vaccination. She described the media questioning as irresponsible. Her reply appeared designed to squash any narrative that could cause vaccine hesitancy.

This strong response, which was probably not based on any proven information about the case, had the unfortunate effect of setting the tone for all government departments—absence of risk from Covid vaccines became an accepted stance and came to dominate government media advertising. At that point in time, Jacinda had a strong reputation for honesty and kindness. Apparently she decided to use up that political capital to promote a no risk from vaccination policy which she possibly believed was a social good.

A government advisor epidemiologist has privately acknowledged to me that strokes are a known outcome of mRNA vaccination, but our government continues to ignore that this is the case. ACC staff have denied claims based on injury from heart attacks and stroke, but they are well aware of their rate of incidence.

Why hasn’t the medical profession taken vaccine injury seriously?

There has been from the beginning an all court press to persuade doctors and nurses to support universal mandated vaccination which, given the high rate of vaccine injuries, rapidly morphed into policies promoting silence about risks. Doctors expressing caution have been sidelined and unvaccinated professionals have been prevented from working.

Whistleblowers among the medical profession have privately reported wards overwhelmed with cardiac event cases following vaccination including myo- and pericarditis, but hospital policies have ensured that many patients with vaccine injuries go unreported. Some have been sent home with aspirin. Staff have been told that they cannot publicly talk about it. Doctors are afraid they could lose their right to practice if they speak up and some have lost their licence.

At Medsafe (the branch of the Ministry of Health managing medical safety), whistleblowers report staff have been encouraged to keep the wraps on statistics of vaccine injury, by refusing to make reporting of vaccine injury mandatory and by refusing to acknowledge that reports of death proximate to vaccination may be related. Staff have reportedly been reassured that it is alright to keep mum both because vaccination is a social good, and because Covid itself is such a frightening disease.

Given the government vaccination injury blackout and the general perception in the medical profession of vaccine safety, there have been a number of severe vaccine injuries that have flown under the radar. I have two friends for example who developed rapid onset leukaemia after vaccination (a known side effect of gene therapy), but whose doctors had no inkling that vaccination should be investigated as a possible cause. Such rarer cases including cancer, kidney and liver disease are brushed aside without reporting.

How were the NZ media managed?

The Science Media Centre was set up in 2002 to specifically undermine opposition to GM crops by offering courses and talks for media science correspondents given by qualified ‘experts’. A central plank of the Science Media Centre is the idea that there are certain areas of science where there cannot be two sides to an argument.

One powerful example of this is climate science. It has been readily understandable to science correspondents that articles which give credence to climate change deniers should not be given any space, except to lampoon them.

A similar doctrine has emerged with regard to vaccines. Crucially biotechnology, despite its very poor safety record, has been accorded a similar sacred cow status. Given the unstable financial situation of the NZ media, significant financial support from the NZ government, probably around $100 million, has helped to promote a universally uncritical stance which has isolated the NZ population from all but adoring elements of global Covid vaccine reporting.

Some investigative journalists have resigned in protest and blown the whistle on mainstream editors who have assiduously edited out discussion of the dire circumstances of some of our vaccine injured. I was told by one nationally famous radio host that no programmes critical of vaccination safety can be aired.

How much has our Covid policy cost NZ?

Here is the rub, NZ government policy has broken the bank. Grant Robertson, deputy PM and finance mister set aside $62 billion 20 months ago to provide for Covid recovery. He envisioned this would last for five years. At the time of writing, the government has spent $64 billion and has no money left for the planned fourth booster. NZ government debt has almost doubled in the space of two years from $69 million 2019 to $123 billion last year. To put this in perspective, NZ has a population of 5 million, so our rate of government expenditure on Covid per head of population is roughly the same as that in the USA and UK but we have spent that before the disease has even arrived and there is no money left.

Very few improvements have been made to our underfunded and ageing hospital system, because NZ policy was predicated on keeping Covid out while we vaccinated the population and thereby kept everyone safe for the future. No allowance was made for the vaccine being ineffective or risky. Now Omicron has arrived, the government is in disarray, imploring the whole population to come for boosters at just that moment when we are waking up to the damage vaccines have already wrecked on our health.

Where does this leave NZ now?

In Walter Scott’s famous phrase:

Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive

In 2020 it was hard to imagine the sorry consequences of Jacinda Ardern’s quaint faith in vaccination as a stand alone solution, but they are all too evident now. Among the members of the public who have stood by Ardern and kept a closed mind, there is fear and panic. This is unfortunately and mistakenly directed at the very small number of unvaccinated NZers who Jacinda tells them will upset her well laid plans by spreading Covid among the faithful.

