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German Hospital Federation demands end to vax mandates following huge number of adverse reactions

German Hospital Federation news

1 in 5,000 COVID mRNA vaccine doses resulted in a serious adverse reaction, though many believe the actual number is 1 in 500.

The German Hospital Federation (DKG) is a federation of national associations of hospital owners in Germany.

A week after the German government admitted the shocking statistic leaders of the DKG have called for mandates on health workers to be dropped immediately, saying it was ‘not wise to continue with it.’

The call represents a 180 degree change in position by the DKG, which had previously supported the mandates.

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Vice-Chairman Henriette Neumeyer told Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland on Wednesday that the mRNA vaccination ‘had now become obsolete’, against the Omicron variant.

Last week’s admission by the government has many believing the official figure of 1 in 5,000 is just the tip of the iceberg, because, as The Rair Foundation of USA reports:

‘According to official figures, tens of thousands of people have already been hospitalized, disabled or killed in Germany alone so far. ‘Mild’ side effects for which people had to see a doctor, such as menstrual problems, heart problems, or seizures, are not included in the figures. In addition, it only includes cases reported by doctors.’

For childhood vaccinations, according to The Rair Foundation:

‘The data included 5,862 reports of suspected adverse reactions in children and adolescents. Of the reports, 186 suspected adverse reactions occurred in children under 5, and 124 occurred in children between 15 months and four years old. Sixty-one suspected adverse reactions were reported in infants whose mothers were vaccinated while breastfeeding.’

People under 20 years of age have a 99.9987% survival rate from COVID.

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