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Ardern announces new global initiative to promote ‘kindness and empathy’

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Former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced a new project, “Field,” in which she will collaborate with global political leaders to promote leadership based on ‘kindness and empathy.’

Ardern made the announcement on Instagram, where she revealed the 12-month programme will be hosted by ‘Global Progress’.

Ardern described Field as a network for political leaders who prefer ‘pragmatic idealism and aim to unite people rather than divide them.’

The announcement has sparked mixed reactions, highlighting her highly divisive tenure as Prime Minister of New Zealand. Her COVID-19 policies, particularly the vaccination mandates, created a two-tiered social system. Her resignation was preceded by plummeting polling figures, reflecting widespread dissatisfaction with her leadership.

Her new venture can be seen as an attempt to rebrand her ‘legacy’, as her past actions starkly contrast her current message of empathy and unity. Critics on social media also argued that her advocacy for kindness is hypocritical, given her controversial handling of the pandemic and lack of addressing current global conflicts such as the war in Gaza.

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  1. kindness and empathy, hey ?
    Should start to learn the meaning of those words as she is hard as nail…
    All teeth, ready to bite !!

  2. The word ‘vomit’ comes to mind.
    Yet my close relatives still think she’s wonderful, the global brainwashed cult is still powerful.

  3. that ani… wouldn’t no the meaning of those words, burning at the stake, a method of execution practiced in Babylonia and ancient Israel and later adopted in Europe should be reintroduced for leaders who work against their people and work for their lobbyist

    • Burned at the stake and fed to dogs. She deserves it. She spent years being groomed to lay out the plandemic.
      Helen clarke also.
      She deserves stringing up.
      Bolger signed us into the zionist bullshit to start with… Get him along to the “barbecue” as well.
      Line them all up and put them in the stocks till they confess.
      They colluded to commit mass murder of our people and our country.

  4. Hi Cindy, I know you will get a copy of this from whom I call “the sneaky public servants”.

    Crime act 1961
    9 Genocide
    (1) Every person commits an offence and is liable on conviction to the penalty specified in subsection (3) who, in New Zealand or elsewhere,—
    (a) commits genocide; or
    (b)conspires or agrees with any person to commit genocide, whether that genocide is to take place in New Zealand or elsewhere.

    With thousands of people on your front lawn at work telling you about the deaths, don’t you dare say you didn’t know. That defence didn’t work for the Nazi’s, and it won’t work for you.

    I am aware there are some police, working from undisclosed locations, are putting a case together right now.

    The new black is orange.

    • You give me hope! I hope there really are good people (police) working behind the scenes to get her and all who went with this democide of the people of NZ and then censored and destroyed so many of us, bought off and colluded to control speech, media, you name it… and it’s all out now…. Kansas and 4 States suing Pfiizer for starters… she is guilty as Hitler… of genocide and needs to pay the same price… Nuremburg 2 for her and her cronies…

  5. “Pragmatic idealism”. A perfect example of the sort of meaningless catchphrase thrown out to mesmerize rubes.
    Pragmatism and idealism are by definition mutually irreconcilable.
    No doubt the msm will breathlessly repeat the phrase without a word of intellectual critique

  6. She posts on instagram because zuckerberg’s cronies mass delete negative comments and promote fake accounts praising her

  7. Why does this deluded narcissist insist on living in New Zealand? While Wellington may be a safe echo chamber for her, she is playing with fire going anywhere else. She is roundly HATED by most New Zealanders. As for kind? FFS. She has to keep repeating the word in an effort to frame herself as kind. She doesn’t know how to be kind. She can only pretend because she is inherently an evil traitor of person. A sold out paid off dictator who knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she divided our country.

    What a disgusting human being talking about bringing people together when she has been THE most divisive leader this nation has EVER had.

    Rot in hell along with your other delusional champagne socialist, communist and Marxist mates. WE SEE YOU. 😡

  8. Is this April the first, fake news maybe, I won’t forget the lockdowns, the NZER’S who lost their jobs and what for, the jab was useless from day one, not to mention the sickness and excess deaths, unbelievable. Hope she enjoys Belinda Gates 20 million.

  9. Ah yep.

    Cruel sadistic totalitarian oppression masquerading as ’empathy and kindness’.

    I’ve seen this movie before, quite recently in fact.

  10. Will this updated version of ‘kindness and empathy’ involve digital IDs, lockdowns, police beatings and forced pharmaceutical experimentation?

    Asking for a friend.

  11. This woman needs psychiatric help for her clear split personality disorder. Here’s Cindy, just wait for Jeckylinda to return as soon as the whif of power returns. True leaders admit their mistakes so they can be forgiven or at least retain some true dignity. Farce field.

    • I agree. There’s something not right in that she thinks she’s kind and can unite people. You would have to be mentally deranged to think you could inflict such pain and suffering on a country and its people and to then have the audacity to talk about uniting and kindness.

      On the upside, her hanging around labour will remind people to never allow them to lead this country ever again.

  12. Let’s reflect about ‘Jacinda’ and ‘Kind’…
    Not being able to attend two relatives funerals during the Jacinda’s mandated lockdowns…something I will never forget nor forgive nor resonate with for the rest of my life. (The sound of that voice still rings out in the subconscious).
    Now, over 3 years later and looking at the level of hardship, the division, the very fact this once great country is now having to rebuild after effectively being left broke and shattered is deplorable.
    We are seeing significant numbers of people already leaving our shores. We don’t need more of what we had from Jacinda in our lives today nor the reminders. We need to reset, rebuild and look forward under a new Govt without the dark clouds of history hanging about.

  13. Burned at the stake and fed to dogs. She deserves it. She spent years being groomed to lay out the plandemic.
    Helen clarke also.
    She deserves stringing up.
    Bolger signed us into the zionist bull**** to start with… Get him along to the “barbecue” as well.
    Line them all up and put them in the stocks till they confess.
    They colluded to commit mass murder of our people and our country.

  14. Citizens’ arrest once she comes back to Godzone.
    Or at least confinement in one of those isolation centers before her trial for crimes against humanity.

    • Read the comment section on Michael laws YouTube video – it’s gold – truly we are the majority.

      This narcissistic cow needs to read the room.

      She is hated. She has ruined peoples lives. SHE divided us. SHE ISNT kind, she doesn’t feel empathy and she is the WORST leader this country has ever had. Furthermore she achieved ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but wreck the economy and plunge people into further poverty and depression. It will take YEARS ato claw our way back if we ever do. As I drove over crater sized potholes today I was reminded how labour WRECKED our oil refinery with NO pushback from National. DISGUSTING.

      Note for the future: you can guarantee anything this b1tch says, she will do the ABSOLUTE OPPOSITE. You can wager a safe bet on that one. She needs to get her mate Helen Clark and F**K Right off and when they have done that they can F*ck off again and again and again! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  15. This b$*** has nerve!!! After trying to create a two tier society in NZ she promotes her bullshit lies internationally. She has a VERY different understanding of what‘kindness’ means.

  16. Will this low life be able to walk on NZ streets again without security? I doubt. Most hated NZ politician who divised the country and sold NZ media and IT to globalist Big Tech.


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