Most people living overseas will know this for what it is—a red herring. Omicron is all for equal opportunity—it does not discriminate much between vaccinated or unvaccinated. The government seems impervious to this reality, happy to blame the unvaccinated for its woes. We were advised yesterday to wear two masks one on top of the other. We await our fate.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of dailytelegraph.co.nz.

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  1. Thank God for Guy to bring genuine reporting to those that have awareness to seek out the truth. I have never previously refused vaccination as I believed it was to my health benefit, however early on the evidence ( if you cared to look ) was concerning and I decided against this experimental gene therapy.
    Now the evidence the likes of this government are trying to suppress by coercion and censorship is overwhelming. As such Jacinda and her cronies are colluding with big pharma to commit crimes against humanity and I pray justice will prevail.
    Question for Jacinda ; Why was it mandated to report all vaccine related injuries , afterall this was experimental treatment with no long term knowledge of efficacy ? Shame on you Jacinda for deliberately hiding the injuries.

  2. And now they are giving it to the kids, I fear that the vax is going to be much more damaging to the country (& the world) than the original virus could ever be.

    • It should Not under any circumstances be given to the children of NZ ! 12 yr old was low enough now the want the 5+ – no other country has mandated this – o no neither has our govt just made it the problem for the schools and the sports clubs to put the hard word on those who don’t comply!

      • Actually anyone getting the Jab or multiple jabs is very much a very bad idea. The So called Covid-19 drams in New Zealand and world wide are nothing more than a cold/flu.

        Any hype otherwise is simply lining the pocket of the Pharmac companies and adding to the bonuses. meanwhile people die and are permanently injured…

    • Thanks for using ardern, not her first name. I’m against everything she stands for yet have my own name hated 24/7.
      All the other Jacinda’s aren’t that bad!

    • NZ’s PM is an extremely dangerous immature corrupt POS!.. So desperate, she has to lie and deceive. She’s beyond desperate. She has totally buggered NZ and the people. She will do a runner before we can get her. How the hell she was ever allowed to stay in office is beyond most of us? Mandating, mistrust, coercion and lies are her legacy.

      • she has freemason connections, that’s how she’s getting away with it all, financially cripple nz so China can bail out this country and there you go, full on communist country. have alook down the rabbit hole it’s there.

        • Evil to its core and part of the NWO agenda, but its time is coming real soon. It will be named, shamed and put on trial for the blood and irreversible damaging events on its hands.

      • She is the worst prim minister this country has ever had. Her policies are racist and we have apartheid here just like South Africa but this time it’s the non Maori being discriminated against so I suppose that’s ok. She has an agenda but is careful not to show it until too late, the education system, health, 3 waters, even changing the name of the country with no mandate from the people. She has to go.

    • Hi Sonic, you should discuss with your doctor and reference him to gene therapy outcomes. See my video on YouTube The Pandemic of Biotechnology for some references to gene therapy outcomes. Also go tohttps://www.authorea.com/users/455597/articles/552937-innate-immune-suppression-by-sars-cov-2-mrna-vaccinations-the-role-of-g-quadruplexes-exosomes-and-micrornas?fbclid=IwAR0pb2WYyzG_K3E1puoS4CwCVMiR2rtyKzbSVvslonQDagvyWNJi0SN7iuc
      for more background

      • Thank you. I will follow that through. When I had my second jab I had respiratory issues for weeks after. Unfortunately although my GP is a good bloke, he didn’t want to discuss possible links.
        The cancer specialists also don’t want to talk about possible links and I think they are being muzzled.

      • Hello Guy
        Our dr has and is a believer that all this vaccine is not harmful or has any side effects implying also that no physical contact was made on visitation. I was to wait outside or in my car and await a call as when to enter the consulting room as I am not vaccinated. He suggested I should go to the clinic, get it done for my best interest etc etc. Segregation and practice of health care trust is damiging.

        • My doctor would not even let me in the waiting room as they have turned their rooms into a vax station with signs no cameras allowed to be used and friendly doctor`s photos on notice board all removed. I could only get phone appointment and said she`s sorry as she really needed to do tests, No she wasn`t just another lie

          • I am sorry you have been treated like that. I am avoiding doctors and hospitals at all costs if I can. One of the biggest disappointments about this whole Covid situation is the behaviour from medical professionals. I mean we expect politicians to be corrupt and easily bought don’t we, but medical people? I have lost complete faith and they have lost any respect I had for them and all credibility. I know I am not alone in feeling this. Won’t they get some balls and speak up in numbers!

            Stay strong all you wonderful people! HOLD. THE. LINE. ????

