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‘Bird Flu’ outbreak in Sydney prompts draconian farm lockdowns and mass poultry culling

Bird fly Sydney news

In another instance of bird flu hysteria, bureaucrats have order the lock down of three farms and condemned thousands of poultry to death following the detection of the H7N8 strain in Sydney’s outskirts.

Details on whether the ‘virus’ was detected with the now discredited Covid-era PCR method were not available at the time of publishing.

Agriculture Minister Tara Moriarty announced the emergency biosecurity incident, claiming 8,000 birds have allegedly succumbed to the virus, with an additional 240,000 set to be culled ‘to prevent its spread.’ While the origins of the outbreak are speculated to be from wild birds, the heavy-handed approach raises questions about the necessity and efficacy of such drastic measures.

Despite Moriarty’s reassurances that the bird flu poses no health risk to consumers and that eggs and egg products remain safe, the state government’s actions suggest a level of panic disproportionate to the actual threat.

Sweeping control orders were implemented which restrict movement within a two-kilometre radius and affect up to 355,000 birds.

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  1. Does this bird flu in fact exist?
    Or is it just another covid red herring to support a particular UN WHO agenda?
    I think you know the answer to that
    Whatever nz will toe the line
    Bird flu coming to a town near you SOON

    • I understand they are using PCR Tests to detect this mysterious ‘virus’
      Which proved helpful in coining the covid counterfeit fraud
      Safe as leaky homes
      What could go wrong?

  2. It will be interesting to see how far they go with this ‘flu and how many people line up for injections. MSM article said it had been transmitted to one human somewhere in a third world country, but that turned out to be a lie. It is generally thought not to be transmissable to humans. I expect ‘they’ will nudge people until ‘they’ see real resistance, then with nothing to lose they will bring in the usual force based ‘encouragement’.
    Bird ‘flu was tried before in about 2005/6 or so from memory, and Tamiflu oral was the go to therapy but no-one could get any because the NZ government had bought the lot and completely cleaned out the pharmacies. Then there is this:
    Ian Akyildiz, pioneer of both the Internet of NanoThings (IoNT) and the Internet of BioNano Things (IoBNT), which form the basis for the Internet of Bodies (IoB), provided an Advanced Technology Symposium with a key update on the progress of the IoBNT. He explained that:
    ‘The Bio-nanoscale machines [behind the IoBNT] are for injecting into the body … And that is going really well with these Covid vaccines. It’s going that direction. These mRNAs are nothing [other] than small scale, nano-scale machines. They are programmed and they are injected.’
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAtQFkEg5-w ( He says this at 13.50)

  3. No surprises. The zionist climate cult fraud continues. We know it is not beyond these evil serpents to drop a bioweapon to further their cause. Must we continue to endure this utter fraud while their planes dump the next stream of chemicals into our skies causing extreme weather time after time after time.
    The zionists colluded with nazi to load the trains. Collateral death? Whatever goyim.
    Funny that one birdflu death makes headlines while not one jabdeath does unless the cause is “baffled, rare or unknown”
    How dumb is New Zealand really?

    • You really need to ask. Australia and NZ is chocked full of orthodox thinkers and fearful types, who will do anything is they are told, its in “their” interest……

  4. So no doubt this is all from an infallible PCR test ?
    We really need to start sampling all chicken poo now aye ?
    Can’t they just mask them up and make them social distance ?
    PCR the gift that keeps on giving just like MRNA

  5. We’ll eat the carcasses of globalist politicians long before we eat “ze bugs”. They just don’t know it yet.

  6. Reeks of desperation. The whole COVID narrative is collapsing so now they are going to try it on again, in attempt to astro turf opposition and remain relevant. People really need to stop voting for globalists and wake up to what an absolute menace, they and their servants, represent.

  7. Haha we’re not falling for the bird flu crap. 😂 just let them try and do that here in New Zealand. Parliament protest part 2 only this time it will be BIGGER.

    They won’t win this.

    What happened to monkey pox huh? 😂😂😂


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