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‘Euthanasia and assisted suicide are intrinsically evil’

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Euthanasia is evil

Dear Sir,

Right to Life believes that it is imperative that we protect our vulnerable elderly, especially those in dementia care, from the increasing threat of being killed by a doctor with a lethal injection or assisted in suicide under the guise of health care.

New Zealand has a growing problem of providing health care for those suffering from dementia. It is estimated that the number requiring care in 2020 was 70,000, it is expected to increase to 100,000 in 2030 and to 170,000 in 2050. If the End of Life Choice Act 2019 was extended to provide for advance directives, a duty to die could be imposed on these very vulnerable patients.

Right to Life recently wrote to 11 leading Retirement Home organisations in New Zealand promoting our euthanasia free policy. The following Retirement Village organisations have responded by advising that residents in their care facilities may not have their lives terminated by a doctor with a lethal injection or assisted in suicide: Ryman Health Care, Heritage Lifecare, Oceania Healthcare and Summerset.

Euthanasia and assisted suicide are intrinsically evil, they have no place in a retirement village. Right to Life commends these organisations for providing their residents in care with a safe environment, and therefore these organisations deserve our support.

It is disappointing that 3 of the 11 retirement village organisations contacted would allow their residents to be legally killed by a doctor in their facilities.

Arvida advised ”We believe that residents can choose assisted dying, provided they initiate it.” The Managing Director of BUPA advised that ”for residents who are in care with us, given that this is their home, we will facilitate any assisted dying process to occur if this is what the resident wishes.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Metlifecare advised that ”Metlifecare would determine on a case by case basis whether it is appropriate for a resident who has been determined pursuant to the Act, to be eligible for assisted dying and wishes to receive assisted dying in their independent living unit or aged care home.”

These 4 organisations declined to respond to our correspondence: Real Living, Generous Living, Life Care and Ultimate Care

Our community must work to make our retirement villages euthanasia free by only supporting villages that are committed to protecting the lives of their residents. Please support Right to Life’s campaign to encourage all retirement villages to protect their residents and staff by adopting a euthanasia free policy.

Ken Orr,
Right to Life NZ Inc.

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  1. I’m pleased you named those aged care providers that protect the elderly in their care. Good on them. I think we all know the current euthanasia / suicide legislation is the thin edge of the wedge and that in coming years its conditions will be relaxed not tightened.

    Especially given the number of superannuants is expected to only increase in the coming years and it seems the government whether Labour or National will support anything that lessens budget pressure. I’m sure there is a line item in their budgets somewhere that now calculates this “benefit.” But as they all know, lifting superannuation age levels would be tantamount to political suicide or political euthanasia.

    Yet euthanasia of politicians is something that appeals to me. The mind boggles with options there that many voters across all political perversions would support if put into legislation. Don’t many of them feign dementia when trying to recollect election promises? What’s good for the goose….

    This however is not an issue to joke about. You wrote:…. If the End of Life Choice Act 2019 was extended to provide for advance directives, a duty to die could be imposed on these very vulnerable patients.

    That phrase, “duty to die” is a terrible thing to see in writing, but it well captures the reality of the pressure that will soon be increasingly brought to bear on older people and their families to “do the right” thing. And we saw how that pressure works in real time with the Covid agenda. Aye Jacinda.

    Please do not stop your advocacy for “the right to live.”

    • Excellent comment, John. Yes it is no joking matter. This recently passed legislation, with hand-wiping referendum aproval of the people, is not Labour’s finest hour. But it dovetails well with the mRNA rollout and life debilitating injuries caused by it. Maybe, when we add in abortion, it is not a coincidence after all that Jacinda Adhern is an angel of death…

  2. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the current government is a eugenics based death cult.

    Their obsessions with ‘legalising’ late stage abortions, mandatory MRNA injections and euthanasia are beyond creepy.

    It’s all borrowed directly from the manifesto of the 3rd Reich.

    Who’d have thought that these kind of depraved people could ever have gained political power in New Zealand, but here we are.

  3. Well said Ken. People in retirement villages have a right to life just like anyone else. Good on Ryman Health Care, Heritage Lifecare, Oceania Healthcare and Summerset. for making stand and -protecting their residents.

  4. My concern is now that they’ve established the government can legally kill you with your consent, how long will it be until they start to argue that the pesky “with your consent” part is problematic and should be legally amended. They ARE trying to reduce carbon after all, and with the coming food shortages they’re presently engineering there are going to be a lot of malnourished and sickly people sleeping on the streets in the years to come.

    If it sounds far fetched and impossible, I invite you to consider western courts’ cavalier attitudes and rulings around the principle of consent from 2020 onwards…


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