          • Can’t agree more. Unvaccinated have been put out of business. I am looking forward to when the government is sued for corruption and putting the drs with integrity out of practice. They will need to be compensated, probably at the taxpayers expense. Money needs to be returned from drug companies as it does not work and harms us.

    • Real possibility, I’ve read the vaccine must suppress your immune system in order to work. Your immune system protects you from cancer. Maybe start taking 10,000 IU/d vitamin D. Maybe some K and Zinc as well, Do some research, good luck.

    • Yes Sonic any dormant cancer cells in your body you have are activated and multiplied 20 times by the jab it also wakes up a host of other dormant cells such as tuberculois as well. Everybody has these dormant cells in their body and none of them will probably ever kill you but the jab activates them all. This is why they call it the kill shot. You see the real Pandemic begins from now on when all the jabbed will live much shortened lives. In the next 5 years up to 20% of NZs population could be gone. Remember when the unvaxxed were giving warnings about this jab with protests and how they are still being blamed for all the so called ‘Covid’ cases hospitalisations and deaths ? The ACC are being swamped with injury claims right now, well over 100,000 so far, multiply that by 20 and you will soon realise it is going to cost a trillion dollars to put this right, they will never get looked after by way of any decent care or compensation – NZ is broke their is no money left. JA SIN DA has blown it all for evermore and run all the small businesses into the ground. What sorry legacy for the formally great little country of NZ.

    • I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Please look up Dr Eric Berg on YouTube as he has some very sensible advice regarding cancer and things you can do naturally with diet and supplements that may help. He’s so easy to listen to and solid common sense advice.

      Kia kaha ❤️

  3. I got double vaxed felt forced into it as i love my family but very much regret that decision now. My young children will most definitely will not be getting vaccinated with this poison ????

    • Mrd2u, I too am double vaxed but feel cheated that I was not given the correct information and was bullied into it by the government. I have a chronic auto immune condition which is why I thought I was protecting myself by getting double vaxed, but now feel so angry that I was duped into this. I dread to think what this may dredge up in the near future, already have had non specific chest pains…no booster for me!

      • I’m thinking an OIA asking that question may provide the answer. Also another to the Ministry of Health asking for mortality rates of older people who have passed in close proximity to receiving the second close of vaccine. I think that would be very telling.

        • Christina, I have discussed this at length with a funeral director of some standing. I asked, and was told, that on the recent week 12 deaths. 11 had received the jab between 2 and 10 days before their death. I then asked, how many funeral directors are there is NZ, and was told 800 but work in 200 registered funeral companies. I asked if the potential death rate would be similar throughout NZ, and the response was, “probably”. I did the math; 200 x 11 = 2,200 deaths, but even if it was halved it still equates to 1,000 people dying of the jab every week. I also asked about the embalming process if anything related to organ damage was noticeable; the response shocked me. Only flushing the body fluids into the waste water was allowed (and the government sample the waste water for covid – good heavens), formaldehyde is infused. No body’s are being properly embalmed, they are sent to the Coroners and ‘dealt with’ by them with an “I don’t know after they are sent to the Coroners.” Now tell me, is this a sick situation, you bet!

          • It is interesting what you are describing. There also needs to be follow through with the Coroner’s Office. I am not in a position to do an Official Information Request (OIA). I do believe though, that we need to use the system to beat the system.

            There was a news item a few weeks ago now, about the oldest person in NZ passing away aged 110. There was a “throw away” comment at the end of the item, that this gentleman was double vaccinated and that’s all that was mentioned. It made me question the timing of his death with the vaccine. I have heard of other elderly people passing away as well within days of the jab. I believe saying they have underlying health issues, is a euphemism for old age. You can’t tell me that every elderly person has underlying health issues. Since the vaccine we have in NZ interacts with cell walls, it makes me wonder if there are more adverse reactions in our seniors because their cells “are not as young as they used to be”. There are other ways we could have protected our elderly instead of lining them up to be the first recipients of an untested drug.

          • Deaths in New Zealand in 2020 are little different to any of the 10-years prior… reports indicate the surge in deaths in 2021. Is it related to or just a coincidence that happened as the jabbing was rolled out.

            Not hard to figure is it.

    • Agree. Guy makes some pretty strong statements. I would like to see some hard evidence to back it up.
      First I’ve heard of ACC being overwhelmed of ‘vaccine injuries’.

      • Suggest you go look at Jeannette Brock Web Site early Dec those figure were high back then she had direct contact with ACC and blowing thistle back then

  4. Oh I mean, not just today, but St Johns have been having an unprecedented number of them lately. Two people died before they could get there. And they are experiencing staff shortages, though the media won’t admit it’s from the mandates

    • What utter rubbish. Almost every company in NZ is short staffed at the moment. Particularly supermarkets, hospitality and medical areas. Many are either sick or a close contact so have to isolate.
      It’s going to affect the whole supply chain soon, like it has in Australia.
      It’s not uncommon to be short staffed.
      Would you rather have sick people and close contacts working and spreading Covid even more?????

      • All i can say , is open your eyes and look at what is happening to our once great country and then go searching for the real reasons why , if you are actually truly interested of course !!

        • Perhaps you should read the comment prior. The bit about opening the eyes…

          Cops are reporting record call outs to “accidental injury” events, to be clear that means suicide or attempted suicide. Not sure how it can be “accidental” as every aspect of suicide is intentional. But well I guess that to is also Bura-rat spin-doctoring…

      • No, it’s the mandates. My partner has just been mandated out of a job and they lost 6 staff in the one day. Now they only have 1 staff member left. They were unable to open because of not enough staff. These were people who all loved their job, were a great team and loved the company – until they decided to be a$$holes and put in a vaccine mandate (that was not required for that industry) Idiots. Oh well now they have a whole lot of angry ex staff members who will make it known what a bunch of a$$holes they are to work for who really don’t care about their staff like they claim to.

        I know of so many similar stories too. That’s part of the plan though isn’t it? Ruin small business, make everyone unemployed so the govt pays them a UBI and in return controls every aspect of their life?

        Not on our watch. That’s the funny thing. All these govt and public service people don’t know how to run a business or how business people will adapt and they sure don’t understand the supply chain or manufacturing and farming industry, who they themselves rely on to survive. The ignorance of the govt would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

    • I have a close friend who had to walk away from her position on the ambulance because of the mandates. It broke her heart to go. I know from her that there are many who did leave because of this.

  5. How weird to think that Ardern was thought of as truth filled.

    Any borne again Christian knows she is a witch, demonically laden with demons and oppressed, she knows it so do her parents from morrinsville.
    However standing in the shadows is another readying himself to abide by the UN agenda he is a new boy but will be a bully of the National party and he will do worse things.

    You see the Roman Catholic Jesuits and local Masonic mobs run New Zealand alongside whomever gets elected to swindle kiwis of their fragile lives.

    Repent kiwis is your only hope and ask the only living saviour to all mankind into your life.

    This is your only hope of real life after death.

    Sadly there are very few borne again Christians in New Zealand.

    Just go look in their gathering places most have been deceived into the witches den of iniquity and have succumbed to inoculations
    Jesus said be Ye not deceived

      • Sorry to say you are wrong there. The Vatican is involved with the billionaires who are running the covid show. Look up ‘inclusive capitalism’. Some of those people involved have been on Jeffrey Epsteins plane (see Epsteinsblackbook.com). Jeffrey had a picture of himself with Ghislane Maxwell (recently convicted of child trafficking) and the Pope. Doesn’t that seem weird to you? Old Billy Gates was a frequent flyer on Epsteins plane. Unbelievable to think they are all connected isn’t it?

        You need to go down the rabbit hole and then another and another and pretty soon you realise all the holes lead to one big stinking burrow full of evil satanists. If you told me that this time last year I would have thought you were mad, but here I am. Eyes wide open instead of having my Eyes Wide Shut (????). I wish I was a crazy conspiracy theorist having just said that, but sadly no. It’s all there if you take the time to research.

  6. So the psycopath running our country is forcing us to have an experimental vaccine that neither stops us getting the virus or transmitting it.90 percent vaccination is the requirement , which mosts places have reached and yet here we are in RED. At a stand still. No rights and no freedom. Makes no sense to me. Ardern is addicted to power and control and she must go. Otherwise NZ is the next south africa.

  7. Ardern, not its real name, is a member of the chinese communist party. She/ he has proven it does not listen to the public and is up for crimes against humanity.

  8. And again, no mention of early treatment protocols by any in the medical profession, or corridors of power. Many of us have our overpriced Ivermectin, Nutricidal bundles, Quercitin and so forth, so bring on Omicron.

    • The following countries announced the cancellation of all quarantine procedures, Corona tests, and compulsory vaccination, and considering Corona just a seasonal flu:

      1) Turkey ????????
      2) Brazil ????????
      3) Britain ????????
      4) Sweden ????????
      5) Spain ????????
      6) Czech Republic ????????
      7) Mexico ????????
      ???? El Salvador ????????
      9) Japan ????????
      10) Singapore ????????
      : *The end of the Corona virus with this German prevention.*

      German scientists announced, after a series of studies, that the Corona virus not only reproduces in the lungs like the SARS virus in 2002, but also spreads widely in the throat during the first week of infection.
      Scientists suggested to the German chancellor and the Minister of Health that they ask people to do a simple task several times a day, which is to gargle with a semi-hot solution of Abmonak.
      They have long stressed the need to do this, and now, after the results of experiments conducted by German biologists on the multiplication of the Corona virus in the throat, they have emphasized once again the necessity of gargling with a lukewarm solution of water and salt ..

      German scientists assure the German Ministry of Health: if all people clear their throat several times a day by gargling with a semi-hot solution of salt water, then the virus will be completely eliminated throughout Germany within a week.
      Experiments have shown that by gargling with a solution of water and salt, we constantly turn our throats into a completely alkaline environment, and this environment is the worst environment for the coronavirus, because with salt water, the pH of the mouth changes to an alkaline pH, and if we gargle several times a day by gargling with saline Almost hot, we are not giving the coronavirus a chance to multiply.

      It is therefore necessary for all people to gargle with a semi-hot saline solution several times a day several times a day especially in the morning and before leaving the house and after returning home, so as not to allow the Corona virus to multiply at all in the same initial period.

      Let’s ask all people to apply these important and simple health tips with commitment

      As this article goes viral, you too will be in the circle of those fighting the spread of the coronavirus

      Send to your loved ones

      • Through all this so called pandemic why oh why has not govt, physicians, doctors been advising these simple tasks together with dietary changes and additional vitamins C, D and K and zinc . It proves to me there has to be a secret agenda to all this nonsense!!!

  9. Hallelujah, finally some common sense reporting ! Good on you for standing up and saying what a lot of the population know as most people know someone who has been injured by their so called cure.
    This Government has a bad case of the emperor’s new clothes !

  10. Thanks Guy for another fascinating article, wish there could be some sources, perhaps not possible. There’s been a breakthrough – Sweden decides against recommending COVID vaccines for kids aged 5-12 https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/sweden-decides-against-recommending-covid-vaccines-for-kids-aged-5-12
    However, i must say i disagree with your views about climate science. This has been the most extensively studied subject, with wide debate and discussion over decades by thousands of scientists worldwide. It has never been driven by companies, like the pharmaceutical companies where profit has been a major factor.

    • Of course it has been driven by Pharma as Gates has climate change the sky`s and soros helps to pay for it. Great studies they have done as Tonga`s volcano could cool earth by 4 degrees alone and last year there was over 45 volcano`s went off. half the world is under snow/ ice and Russia`s been down to -30 so if anything I bet they will be changing it yet again to Global cooling next as since the 70`s it always been something as its all about taxing and making more money for govt and to induce Fear

      • Many Uber wealthy have built doomsday bunkers and mansions here in New Zealand. My partner knows a company who has worked on some of them, can’t be discussed as confidentiality agreements are signed in order to do any work for them.

        New Zealanders are being used and royally lied to. Think of all the billionaires who just happened to get New Zealand citizenship etc etc…..

        The whole thing stinks.

  11. Thanks f&&& finally we have an article reflecting our beliefs through what we have read and witnessed. I have had many friends that have developed serious jab injuries soon after. I look forward to the day this is all out in the open and our pain and suffering are realised … rather than swept under the carpet. I speak as a person who is potentially about to lose my job (will know my fate in the next week or two)z

    • Thinking of you. My partner had the last day yesterday. One door closes another opens. I hope your employer sees the light ???????? All the best.

      Hold the line.

  12. Not all New Zealanders have fallen for the lies. The appropriate term for the capture is mass formation psychosis something like 30% of the population was sold on whatever the PM gave them, 40% have been sitting on the fence, now its that 40% that will roll with the ones who see clear as day that this is a con. Not just any normal con though. This is the biggest crime on/and against humanity in human history, People, if you are not watching what is happening globally you won’t understand fully what’s about to hit you in the back of the head. Look around you now, don’t trust governments, they are after all private companies, just like every government department,  Did you know we do not own world heritage sites? well, we don’t. Look the bottom line is there are some very corrupt western elites that have partnered with some very driven and corrupt communist groups, the CCP being one heavily weighing in on our liberties and freedoms, all of them. There is enough dirt on these people to send them to prison for the rest of their lives, many are resigning their bureaucratic positions, others are being elected out depending if their election system is honest, not many are. The financial system has already collapsed. Private western central nabs and the communist financial system are putting in place digital currency, New Zealand has signed up to be the first in the world to go 100% digital. Big trouble behind all this is the vaccine passports, The bank’s government support, where you go, what you eat and amount other things, what you say will be controlled.  All apps are, “intended” like in China to score you social credit points or fines, monitory, travel, etc. Our governments and bureaucrats are just finalizing the deal. There are still too many unvac’s for Jac’s at the moment so history will either show we took plan A or plan B. Not enough people are creating plan b. Yes, there is talk but talk won’t change the course of history. Not in these times, action action action just like the tyrants are doing. They have all the guns and business owners, the military is a corporate also. The government has all these departments and more working for them 24/7. The police will have to come to the support of the people and eventually that is what trips up the commy plan. I better stop as I don’t want to write a book, but there are some amazing books being written now and many to come. Lots of movies will be made too. Please wake up kiwis we have to break you from the spell. What would Darren Brown do? he did a show called hypnotizing a nation. If you haven’t seen it please do, maybe he holds the key that will snape people from the spell? hope so. good night NZ

    • Well said. You are right, there are many unvaxxed and more joining every day. Single shots who have had reactions, double shots who won’t take a booster, boosted who won’t take any more. Welcome welcome welcome. The resistance grows larger day by day. Unite for all our freedoms.

  13. Thank you so much David Jordan for trying to wake us up with your insight and knowledge. Lets hope that history shows good won over greed. There has to be an uprising to have any chance of fighting Donkey Adern and it’s evil donkey agenda.

  14. I’m unvxxd and just before xmas sent an email to our PM – I said her actions have caused many suicides, amongst other horrors, and what she was doing was enough ‘to make me tie a flex and step off the stool’ – the following evening, around 10pm, a police constable knocked on my door – he said – you know why I’m here, its the email you sent the PM (and there was me thinking about my healthy garden) I said – so? It was late and i was angry – he said – I’m here to assess your mental health – we talked for an hour, he was so worried about injecting his kids – I invited him inside for a cuppaT but he declined.

    • I was feeling pretty awful late last year too. Had a couple of friends who caved and got vaxxed now regretting it. Glad you are still here. At least you woke up the cop. Scary to think how much we are all being monitored though.

      Hi there! ????????????

    • I’m unvaxxd and have been through a similar situation. I have been stranded in Australia for 6 months. I have tried on 12 times to get into a Room Release to obtain a voucher to buy a ticket to get home to my homeland NZ. After my 11th unsuccessful attempt I wrote a complaint to MIQ stating how upset I was at the impossible task it was to get home. I said it appears the only way seems in a BOX so suicide seemed like my only choice left! I had a Police constable and social worker knocking on my door the very next day and they too spent at lease an hour checking out my mental health and enquiring how I planned my suicide. Now Jacinda has kindly opened the border for NZ residents to return but NO airlines will fly me home to my family and HOME. So once again it appears suicide is my only option.

      • Don’t Singapore airlines or JAL or emirates take unvacced. Was just reading about them yesterday. NZ not the place I knew????

      • MIQ room release is open from 9am this morning, Thursday 17 February 2022. Unvaccinated people can’t fly direct from Australia to NZ, but according to MIQ can fly via Fiji, Singapore, or Dubai.

    • Rob, good on you for your honesty.
      I wrote as a disabled person living in pain and isolation, pre-“there will be no mandate” last year.
      i carefully kerbed my desire to share self harm thoughts due to 1) my protest is that this is my body & life as an very sane albeit disabled adult 2) that any attention can cause unwanted attention
      yet as most kiwis seem to be trying their best to simply get thru around the mayhem of info
      there is no us & them
      we are all stuck on the same 3 islands with a few grumpies & war mongerers
      love finding open and sensible reading here
      to tend to my not so healthy garden ….
      ps; no homecare but $600k pa to go on weed eradication?
      leave the weed alone & sort out the health system & acc is failing … can’t get an mri in 2 years

  15. It’s time for all kiwis who are sick & tired of what this dangerous women & her henchmen are doing to our country is to walk on Parliament with a vote of No Confidence in her & the government. It should be a well organised event with people from around nz that would stop traffic in it’s tracks & fill wellington entirely with concerned Kiwis & demand answers from this socialistic / communistic regime.
    I also think National , act & other parties should be involved & why aren’t they now exposing the wrongs of Labour & how they are not the true Labour of past years, because of their urge to control the people, media etc which we know is socialism.

  16. Praise the Lord for clearly defining hypocrisy, defilers, deceivers, and false delusions. We were warned of the plans of devils on usurped thrones. We were told fraud was coming on the globe from merchants, who we knew as great men of the earth. (Rev. 18:23) We we warned Amalek’s spirit, from Exodus 17, will come against each generation with an intent to exterminate God’s seed.

  17. This article need to be front and centre of NZ Herald, but we know that won’t happen as they no longer represent journalism, but are rather a media mouthpiece for govt propaganda. She even admitted the funding for it!

    • NZ Herald – I would even accept their free 2 week subscription just to get something to start my fire ???? in winter!!!! That’s all it’s good for!

  18. Hi Daily Telegraph ???? Thank you for bring one of the only media that’s being open about whats going on! Applaud and support you. When possible, would you publish an article explaining what the “Eligible Population” is based on for these jab totals? It’s frustrating that so many folk still think its 90+ % of the entire population, and that the unjabbed are a small minority that can be ignored, when it is a fact its well below that. Kiwis only need to Google “NZ covid vaccination totals” and the data and graphs show the truth, last time I looked Jan 29th, NZ was at 77% dble vx

    • Good idea. Also there is a guy called David Rankin on Twitter who publishes the daily hospital stats of % of vaxxed and unvaxxed.

      Lately looking like most or all patients with covid in hospital are vaccinated. That doesn’t fit the narrative does it?

  19. It’s not a vaccination and it’s not an experiment. Using these terms plays into the planned use to decrease the population, disrupt governments and set up total control of the the Humans left and to destroy governments. All laid out in Agendas 21, 30 etc. Watch Event 201. We must not allow our communication to be captured by the psychopaths who plan to eliminate most of the world’s population, ala The Georgia Guide Stones. Everything is happening as planned, unless we rebel and disrupt their plans.

  20. Thankful that like minded friends that passed this article on to me. What an eye opener and confirms many of the questions I have been trying to get answers for. As a few comments have touched upon it has always made me think of those terrible tragedies that happen on our roads for no apparent reason. The rugby played who allegedly committed suicide and more recently the accident in Otago involving a ute and trailer leaving the road and ending up in the river…to name a few. We may never know the truth but it certainly makes you wonder how much is being hidden about such events.
    When the rest of the world is abandoning mandates JA’s govt. is still pushing for boosters to ensure you keep your ‘vaccine passport’ to enable all sheep to access facilities that are being denied to those unwilling to participate in this govt. injectable experiment. Sharing this article around the world….please do the same.

  21. Great work as always Guy, keep it up, hopefully those involved in this corruption and malpractise will pay with everything. That being the same fate they inflicted on a very naive world.

  22. Anonymous appears to mean coward here, if you have something to say put a name to it otherwise you’re just a group of gaslighters playing tag.

  23. Servants of a deep demonic state

    Another good text by this author on DT NZ. My comment will go a little beyond the usual reality and I will add a comparison with the situation in Slovenia.
    American Democrats and left or liberal party mutations around the world appear to be the most corrupt and / or stupid genocidal servants of the world’s deep state ruled by demons and reptilian colonizers.
    This is not a proven statistic, much less a scientific finding but just an attempt to establish a possible correlation between the political orientation of decision-makers and the mandatory genocidal vaccination of their own citizens. Let’s look at some different sources.

    Demonic deep state

    Christ exposes the demons’ state – Its Accomplices and Its Victims – Gabriele – Würzburg 1993

    In the comment above, I argued the world’s deep demonic state. In the following, the emphasis will be on the servants of the demonic state and their political and ideological basis.

    Washington State legalized LIQUEFYING human corpses before activating covid concentration camps

    The vaccine holocaust is America’s CHERNOBYL… but USA leaders are committing even MORE deaths and deeper EVIL than former Soviet Union officials

    Illinois Democrat demands concentration camps for anti-vaxxers and those who refuse forced government medications (op-ed)

    Watch: Croatian politician tells Macron ‘murder is murder’ over President’s vax mandates

    more …

    Elections will take place in Slovenia in April, and people will have to make the right decisions, especially in terms of avoiding genocidal compulsory vaccination. Corrupt left and liberal governments around the world are driving permanently through the red light of genocidal mandatory vaccination, and right-wingers are ‘just’ inviting to vaccination! What to choose?
    Our current classical democratic government (center-right) has not introduced compulsory vaccination, but there is no guarantee that it will not do so in the event of re-election. Here are the reasons for my search and verification of the aforementioned correlation. Communism was imposed on Slovenia after World War II, so we are a special case of the renewal of the multiparty system.
    Slovenia has a multi-party system similar to New Zealand (without a queen) and liberally mutated former communists are aggressively trying to overthrow the right-wing government, led by a former agile young communist, now a right-wing Democrat, similar to US Republicans.
    I think all the classic parties including communist, labor, etc. represent an outdated and corrupt order of the demonic state. We need a vision of the liberation and humane development of humanity. But in case I can choose only a minor evil then down with the leftists and liberals.
    Yoda is otherwise politically neutral and disinterested, so he can observe and weigh what is happening more clearly. I am afraid that the primitive and backward ideological antagonism of the ‘cowboys & Indians’ that prevails in the Western world will once again be at the forefront of the elections.
    My family pedigree is proletarian – left. But I left this limiting ‘Indian’ mentality and ventured into the quantum world of esotericism – transcendentalism – exotericism. I can now assess the left and the right in a completely neutral way and find that these are the backward twins of the demonic state.


    • In Slovenia, there is evidence that leftists, liberals and NGOs are sponsored by Soros. Former President Kučan even honored Soros – ‘magnificently miserable’. Now Kučan is advocating (compulsory) vaccination. The left-wing mayor of Ljubljana, Janković, is a family friend of Kučan’s and a well-known tycoon who is calling for compulsory vaccination.

      Enemies of Prime Minister Janša will prefer to choose ‘Satan’ instead of Janša. He is also a corrupt official who allegedly trafficked weapons in the war for Slovenia. However, I do not understand the irrationality of people with higher education who are unable to see and choose the supposedly lesser evil in terms of compulsory vaccination.

      However, the fact is that the ‘cowboys & Indians’ mentality has lagged behind, is detrimental and benefits only the globalists of the demonic deep state induced for the purposes of the ‘divide et impera’ principle.

  24. Hi Guy. You might want to do some science classes. mRNA vaccines are not gene therapy. You discredit yourself in what could have been an interesting but likely hyperbolic and conspiratorial article.

    • Dear Jonathan Although not a geneticist, I have worked in the field of genetic testing. I keep up a correspondence with geneticists working the field of gene therapy. The mRNA techniques are borrowed from gene therapy. Unfortunately vaccine RNA can integrate into the genome, although initially it was thought it would not do so. You might read ‘Innate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinations: The role of G-quadruplexes, exosomes and microRNAs’ by Seneff, Nigh, Kyriakopoulos, and McCullough published on Authorea on January 21 2022. It has copious references to the subject. The adverse effects described are well known in gene therapy. Unexpected effects have bedevilled the field for years, it was marketing expertise not science that managed to sell the vaccine without thorough testing. The disastrous outcome and poor effectiveness should have been anticipated. Cheers Guy

  25. Inflammatory hyped rhetoric masquerading as journalism and that is sad.
    Let me extract just one statement as an example:
    ‘ More importantly, the number of people suffering from vaccine injuries is so large, that almost everyone has a few friends, (I have almost a dozen), who have succumbed to serious injury.’
    Show me the evidence of this extraordinary statement, it simply doesn’t exist. What has happened to good investigative journalism in New Zealand? This article is simply provocative ‘shock’ entertainment. Very sad.

  26. Back to Top
    Masters Of All Evil
    Count Raven

    There is only one truth around us today
    I tell you what is gonna come, it ain’t no fairy tale
    There is a group of families that hold our destiny
    In pact with the darkest one, they rule the economy
    The metropolitan 400 they are called
    But in the end the 7 families rule them all
    Those families of evil, set all presidents to rule
    But they are all just puppets, the masters’ favourite tools

    The masters of all companies you can call them too
    So much money it seems with it they don’t know what to do
    For instance they financed the entire world war two
    Or did you think that Hitler all alone could pull it through
    But that occurance it is a story of its own
    An attempt to get the darkest one much earlier on his throne
    And the war against the jews it’s so very clear
    Without them on this earth the proof of God wouldn’t be here
    Would it ??!!

    You’re truly the masters of evil
    Abomination the ultimate sin
    Destroyers of earth and the father’s foundation
    You’ll burn in hell ’cause it’s your dream

    A thousand years of crying
    All thos fears and denyings
    The 7 families are here
    The 7 years are near

    Marx called them “das Kapital”, we say democracy
    God call them the devil, so many names, it’s hard to see
    Those sick perverted assholes must achieve their goal
    To lose this war with Satan, and thrash all human souls
    Global destruction: their number one game
    Or is the hole in the sky a joke of the insane
    So let them have your money, just don’t let them have your soul
    Live free and easy and remember what I told but you fee

  27. Not only are good people being killed by this jab, the other casualty is truth – can anyone elected by the voters now be trusted? How much foreign influence has been lubricated with dollars? The chemicals origin is a dead give-away. It is reported that Jacinda Aldern is a protege of the Klaus Schwab school for young world leaders. Others are apparently, Angela Merkel, Macron, and Trudeau etc. The result is pure treachery in favour of the NWO, and associated organisations. New Zealanders no longer own their country, nor thier lives due, to that treachery, and, the “jabbef” being permanently genetically modified, by design, with patented biological agents, as is for agricultural crops the property of the patent holder. God help you.


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